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  1. Name Necklace Jewelry Trend 2019

    April 19, 2019 by barbara

    Way back in the 80’s the necklaces with names were highly popular and almost every teenage girl wore one.  Fast forward to not so long ago, the most iconic name necklace gal has to be Sarah Jessica Parker wearing her Carrie necklace on Sex & The City.  She gave a fresh spin on the 1980s fabuluxe nameplate necklaces and made it popular.

    Are you ready for the return of nameplate jewelry?  If celebrities are indeed the early predictors of trends, then the signs are definitely pointing toward yes.  So once again, every girl has to have one with her name on it.  Not only can you get one with your name, but you can gift one to your best friend, or even wear one with you daughter’s name and etc.

    You can now get these Carrie Bradshaw wannabe necklaces from They are a jewelry manufacturer that offers fashionable and gorgeous personalized jewelry. has professional team of designers who turn names and initials into lovely pieces of jewelry.

    Personalized jewelry is now widely accepted as a chic fashion statement.  Its popularity has been increasing not just because of the fact that the celebrities are wearing them but also due to the cool and innovative designs that the jewelers have been creating them. has a wide assortment of pendants that comes in all kinds of material such as 18K gold, silver and rose gold.

    Though name necklaces have been widely portrayed as being fashionable accessories, some celebrites have also been spotted with name pendant bearing their children’s name.  This has led to the upsurge of the term ‘mommy necklaces’ which are a special way for mothers to carry memories of their children wherever they go.

    Personalized Name Crown Necklace adds a a special design to the name necklace and it makes the most perfect gift to many occasions such as Mother’s Day, weddings and birthdays.

    Regardless of which trends you are planning to embrace, one thing is for sure.  You are going to start paying way more attention to what is hanging around your neck.

  2. Where To Buy Affordable Prom Dresses Online

    April 18, 2019 by barbara

    If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager, you are well aware prom season is just around the corner.  It means time to shop for the dress, the corsages, shoes and not to mention, the tickets, do the hair and book a limo.  Parents can easily spend close to $1,000 for this event.  So how can you help your teen feel like the belle of the ball without spending a whole lot of money?

    Well, look no further than Suzhoudress, an online retailer with an amazing range of prom dresses that will fit every girl’s personal style.  All their dresses are fine-designed and made from high quality fabric.  It is very easy to shop at Suzhoudress because you can choose dresses according to type and style on the left side of their website.  This online retailer also specializes in wedding dresses, special occasion dresses and bridesmaid dresses.

    If your daughter has a collection of ideas plucked from her favorite Pinterest board or came across certain designs from top prom designers, well no worries because Suzhoudress has the most popular styles and the hottest trends for prom and wedding.   Just check out this mermaid prom dress that is trending right now.

    Suzhoudress offer adorable dresses at affordable prices.  With styles ranging from fairtytale princess to sexy gowns and everything in between, you are sure to find a dress dress for less.  So if you are shopping for a prom dress that would not bust the bank, you know where to find it.

  3. Fashion Trends That You Need This Summer

    April 17, 2019 by barbara

    It is already spring and summer is just around the corner.  Many have started to ponder the new season staples we would like to spice up our wardrobes.  Are you wondering where to begin and want to keep your wardrobe up to date with cheap fashion clothes?  Hot on the runway, here are some key fashion trends that are starting to flood the Instagram fashion feeds.

    Blazers with biker shorts

    The athleisure trend is still here this season and its latest offering is as unexpected as it is stylish. The bike shorts were worn with blazers by many style-savvy women during the fashion week. This look is both striking and chic. Of course, it may not be appropriate for either the office or the gym but the outfit is perfect for strutting the streets or attending Sunday lunch or coffee with your best friends.

    Shop the blazer here.

    Boho Dress

    If you love wearing feminine, romantic, flowy, comfy dresses, then the boho style is right for you. It is one of the most spectacular and feminine styles that never fail to make an appearance every spring and summer. This style is all about freedom, free-spirited people and peace.

    Shop for a Boho dress here.
    Bodycon Dress

    Styles come and go but a bodycon dress is an absolute must-have this season for every fashion-forward woman.  It is classic, tightly fitted and super stylish.  Show off your curves in some cute bodycon dresses.

    Shop for a Bodycon Dress here.

    Boiler Suits

    Boilersuits were a major fashion favourite for autumn, and they are set to hit the big time this spring and summer. They came in vibrant pops of colour at Hermes and while at Armani, Alexa Chung and Stella McCartney, the utilitarian vibes prevailed with muted hues of white, grey and black.  Is this an all-in-one wardrobe solution? Never has springtime dressing been simpler.

    Shop for Boiler Suits at Selaros.

  4. Bermuda Shorts Trend Is Making A Comeback In 2019

    April 16, 2019 by barbara

    Yes, you heard correctly. The bermuda shorts are going to be big this summer.  This long version of shorts or should I say, a shorten version of long pants were a big hit in the 90’s.  They are definitely making a comeback this season.  Coachella took place over the weekend and many fashionistas were spotted wearing bermuda shorts.  Honestly, I am not over short shorts yet, especially denim shorts.  I am so not ready for this jorts coming out.

