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  1. Choosing The Perfect Pageant Dress

    June 17, 2019 by barbara

    If you are in a pageant, then you want to be noticed. After all, all the contestants in attendance are bound to be beautiful.  Confidence is key when it comes to winning your pageant. A lot of confidence comes from what you are wearing.  The right dress can really make you stand out amongst all of the other women competing in a beauty pageant. There are many things to consider when it is time to choose between the wholesale pageant dresses available today.

    It is very important to take your time when choosing the dress.  Below are some of the things to consider when it comes to choosing the right dress for you.

    The Shape 

    The first thing you want to consider is the shape of the dress. The silhouette of a dress is important because it can accentuate or bring attention to your best features as well as hide areas about which you may feel insecure. If you really like your torso area, you can go with a form-fitting number. If you are conscious about your hips, you can have the dress puff out once the dress hits your hips.

    Colors and Patterns

    Next is to consider the color or pattern of your dress. You want to choose a color or design that is flattering to your skin tone and will show up well on television. Therefore, it is good to consider which colors look best on you but also which colors may not pop well on camera. When trying on pageant dresses, try looking at a dress from far away. Very often, a camera will not be able to pick up all of the details of a dress. Thus, you may not want to choose dresses that have elaborate details and go with a color that pops or design that is easy to recognize from far away.

    The Neckline

    The neckline is one of the most important features of your pageant dress.  You definitely want to wear a dress with a pleasing neckline, but you want to make sure that it is not too low. After all, if a neckline is too low, you risk showing too much of yourself and giving off a negative impression of your character. Try to go with a neckline that accentuates your features in a classy way. For example, if you have toned arms, you may want to go with a high neckline to draw attention to your arms. You can also go with a halter top-type neckline or you could have a neckline that is more square in nature.

    Dress With Straps 

    The straps of a dress will affect both the neckline and the shape of the dress. There are many choices to choose when it comes to the straps of your pageant dress.  Dresses with straps make a good impact.  If you decide to have straps on your pageant dress, you then need to decide how thick these straps will be and where they will fall on your body. Remember to make sure that the dress does what it needs to do, which is stay in place when you are walking across the stage.

    Materials and Fabrics

    The type of materials the dress is made out of will affect its overall look and how comfortable you feel in the dress. You can find dresses that are made from beads, satin or silk. Ultimately, the materials of the dress will be affected by the look you want to go for and what feels best when you try the dress on.

    You cannot steal the crown if the pageant gown is not worthy. Shop through the wide selection of styles, colors, and designs at Babyonline, the only retailer that has everything you need to impress even the most experienced judges.   Their gowns are the most show-stopping collection for the season. With any of these dazzling pageant dresses, you will be able to show your individuality and personality.  Hurry and start shopping now.

  2. Swimwear That Will Be All Over Instagram

    June 14, 2019 by barbara

    The swim season is finally here! With longer days and warmer weather on the horizon, many of us are ditching our knitwear in favor of poolside backdrops and a lot more skin.  Whether you just returned from a winter getaway or are headed out of town for a summer break,  it is never too early to update your swimwear collection.  Unless you live next to the beach, we are aware that most people buy just one or two new swimsuits per season.  Thus, deciding which one you are going to invest in for this year requires some careful research. Like everything else in fashion, every season you will find designers releasing new bikinis and one-pieces.

    Last year’s viral swimwear trends included fruit prints, ruffled sleeves, cut-out one-pieces and of course, the ultra-flattering tie-front top. While these trends certainly are not going anywhere this year, there are some fresh sexy women swimwear styles starting to crop up.  The trend for 2019 seems to be corset-like lace-up detailing, animal prints to wrap-dress inspired waist ties. Fortunately, these upcoming trends are as flattering as they are wearable.

    Do read on to see which trend speaks to you.


    A plunging neckline is ultra-sexy and the floral design gives this one-piece a bohemian touch. It features a crisscross strap in the back.  Deep V-necks and more flattering bold styling were an incredible adjustment to the one-piece styles from before.


    Ruffled trim along the top and bottoms make this sunny suit super sweet.

    Wide Straps

    If you do not like delicate spaghetti straps, then this one-piece with wider ones ensures everything stays put when you are frolicking out in the waves.


    After seeing leopard prints on the runways for several seasons, it is clear animal print is a seasonless trend. If you are ready to dive in, go for a leopard bikini and prepare yourself for compliments.

    The perfect swimsuit for you is really the one you feel best in. It is time to head out and find some cheap sexy bikini styles and or one-piece that will make you feel like the beach goddess you truly are.  Don’t forget SPF!

  3. Sexy Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Tribe

    June 14, 2019 by barbara

    Looking for a high-fashion look for the squad on your big day? Trendy sexy bridesmaid dresses featuring eye-catching designs, such as textured fabric and revealing slits make them ideal for those throwing a stylish ceremony and reception. These types of dresses are just the perfect fit for modern venues because of their exquisite detailing and statement-making silhouettes and neckline. They can also be mixed and matched for an even fresher look. For those who think their bridal squad should don a look that is insta-worthy, well, do read on. We have got you covered.

