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  1. What Does Jennifer Aniston Think About Brangelina Divorce?

    September 22, 2016 by barbara

    Brad Pitt left her in 2005 for Angelina Jolie after both of them were in the movie “Mr & Mrs Smith”.  According to US Weekly,  Aniston does not harbor any ill-feelings towards her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.  She never wanted this for them or wished this on them but she does feel that it is karma.  Aniston has since moved on and is now happily married to Justin Theroux. Right after the Brangelina split was announced, Jennifer memes started to appear in the social media.   Some are really hilarious.  Have you seen them?


    source : / US Weekly

  2. Updating A Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

    September 22, 2016 by barbara

    Despite what all the magazines may have you believe, you don’t need to spend a small fortune to update and upgrade your kitchen. Almost any tired-looking kitchen can be totally transformed with a little creativity, time and effort. If you’re getting sick of coming downstairs and looking at a kitchen that’s had its day, there are many things you can do to turn it around. Here are a few great suggestions.


    Image: Public Domain Pictures

    I’ll start this off with the oldest, and at times most effective trick in the book. Painting the walls! A lot of people feel the need to update their kitchen because it looks and feels too small. If this is the case, then giving all the walls a fresh coat of paint can be the answer to your prayers. Going over your walls with a lighter colour of paint can make the whole room feel more spacious and bright. Dark colours, although useful for some rooms, tend to make a space appear tight and small. I’d go with the ceiling first, as this is the surface that changes colour with more noticeably over time. Sand the walls down and clear up any dirt that’s clinging to them. Use TSP to clear away any grease. Primer to seal the wall is also important. Painting your kitchen won’t cost much, especially if you do all the work yourself.


    Image: Flickr

    The next thing you should do to upgrade your kitchen is improving storage. I’m sure you’ll agree most of us accumulate way too much stuff over the years. This is as true for any room in your house as it is for your kitchen. Set some time aside, and use it to re-organise all your drawers and cupboards. Make it so that there’s no more clutter, and you always know where everything is. As part of this, gather up and get rid of all that miscellaneous stuff that’s been cluttering up your worktops for ages. This won’t cost you a penny, and will make for an instant improvement. You might want to get a whole new set of storage solutions for your kitchen. Drawers in a cupboard let you make use of every last inch of space available to you. Even if you can’t splash out on replacements, you can improve your existing drawers with some soft close drawer slides.

    Finally, consider getting some new fabrics. After all, you’ve already put all that time into re-painting the walls. Why not have some fun choosing a new set of fabrics which will compliment them? You might have seat cushions on your kitchen chairs which are looking a little worse for wear. If this is the case, you may want to buy some new covers or completely new cushions. Matching blinds and tablecloths that go with the new colour scheme can be very potent. Oilcloth table coverings are particularly fashionable these days. Whether you’re more into classic floral patterns or bold, minimalist designs, experimenting with the fabrics is a great way to spruce up a knackered kitchen.

  3. Making Your Home Ready For Entertaining At Short Notice

    September 21, 2016 by barbara

    One of the major advantages of having your own home is your chance to play the host. There is something inherently calming about being able to relax in your home, sharing it with friends and family throughout the year.

    The feeling of having more people than usual in your home can sometimes throw people for a loop. It feels as if the walls are closing in on you, as your existing interior space tries to handle more people. You can also find yourself running short of food and drink supplies and a few other hiccups. Before long, you find yourself wondering why you wanted to entertain at all.

    But never fear: there are ways you can be prepared and make the most of your home. Learn how to be the host with the most, all with a little time and inspiration.

    Host Helper One: Open Up The Space


    Image from Wikipedia

    Take this to the most extreme point if you have to and take doors off of their hinges or go for internal bifold doors to create space. Nothing is worse than trying to host when everyone is clustered in one area, or having to separate into little groups so the general thread is lost.

    Host Helper Two: Reusable Items


    Image from Pixabay

    If you’re providing food and drinks, then unless you have a huge cutlery stash, you’re going to have to buy in. Rather than buying paper plates and plastic glasses – which look and feel tacky – it’s better to invest in something you can reuse. We’re not talking about fine china here; a basic, plain range from any grocery store will do the job. And the investment will last as well, as every party you have, the better value they become.