    The length of the bermuda shorts falls to mid-thigh to just past the knees. And while they are not the most obviously sexy option, some women actually find them fun to style. For a laid-back look, you can simply pair your Bermuda shorts with a sheer top and a pair of sneakers.  For a dressier occasion, pair the bermuda with a blazer and heels. Check out all these bermuda shorts from Zara.


  5. Looking Your Best At Your NYC Wedding

    April 12, 2019 by barbara

    Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. As the bride, you will be the center of attention. Everyone will be looking at your whole look: dress, hair and makeup. While planning a wedding is very hectic, it’s important to carve out some time to plan out your wedding day look.

    Pick the Perfect Dress

    Picking out your dress is the most important item on your wedding to-do list. It’s what people will notice first when you enter the ceremony and walk down the aisle. Whether your budget is tight or unlimited, you can find your dream dress. If you feel like splurging on your dress, invite your closest girlfriends and have a consultation complete with champagne. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money, there are plenty of discount bridal stores that sell designer brand dresses at discounted prices.

    Find a Fabulous Hairdo

    Your hair is like the cherry on top of the sundae that is your dress. The right hairstyle can give you an entirely elegant look. Find hairstylists who can perform trials on you to see if the two of you are a good fit. If you have short hair, look for stylists at hair extensions salons NYC and try out a longer hairstyle. If you have long hair, ask your stylist for a fancy updo.

    Glam Up With Flattering Makeup

    Your wedding is an excuse to glam up to the max. It is the day to feel as fabulous as Kim Kardashian and the girls in makeup tutorial videos. You can also run trials with makeup artists until you find one that matches your style. You can express whether you want a natural look or a glamorous smoky eye to work together to find your perfect look.

    Your wedding day will be a magical day. Especially when you’re getting married in New York City. With this perfect look, you’ll be flashier than the bright light city itself.

  6. How To Dress For A Big Night Out Like A Celebrity

    April 11, 2019 by barbara

    Many people enjoy watching award shows because they love the glitz and glamour of red-carpet appearances by their favorite celebrities.  It is always the question, “Who is she going to wear?”.  Every fashion stylists and journalist will be paying attention to identify the designer of the outfit which the celebrities on the red carpet will be wearing.

    It is not every day that one gets to wear a gorgeous sequinned dress or dress to the nines.  So, when the occasion pops up, it is easy to find the perfect outfit to wear in order to look your best because they can look up to the celebrities for some fashion inspiration.

    Whether it is a black-tie event, a wedding, an evening of dinner and drinks or a fun girl’s night out, it is no surprise that we want to look amazing.  Always wear something that suits your body shape and makes sure that it enhances your best features.  Just pick something that makes you look both sexy and classy.

    There are many sexy evening gowns available online and it is so easy to shop and make a comparison.  Everything can be done with a few clicks of the mouse and in the comfort of your own home. Once you begin to search for the perfect gown, you will realize how many style options there are, from printed gowns to elegant sequin dresses.  Being a savvy shopper and knowing a few things to look for when shopping for unique evening dresses can help you narrow your selection and make the best choice.

    The best place to shop for beautiful gowns is at m.suzhoudress, a dress company which specializes in making prom dresses and evening gowns that are inspired by the latest trend and red carpet. You want to look special, beautiful and like a celebrity stepping onto the red carpet when you make your entrance at your special event or prom.  Get ready to wow your friends and party the night away with the hottest looks from

  7. Torrid Has Launched A Wedding Shop For Plus-Size Brides

    April 10, 2019 by barbara

    Women’s retail chain, Torrid has just launched a new line of beautiful wedding dresses for curvy women. It is so easy for plus-size brides to shop for wedding dresses and pantsuits, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories. The best part of this is that everything is under $200 and they go up to a size 30.

    For those who have shopped for a wedding dress before, you know you can spend a small fortune on a gown which you will only wear once in a lifetime. But Torrid is turning that tradition on its head, giving consumers a bunch of options at a fair price, and one is more gorgeous than the next.

    From traditional lace with detailing like covered buttons to simpler, contemporary silhouettes, the collection covers a range of choices to fit the brides’ curves and personality. There is an abundance of colors to choose from for bridesmaids and guests and for some dresses there is even an option of a convertible dress, meaning they can be worn in five different ways. According to their site, the gowns are designed for “versatility, without sacrificing comfort, so you can style it perfectly to fit your figure.”

  8. Scarf Trend 2019

    April 4, 2019 by barbara

    Is neck scarf the new statement necklace? They have been spotted everywhere this season. and I believe the neck scarf is making a major comeback. It is cute, feminine and chic.  The hair/neck scarf trend is here to stay. Some of the best ways to rock the scarf is to tie it loosely around the neck. For this, a big scarf is needed. If you prefer it tightly around the neck, then use a medium to small scarf. Check out some pretty scarves from Zara and how to tie them.