    Here are our favorite trendy bridesmaid dresses from

    If you want a trendy neckline for your ‘maids, then this shiny sequin sheath dress with a keyhole bodice is just perfect. This neckline easily adds a modern flair to your bridesmaid dress style.

    If you prefer a streamlined look for your wedding party’s attire, you are going to love this bridesmaid dress.  Structured silhouettes and minimal embellishments are on track to be major themes for bridesmaid dresses this season. Breaking away from the usual bridesmaid dresses that feature flowy fabrics like tulle and chiffon, structured silhouettes are perfect for achieving an ultra-sophisticated look without the fuss.

    Bridesmaid dresses in 2019 will be all about showing a bit of leg with the help of thigh-high slits. From floaty chiffon styles to sleek column silhouettes, a slit is a fresh way to tweak the traditional bridesmaid dress.  The slit makes it feel more fashion-forward and youthful. Your besties will definitely not argue with that. One good thing about slits is that it can be easily altered to reveal just the right amount of skin, so you do not have to stress about wardrobe malfunctions as your ‘maids strut down the aisle.

    Your bridesmaids will feel like total fashionistas when they wear one of these trendy bridesmaid dresses which are available at Babyonlinedress.

  4. Nike Is Celebrating All Bodies With Plus Sized Mannequins

    June 14, 2019 by barbara

    Whenever we see activewear at the stores or online, we are often shown mannequins or images of lean bodies with abs.  This is how many sportswear retailers market their clothes.  Well, things are changing because last week, Nike introduced a female plus-size mannequin at its flagship Oxford Street store in London. This sports brand has a plus-sized range since 2017  but now shoppers can see the natural range that female bodies come in. Besides the plus-size mannequins, there are also mannequins with disabilities, which is a welcome addition in the sportswear industry.  Nike has worked with high profile plus-sized influencers like Chloe Elliott.


  5. Hottest Sandals Of The Season

    June 14, 2019 by barbara

    Summer means vacations and barbecues, but sartorially speaking, it is also a huge shift to open-toe season.  It is the time of the year where we can break out our open-toe shoes and let our bare feet breathe fresh air. This also means that it is time to make space in your closet for the new shoe trend.

    There was plenty of shoe inspiration to be found on the spring/summer 2019 runways. From womens water sandals to sneakers to clunky platforms, there are shoes for every occasion.  After examining the spring 2019 collections, we can narrow down to which sandals everyone will be packing on vacation come summer.  They are going to be the heel you will see everywhere.

    Without further ado, below are sandals trends that will be dominating this season and it is time to find out how to get the looks for yourself.

    The Platform

    Designers got a jump start on the platform trend for spring and summer 2019 with this carefree, woven, ’70s-style sandal options that are just aching for a good summer date night.  Comfortable and impossibly chic, these womens walking sandals are an excellent addition to your summer wardrobe.

    The Simple Mule

    One and done. That’s how much effort it takes to put your foot into a flat slide mule. This season’s best options come in chunky heels and different hues.  Keep it simple with these slip-on mules.

    The Naked Sandal

    You might have noticed a certain footwear trend that has trickled down from the spring/summer ’19 runways and popped up on your feeds.  “What trend?” You asked? That would be these downright sexy “naked sandals” that are perfect for hotter temperatures ahead, thanks to their cool, foot-baring, minimalist silhouettes.

    The Two-Strap

    The block heel sandals are still going strong. These subtly tapered heels give a trendy update to any block-heeled shoe. Try them out in any height, or in a sandal or fancier pump.  Consider it the shoe mascot of the summer wedding.

    The Flatform

    Remember the chunky flatform styles made famous by the likes of Steve Madden and Rocket Dog back in the 90’s? This controversial footwear trend is popping up this season again.  If you did not wear them as a kid, you better buy yourself a pair now.

    Gladiator Sandals

    All hail the gladiator sandal. With endless styles and shapes, do not be afraid to play around with this season’s “it” sandal style. For the most flattering results, consider adding a bit of height and go for a nude color skinny stiletto heel.  Pair the lace up gladiator sandals with an A-line skirt or a shift dress with a hemline that falls mid-thigh, to give the illusion of leaner limbs.

    Athleisure Sandals

    The enduring athleisure trend, marked by sneakers, activewear, and old-school streetwear staples are reworked with a polished edge this season. One of this summer’s staples is basically a warm-weather version of sporty sneakers. These strappy sport-style Lostisy Shoes with fuss-free Velcro strap are about to go viral.

    Hope you can find some inspiration from this list and have your pedicures at the ready!

  6. To Wear Or Not To Wear A Wedding Tiara

    June 12, 2019 by barbara

    When it comes to wedding accessories, there is none more hotly debated than the tiara.  Why?  This is because some women believe that the traditional princess tiara is an outdated piece which reminds them of children’s fancy dress party but we believe that a woman’s wedding day is a chance for her to go all out and make herself feel like royalty.  A wedding tiara definitely adds a touch of sparkle and grace.  In recent years, there were royal weddings such as the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William and Megan Markle to Prince Harry. Both the brides wore diamond tiaras at their wedding.  Since then, the wedding tiara has gained popularity among brides today.