    Host Helper Three: Make The Most of Outdoors


    Image from Flickr

    If it’s seasonable enough weather, then open up the space in the garden. To combat any cold snaps, consider patio heaters or chimeneas, which look good and provide plenty of heat.

    Host Helper Four: Remove Anything Expensive


    Image from Pixabay

    People are clumsy; it’s a given. If there’s anything in your home you particularly value, then remove it before you invite a single guest inside. If it’s something more permanent – like furniture or the carpet – then work around it. Rugs can be a cheap spill-catcher and furniture can be covered with throws and cushions to save any terrible damage being done.

    Host Helper Five: Prepare The Kitchen


    Image from Wikipedia

    There is a tendency for parties held at home to always end up in the kitchen. People go for food or a drink refill, see someone, and linger to chat. Be ready for it. Move as much of your everyday items out of the way and provide ample seating, resorting to patio chairs if necessary. Easy access to drink refills will be appreciated and mean people don’t have to reach over each other.

    Host Helper Six: Let People Know What You Expect

    It might seem strange to invite people into your home and issue them with rules, but it’s often a necessary evil. It’s particularly important if alcohol is going to be involved – we’re not talking a raging shindig here, but judgement slips after a couple of sips of anything. Ask if they cause any damage they let you know so you can rectify it, and to generally be respectful. Be cheerful with the delivery, and they won’t even take it badly.

  4. Angelina Jolie To Divorce Brad Pitt

    September 21, 2016 by barbara

    Yes, you read correctly.  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood’s highest profile marriages is over. This news is pretty shocking and definitely no one saw it coming.   It is reported that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from her husband, Brad Pitt, citing irreconcilable differences. They had been together since 2004, got married in August 2014 and were separated on September 15th.   Angelina is seeking custody of their six children and has asked for visitation rights to be given to Brad Pitt.  Sources reported that Jolie may have reached a breaking point with Pitt and worried about his consumption of weed and alcohol as well as angry outbursts may affect their six children.


  5. Birthday Gift Ideas For A Teenager

    September 21, 2016 by barbara

    So a friend’s 13-year-old son is celebrating his birthday next weekend.  My friend is planning a birthday party  at her home.   She’s a wonderful cook and I always look forward to her parties and dinner gathering.  I am looking for a gift for her son and as much as I love shopping, I find it difficult to get a birthday gift for a teenager.  I know he loves music so I can probably look at guitar center used gear.   I found a few more fun gift ideas from


    Personal Planetarium


    Baseball Game (Board Game)


    Makey Makey Go gadget that can turn everyday objects into digital gadgets  Just plug, click and play to turn objects into touchpads.


  6. Best Dressed At The Emmy Awards 2016

    September 19, 2016 by barbara

    So did you watch the Emmy Awards that took place in LA last night? As always, fans and style-watchers were busy checking out their favourite stars.   Some of the dresses made my jaw dropped.  They are so gorgeous.  Here are some of my favourite that night.

    I love Kirsten Dunst’s simple black gown that shows some cleavage.

    Sarah Hyland looked amazing in a strapless, floral top and cropped trousers.  Pants on the red carpet are chic.


    Mandy Moore is fantastic in a marigold Prabal Gurung gown and a Jimmy Choo box clutch.


    Priyanka Chopra in a beautiful red dress.

    images via &

  7. Personalize Your Home To Fit Your Lifestyle

    September 15, 2016 by barbara


    Picture credit – Pexel

    If you’ve lived in the same home for a long time, you might start to notice that it’s no longer the best fit for your lifestyle. Your family might have grown meaning you need more bedrooms and bathrooms. You might start a job or hobby which means you need you need extra office space, or you might require more storage. Rather than adapt your lifestyle to fit your home, you can make your home fit you instead. Here are some of the ways you can go about it.