  9. Where To Buy Bridesmaid Dresses Online

    April 2, 2019 by barbara

    Most people tend to propose during the holiday season so naturally, that makes the summer months to be very popular for weddings. Congratulations are in order if you have already found your wedding dress, but the hard part and the dress shopping is far from over.

    It is time to also search for bridesmaid dresses. This can be equally (if not more) exhausting because this time around you are shopping for a number of different people, all with different body types and budgets. Of course you want something that fits your taste and vision, but you also want the members of your bridal party to feel good about, and, most importantly, be comfortable in what they will be wearing.

    It is your big day and if you are looking for the perfect bridesmaids dress, well, Suzhou Dress has got your back. This online shop is stocked with beautiful and wildly affordable dresses in as many different color, silhouette, and length options as you could need. Their gorgeous collection of bridesmaid dresses are available in an array of colours, lengths and fits for petite and tall bridesmaids too, there is sure to be a style to suit everyone.

    They have a mix of unique sexy bridesmaid dresses in tea-length options, classic gowns, and some more offbeat looks as well, with prices ranging between just $99 onwards. The great thing about Suzhou Dress wedding shop, and specifically its bridesmaid selection, is that most of what you will find would not normally be considered bridal, meaning these dresses can (and will) be worn after the wedding is over. Think sleek and silky slip dresses, dramatic sleeves, and close-to-body silhouettes.

  10. What Hair Dryer Best Fits Your Needs

    April 2, 2019 by barbara

    Are you looking for the perfect hairdryer to achieve beautiful, sleek hair? The problem is that there are so many different models out on the market these days that choosing the best one for you can be difficult. The very best hairdryers on the market are lightweight, user-friendly and speedy. Here, we give you our buyer’s guide so you can decide easily which is the right hairdryer for you.

    A Cheap Model

    If you’re not too bothered about fancy styling, but need a cheap hairdryer to get your hair dry as quickly as possible after stepping out of the shower, a basic hairdryer will be absolutely fine for you. Make sure to choose one with a couple of airflow and heat settings, and maybe one with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle as well to give you a few more choices about how to dry your hair.

    A Professional Hairdryer

    Are you looking for lots of choice about how to dry and style your hair? If so, a professional hairdryer is ideal for you, coming with a range of functions and attachments to help you achieve the perfect look. You’ll find several airflow and temperature settings to pick from and a cool shot setting to set your style. You might want to choose a professional model with nourishing, ceramic or ionic technology for an even better finish.

    A Speedy Hairdryer

    Is time of the essence when you wash and dry your hair? If you need your hair to be dry in no time at all, you need to choose a hairdryer with a wattage of at least 2000 watts and preferably as high as 3000 watts. Remember that the higher the wattage the faster your hair will dry.

    A Lightweight Dryer

    Does your hair seem to take forever to dry? If so, your arms may get tired from holding up a heavy hairdryer. A lightweight model is therefore the ideal solution for you. Make sure to choose a well-balanced model too which isn’t awkward to operate and hold.

    Hairdryers For Straight Hair

    Is your hair long and straight? If so, you need a lightweight hairdryer with ionic functions which will leave your hair smooth, shiny and soft.

    Hairdryers For Curly Hair

    If you want to use a hairdryer on your curly hair you need to choose a model that dries your hair carefully and slowly if you don’t want to lose definition. Choose a dryer with a low heat setting and one with a diffuser for achieving better and bigger curls.

    Hairdryers For Frizzy Hair

    If your hair is naturally frizzy using a hairdryer can be a challenge. Choose a model with a narrow concentrator nozzle. This will allow you to carefully dry hair in separate sections so it won’t blow around and get too frizzy. One with a low heat setting is best to avoid excess frizz and an ionic function setting will ensure your hair stays smooth and shiny.

    Hairdryers For Fine Hair

    Again, a narrow concentrator nozzle is the best choice for fine hair as it will add more lift at your roots for better volume. You’ll need a low heat setting to protect your fine hair from breakage.

    Different Features To Consider

    There are numerous features which the latest hairdryers boast. These include:

    • Ceramic technology – adds shine and protects from frizz
    • Concentrator nozzles – focuses the heat and airflow to the roots for more volume
    • Cool shot – helps to set the hairstyle
    • Diffuser – adds volume and defines curls
    • Nourishing technology – combats frizzy hair
    • Tourmaline technology – speeds hair drying while reducing static
    • Removable air inlets – prevents hair from being tangled up in the hairdryer’s motor

    Not all hairdryers have these features, but knowing what they are can help you to make the right decisions about the best model to suit your specific hair type and needs.

    As you can see, choosing the right hairdryer isn’t always as easy as you might think. Depending on the type and length of hair you have, different models might be better suited to your needs. If you get the choice right, however, you’ll find easy styling is at your fingertips and your hair will stay looking fantastic every day.