    So should you wear a stunning wedding tiara on your wedding day?  Firstly you have to ask yourself whether your day is suited to such a formal piece. If your dress, venue or theme is fairly casual, then a traditional tiara would look out of place as part of your bridal ensemble.

    If you have decided that a tiara is right for you, then you have plenty of beautiful styles to choose from that can complement your wedding day look and theme.  There are many types of tiaras and even ETSY Personal Made ones.  Let’s take a look below:-


    Inspired by nature, this floral tiara by Davids Bridal® USA is a delightful design.  Instead of having a design running all around the head, you can have an elaborate and intricate design on one side. This tiara looks great with tied up hairstyles too.


    Pearls are a classic symbol of grace and signify femininity.  This wedding tiara by AW Bridal® exudes elegance and charm.

    Queen Bee

    If you want something different, this berry crystal tiara is just perfect.  It has the perfect crown design that is sure to up your wedding style.


    A subtle gold wedding tiara with crystals from AW Bridal Tiaras makes a gorgeous piece that will make you look elegant and regal.

    Wedding tiaras are a fashion statement which has existed centuries ago.  Whether for a wedding or any function, a tiara can really add to a woman’s overall look. So have you picked one that you really like? You may want to check out more beautiful tiaras at AW Bridal, the only online wedding retail store that has everything you need for your big day.   If you want to find out more about this company, read the AW bridal Review and ratings by their customers.

  7. Big Hair Clips Trend 2019

    June 7, 2019 by barbara

    Hair clips have been around for a few seasons but they can be difficult to wear, especially when one bad clip placement can take you from sophisticated to school girl in a single snap.  Remember when you had like 10 different types of hair clips and barrettes in your drawer during the 2000s and eventually threw them away?  Well these hair clips are back and there are endless ways to wear them.

    During the recent fashion weeks, many models were strutting down the runway with exposed bobby pins and statement hair barrettes.  There are a lot of options to choose from, so if a statement Gucci barrette or snap clip is not your thing, you can go for a simpler, dainty look with sleek hairpins. Take a look below at how you can style the 2019 hair clip trend.

  8. How To Wear Bermuda Shorts

    June 4, 2019 by barbara

    Bermuda shorts are longer length shorts that are an inch or so above the knee.  They were popular in the 90’s or early 2000s.  Lately,  bermuda shorts have been popping all over and have taken brands like J.Crew by storm.  It is going to big this summer.  Its controversial length is not flattering on every body type but women have been urged to step out of their comfort zone and find new ways to wear the trend.   If you need some inspiration, check these out.

    Pair the longer length shorts with a structured top and blazer for a twist on a classic look.

    Tuck in your favorite top and add some slides for an effortless street style look.

    Balance the fit with an oversized button-down and flats to create a chic weekend look.

  9. Where To Find Affordable Dancewear Online

    June 3, 2019 by barbara

    Dancewear is not the same as general clothing such as activewear. They are specialty clothing and quality garments.  The best dancewear is the one that has been designed and marketed for a specific purpose.  Specialty dancewear is specifically made for dancers and they are designed to be highly breathable, ultra flexible and durable enough for many washes.  Eventhough general active-wear may or may not offer these key features, and it is still worth the effort to get your hands on the best dancewear possible although sometimes they cost more.

    Are you a dancer or a parent of one?  Are you looking for new dancewear or perhaps something stylish to stand out from the crowd?  Well, look no further than Zkaka, a leading dancewear retailer with a passion for providing quality dance apparel.  They are your ultimate destination for all things dancewear.  Zkaka offers the largest selection of dancewear and dance fashion.


    Whether you are performing in the spotlight, practicing in the studio or hanging out with friends, accentuate your every move with Zkaka’s amazing collection of dancewear, dance shoes, and accessories.   At their website, you can choose from a variety of fabulously affordable dance leotards, crop tops for yoga, leggings, tutus, flapper dresses,  dance accessories and so much more.

    For those who are are looking for ballet or ladies leotards, show-stopping dance costumes or activewear apparel, Zkaka has something for every type of dance.  Their collections are packed with discount dancewear for all dancers, from beginners to pro.  There is a huge selection of children’s leotards available in high-quality fabric at affordable prices.  Dancers love their range of Latin, salsa, flamenco costumes as well as other incredible dancewear selection. Do not forget other dance must-haves like shoes, headbands and more.

    Zkaka’s mission is to offer the widest range of innovative dancewear to its customers, coupled with the best standards of service. They have a team of responsive, efficient, and friendly customer support to ensure that customers get the best online shopping process.  So hurry and check them out today. Let the dancer in you shine with quality apparel from Zkaka.

  10. Shopping Quote That Is So True

    June 2, 2019 by barbara

    Indeed it is.  Does anyone use shopping as their daily exercise regime?  It is probably not a surprise that we like to shop. I mean, what girl does not right?  Honestly, it takes a lot to shop.  We have to think and decide what goes best with what and move around the store to look for things we want to buy.  I mean you know how big the mall is right? I usually cover around 10,000 steps when I am at the mall.  That’s good exercise eh?  What about you?