    Extend Your Kitchen

    It used to be common for homes to be built with a smaller enclosed kitchen, with larger dining and living space for entertaining. These days most people prefer to go with open plan areas as suggested by articles like this Large kitchens which feature islands give us the ability to entertain right from where we cook. Modern day entertaining tends to be a lot less informal, and this newer style of open plan living reflects that. Bigger kitchens also make your job as a home cook much easier too. If your family has grown and you now cater for more people on a daily basis, upgrading and extending your kitchen can be a good way to go. You could either extend outwards or rejig the layout inside and use some space from the living area.


    Picture credit- Pexels

    Utilize Your Loft

    If your loft is currently home to a million spiders and a few Christmas decorations, then you’re missing out on all-important space! Converting your loft will give you a brand new room and additional space. Articles like have suggested the benefits in doing so Even if it’s only used for storage, having a functioning room will allow you to organize things more neatly. You could buy big sets of drawers and cupboards to go up there to store the things you’re not currently using. This should free up space around the rest of the home too.

    Build a ‘Garden Room.’

    Instead of adding an extension onto your home (or if you have already done this) a great way to gain some additional space is to have a garden room built. If you have a larger garden and can spare the space, then this is a great option. Unlike regular draughty old outbuildings, a well-built garden room will be fully insulated making it suitable to use all year round. They can have electricity and plumbing run to them, making them a properly functioning space. You could transform one into a home office, studio or guest room depending on the kind of space you’re after. My previous post may give you ideas for how to make your guest room cozy once it’s done!

    Add Ensuites

    Instead of squabbling over the family bathroom every morning, adding an ensuite or two could make life much easier. It wouldn’t have to take up much space, especially if you opted for a shower cubicle rather than a bath. Sacrificing a small corner of your bedroom would be worth it if a lack of bathrooms is an issue.

    Rebuild From Scratch

    For a truly personalized home, you could even consider building from scratch. That way you get it customize it to exactly what you want, with a layout that works for your life. You could look at house plans from a site such as or speak to an architect to design something completely unique to you.

    When you personalize your home, it allows you live your life much more easily. It eliminates the stress of running out of space, or not having enough rooms to fulfill each aspect of your life. Whether you choose build on what you currently have or start again from scratch, personalizing your home means you can live in a place that’s perfectly suited to you.

  8. How To Relieve Foot Pain After Wearing Heels

    September 11, 2016 by barbara

    Wearing high heels make an outfit look good and give a woman a taller appearance.  However,  wearing high heels occasionally takes a toll on the spine, ankles, knees, hip and feet.  When a woman wears high heels, it causes the body to lean forward and increased the amount of pressure on the forefoot.  This poor alignment may lead to muscle overuse and back pain.


    If you experience lower back pain, it is better that you avoid wearing high heeled shoes.   Here are some recommendations to consider to lower the negative effects of wearing high heels :-

    * Avoid wearing heels for long periods of time

    *  Stretch your leg muscles before and after wearing them

    *  Avoid pointed toe shoes

    *  Spend more time resting and less time on your feet.

    *  Prop your legs up with a foot rest.  This would help the venous system return blood from your lower body back to your heart and bring down some swelling.




  9. Weekend Is Time For Relaxation.

    September 11, 2016 by barbara

    Nothing makes me happier than shopping at my favourite stores, having coffee with friends, lazing around at home and watch a good movie or having a good massage.  After a hectic week at work, it is time to do some things that make my soul happy.  Tomorrow I am going out with my girlfriend as she is keen to check out some music production equipment and then we are going to have lunch at our favourite restaurant downtown.  Hope you have a great weekend too.


  10. How To Make The Transition Into Fall

    September 9, 2016 by barbara

    Summer days are over and  the cooler weather is here.  Now is the time to start thinking about Fall fashion.  You can ease the transition period with some new pieces of clothing to your existing summer wardrobe.  Don’t worry about having to maximize your credit card in order to look good this season.  With some careful selections, you should be able to prepare yourself for this coming season.   Check out these few key pieces from H&M.


    Ruffles are in this season. Wear this blouse under a dress or layer it with a light sweater.


    Pair this floral summery skirt with a plain top.


    Wear your summer shorts with a sweater or a jacket.