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  1. Watch A Chip Off The Old Block Online

    December 28, 2009 by barbara

    I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas celebration.  While hubs was fiddling with the faucets in the bathrooms during the holidays, I spent my time watching A Chip Off The Old Block online.  I enjoy watching this comedy a lot because I like 60’s fashion.  Also my favourite actors and actresses are in this 20-episode drama.  They are Ron Ng, Myolie Wu and Shirley Yeung.  I have watched 8 episodes so far.  What about you? Are you a fan of A Chip Off The Old Block too?  Next drama on my list is The Watchdog’s Tale.  I just can’t wait.


  2. Funky Apron For Women

    December 23, 2009 by barbara

    Oh I simple adore this lovely Mosaic Printed Apron from French Bull.  The moment I laid my eyes on it, I know I have to get it, just like what the Mopar performance parts are doing to my husband.  A pretty apron will brighten up the kitchen and make cooking so much more enjoyable.  This colorful and modern design apron is made from 100% woven cotton, machine washable and has a button closure at the neck.  Definitely a wonderful addition to any woman’s kitchen.


  3. Rock A Bye Baby

    December 20, 2009 by barbara


    If you are a new parent and are looking for a baby hammock, then do check out Mavok from   It is versatile, light-weight and easy to transport.  The Mavok can be fixed in a temporary or permanent position.  This space saving hammock rocks baby up and down rather than up and down.  It is made from 100% calico cotton and can be used for babies from birth to 6 months old.  Mavok adjusts to the baby’s weight and provide support for the back.

  4. I heart

    December 17, 2009 by barbara

    Do you know what I am longing for right now?  Well other than spending Christmas in Disney World and enjoying those fabulous florida vacations, I would love to get my hands on a few pairs of shoes from   Yes, I love shoes and just can’t get enough of them.  Besides shoes, I also found some lovely accessories at Witchery.  Should I just get all of them?


    Peggy Wedge.  Mid-wedge court shoe with snake skin upper


    Jazz Ballet Shoe.  Leather with grosgrain ribbon


    Ainsley Stretch Balle in leather


    Multi-strand cord bead bracelet.


    Ball & Chain Drop Earring


    Lace Work Bead Necklace

  5. Christmas Photo Cards

    December 16, 2009 by barbara

    Christmas is than 2 weeks away and if  you haven’t sent out any Christmas card to your friends and loved ones, now is the time to do it.  If you consider adding that special touch to your greeting cards instead of boring traditional cards, why not send out christmas photo cards?  It is a fun way to reconnect with your family and friends.  At, you can just choose from any of their holiday photo card templates, upload your photo and then personalize the greeting card.  Easy peasy eh?  So, if you want to share and express your warmest greetings this holiday season, just hop over to now.



  6. Shopping For Housewarming Gift

    December 15, 2009 by barbara

    A good friend of mine has just moved into her new home recently.  She’ll be having a housewarming/Christmas party in 2 weeks’ time.  I have been shopping around for a nice housewarming gift for her.  I was looking at some water filters, throws, pots, rugs and many others but I still cannot decide what to get her.  I also came across a lovely candle holder from


    notNeutral – Triton Hurricane candle holder which comes in a set of two

    Since my friend loves having candles around her home, I think this candle holder would make an ideal housewarming gift.


  7. Finger Tongs To Protect Your Fingers When Cooking

    December 14, 2009 by barbara


    Sometimes when I cook, I would use my fingers to flip the food.  Eventhough I have the spatula with me, it’s still not enough to help me turn some food over.  I’m too lazy to walk over to the other side of my kitchen to get a pair of  chopsticks or a fork to help me.  Hence, I get my fingers burned sometimes. Well, I really do need these finger tongs from  This heat-resistant silicone fingertongs allows me to cook safely with my hands.  It is safe to use on coated pans, FDA food-safe silicone, non-stick and flexible.  Hmmm…Christmas is just around the corner.  I wonder if Santa is going to get me one 😉

  8. Favourite Online Shops

    December 12, 2009 by barbara

    While the man is into cars and Ferrari parts, I am into fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.  I love browsing my favourite stores such as Gap, Forever21, Club Monaco, Anthropologie and more.  A woman can never have too many clothes, shoes and bags.  My husband says that I am a certified shopper.  I am still shopping eventhough my closet is bursting with clothes.  So is my shoe closet :)  Below are some of the nice things I saw today.


    Feather Ruffled Top From


    Armani Exchange Denim Leggings From


    Lola Silk Tee Dress from Club Monaco


    Beautiful Pearl and Chain Flower Necklace From Club Monaco


    Slouchy Satchel From

  9. Gift Ideas For A Toddler Girl

    December 10, 2009 by barbara

    While waiting for my friend to hand me the life insurance quote, I surfed the internet for some gift ideas for my daughter.  I still haven’t completed my Christmas gift shopping yet.   There are still a few presents I need to get.  What about you?  Have you done your Christmas shopping already?  Well, if you have a toddler girl in your shopping list, here are some ideas on what to get for her.  All items are from Nordstrom.


    Charm It Charm Bracelet.  Silvertone bracelet with detachable charms.


    Popatu Trolley Rolling Backpack which features a soft animal friend on the front.


    A pretty Popatu tutu skirt with pastel layers of flouncy tulle.  Complete with a bow at the waist.


    Stride Rite Jesse Light-Up Mary Jane with sparkly flowers.  The shoes is lightweight and has enhanced traction flexible sole.

  10. My Dieting Journey

    December 7, 2009 by barbara

    I have started dieting again this month.  I intend to lose a few pounds before Christmas.  Wish me luck :)  I am also taking some weight loss pills too.  I have lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  Not bad huh?  To reward myself, I am going to get a non-food pressie.


    A ruffled flat from Ann Taylor or perhaps…


    A pretty Kate Spade Waldorf  Triple Row Faux Pearl Bracelet.

    What do you think?  Nice?  I still cannot decide which to buy.  Maybe I’l get both?