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  1. The Coolest Wig Trend For Women

    March 22, 2018 by barbara

    Flashback to many years ago, women bought wigs secretly to hide hair loss.  Fast forward, wearing wigs is no longer a taboo. Many women buy wigs to conceal extreme hair loss or just to change their look. Wigs, clip-in bangs and extensions are now very popular for those who want to change and play with their looks, just the same way as how they are accessorizing with make-up and handbags.

    Women are now inspired by celebrities and supermodels like Vanessa Hudgens who was spotted in short bob wigs in a number of occasions.  Wigs are suddenly the new source of beauty inspiration.  Choosing a wig is a fun and exciting experience.  There are so many styles, textures, colors and cut to choose from.  I have been toying with the idea of getting a wig myself because I have always wanted to know whether I would look good in another style.   I have always had shoulder length hair and since I am constantly on the go because I run, I would choose a short bob wig.  It is easier to maintain and also easier to wear. It would also be fun to transform my hair instantly.  Hey, opting for a shorter hair does not mean it will lack a style.  A short bob wig is super chic. This classic style can beautifully frame the jawline and it is a look that is making a hot comeback this year.   I like the length of a short bob because it is ideal for the warm summer months and does not keep too much heat, and air circulates very well.

    Love this glamorous straight bob lace wig.  It has a smooth texture and a nice front bang.

    The perfect place to shop for wigs would be at This leading hair store has a wide assortment of beautiful and natural-looking hairpieces.  Their wigs are can be dyed in whatever color we are interested in if we are bored with one color and need a change.  Right now, is offering free shipping to anywhere in the world.   As the market leader in wigs,  they are committed to offering customers the best selection of styles and colors and at competitive prices that are a great value.

    This is one of the human hair lace front wigs that caught my eyes when I was checking out Mulanwigs.

    2018 is the time to be brave and embrace a super short bob hairstyle.  A wig is the best option if we want to do something dramatic without the commitment.  Some people look great in bobs, while others do better with lifting styles.  If you are not sure whether a short bob suits you or otherwise, head over to and check them out.

  2. Sarah Jessica Parker + Gap Kids Collaboration

    March 22, 2018 by barbara

    Have you all checked out Sarah Jessica Parker’s GapKids collection?  The spring collection takes inspiration from Parker’s tradition of saying ‘rabbit rabbit’ for good luck at the beginning of each month.  The lovely collection includes lots of floral prints, gingham and not forgetting, illustrations of cute bunnies.  Our favorites are :

    Embroidery Pink Cardigan

    Bunny Straw Bag

    Graphic T Shirt

    Eyelet Gingham Top

  3. Mother’s Day Treat For Fashionista Moms

    March 21, 2018 by barbara

    Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences of life.  When the baby comes along, all your attention is focussed on keeping the baby well and happy.  Mothers,  while ensuring that all the baby’s needs are met, tend to forget that they too need extra care and nurturing.   Mother’s Day is a few week’s away and it is always lovely to receive cards and flowers from our family but what do mums really want to do on this special day?  How about rewarding yourself?  It would be great to have one day to give yourself a feel-good boost.

    Bring out the fashionista in you by dressing up.  It is a small step to indulge yourself and keep your moods lifted.  There is no better way than some retail therapy with online shopping.  Take a look at the latest hot sexy party dresses to look good and feel great.  Splurge on something beautiful to give yourself a treat.

    Comfort is the key to looking and feeling fabulous.  If you are not into dresses, get yourself one or more fashion ladies blouses online.

    This beautiful white flare sleeve lace blouse is just perfect when paired with a wide-legged denim.

    We all know that being a mom is not always the most glamorous job.  Therefore, take Mother’s Day as your opportunity to glam up your fabulous side.  Whether you are working on a new trend or going with your classic look this Mother’s Day, your outfit plays a big role in helping you feel your best.  Check out Yoins Mother Day Sale, a fashion retailer who is here to make women look and feel beautiful.

  4. Shopping Quotes

    March 21, 2018 by barbara

    We can certainly relate to this shopping quote!  Nothing a bit of shopping can’t fix.

  5. Latest Spring Fashion Trend 2018

    March 21, 2018 by barbara

    Spring is finally here.  Nothing anticipates the arrival of the sunny warmer weather like some fun spring dresses.  Well, maybe the weather is still a bit nippy and not really the time yet to stow away your coats though. However, there is no better time to stock up on the season’s trendy dresses.  The Spring Summer Fashion trend is a fabulous mixture of floral, pastel and sequins. From cool florals to sexy lace dresses, the fresh options are endless.  It is time to prep your wardrobe now so that you are not left behind.  The best online store to awaken your wardrobe dresses is at Zaful.  You can find the perfect dresses for any occasions at Zaful.

    To simplify the shopping process (while keeping you within budget), we have rounded up some the season’s best dresses with the chicest styles.

    Put a spring in your step with mermaid dresses like the one above.

    Floral prints have been spotted on the streets of New York, Milan and Paris.  Maximize your style with zaful tea dresses like the long sleeve floral dress above.

    Spring is also the prom season.  There is no better time than now to start shopping for the perfect prom dresses. At, you can find an extensive collection of elegant prom and formal dresses.  Check out more boho prom dresses like the one below.

    There is no shortage of sweet spring dresses at  So hurry and check them out today and stay on-trend this season.

  6. Templates From The Sunday Chapter

    March 19, 2018 by barbara

    I have been having loads of fun playing with these templates created by The Sunday Chapter.

    I found them in Pinterest and shared them in my Instastory. Great to read what others wrote so we can get to know more about them.

    Below are some templates that I have downloaded. Go ahead and give them a try.



  7. Stylish and Trendy Accessories For Outfits

    March 19, 2018 by barbara

    Clothes may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more important than you may think. You might find yourself spending just as much time shopping for accessories as you do for clothes.  Just like clothing, some accessories are suitable for certain occasions. Do you know that you can bring a staple piece of clothing from one occasion to another by just simply focusing on accessories? In the words of Giorgio Armani ~ “Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day“.

    When we say accessories, it does not only limit to jewelries.  Handbags, sunglasses, belts, shoes are also part of accessories.  When combined with clothing, accessories create an ensemble that expresses your personal style and taste.   For example, for a day of shopping or lunch with your girlfriends, you can accessorize with bold and colorful statement jewelry, a crossbody bag, a pair of kitten heels and top off your fun look with oval sunglasses.

    You can wear a pair of heels, pearl necklace and a leather handbag with your outfit for a work ensemble that is appropriate for Fridays at the office.  Complete the look with a skinny belt and a scarf.

    If you want to look comfy and chic for a casual dinner date, wear a pair of pumps and an evening clutch.  Accessorize with womens rings and unique earrings.

    Accessories present endless opportunities for outfits and help to make the best of each item you own.  They are important details needed to complete each look.   There are many beautiful and affordable fashion jewelry online.  Thanks to accessories, you can easily wear the same outfit for different occasions and create a flowing wave of style from head to toe.  So are you ready to do the magic?  Just head over to Zaful and start shopping.

  8. How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

    March 19, 2018 by barbara

    Here are some nifty tips and tricks on how to shape your eyebrows by

    1. Begin shaping your brows by plucking stray hairs using the Expert Tweezers.
    2. While lightly combing the brow hairs upward with the Dual-Ended Brow and Lash Brush,  carefully trim the length with scissors.
    3. Next, begin sculpting by drawing a line on the lower edge of the brow with the Brow Pencil.
    4. Using the same pencil, create the height of the arch by lining the upper edge up the brow.
    5. Start filling in with the darker shade on the outer portion of the brow.
    6. Apply the lighter shade of the Brow powder to the inner corner of the brow as shown.
    7. Use the brush to lightly blend the pencil and powder.
    8. Keep the brows perfectly in place by using the Brow Wax Pencil.
    9. Define the brow bone by using the matte side of the Brow Highlight Duo to create a soft highlight.
    10. Apply the shimmery side of the Brow Highlight Duo for a slight glow.

  9. Shopping Quotes I Can Relate Too

    March 16, 2018 by barbara

  10. Be Summer Ready With The Latest Swimwear Trend

    March 16, 2018 by barbara

    It is March now and if you think that’s not the bikini season, well you are wrong.  Supermodels and celebrities are jet-setting off to extravagant beaches, showing everyone what are the latest swimming suit trend for this year.  Every year, everyone looks forward to the long-awaited season.  It is when people leave their work for later, takes a vacation and head down south to where the sea and the sandy beach are.  So, all your clothes are ready, tickets booked and only the last detail remained – a new swimsuit.  When choosing the perfect swimsuit design, focus on the sillhouette and the fashion trend of the season.   We have done our research and here are some of the biggest swimsuit trends to invest in now and wear through the year.

    This push up tankini zaful is an old favorite and is enjoying a comeback.  Tankinis offer the comfort of a two-piece swimwear with the coverage of a one-piece.  They are figure-flattering as they can disguise anything you would like to hide in your midsection.

    Another hot success of the upcoming season is the simple bikinis.  The strappy bikini zaful has been present for many years.  Very often, this trend is nothing elaborate.  It has just enough coverage on the private parts and the rest revealed against the glory of the sun.

    Do not forget to rock your swimsuit with stylish and easy to wear kimono cover up.  The cover up can take your look from basic to statement in just one swoop.

    So, if you are on the hunt for the perfect beachwear this season, do check out Zaful.  This online retail store has a range of swimwear for you to show off your trim, toned and healthy body.  Read up more tips from the zaful blog.