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  1. TeePees For Children

    January 14, 2009 by barbara

    This is a very cool indoor play teepee for children.  Made from 100% unbleached cotton base cloth with vintage floral and bird motifs.  Indoor fun does not get any better than this.  It creates the perfect play space for children’s imagination to run wild.  This delightful teepee is a wonderful place to camp out with some snack, a book or a little picnic.  It is very easy to put up and folds away for easy storage. Definitely a great addition to any play room.  Check out

  2. Panda Door Pinch Guard

    January 14, 2009 by barbara

    This Panda Door Pinch Guard is really cute. Saw this at  If your kids have just learned to open the door, I am sure they love to play the open and slam door game.  Well no worries because this Panda Door Pinch Guard is here to keep their little fingers and hands from getting hurt.  So, hurry and get one or a few now.

  3. No More Lost Socks With SockPro

    January 8, 2009 by barbara

    If you are always losing a sock in the laundry or the drawer, here is an absolutely great solution that can help you to get organized.  SockPro are soft, flexible discks which hold socks together in pairs. Just put a pair of your socks through these dics and throw them into your washer, dryer or drawer.  SockPro was invented to help save time looking or sorting through the laundry in search of lost socks.  Missing socks is frustrating and costly too.  With SockPro, there won’t be any missing socks anymore.  What a great laundry helper.  They come in assorted colors and each package contains 10 SockPro discs.

  4. Designer Sandwich Bags

    January 2, 2009 by barbara

    Are you tired of those plain boring sandwich bags?  Well check out these funky ones from Mobi.  What a great way to pack those healthy snacks, treats or sandwich to school or work.  These colourful designer sandwich bags will make your lunch more fun.  There are 19 different designs to choose from.  You can get yourself a pack of flowers, cupcakes, hearts, flip-flops, camouflage and more.  Great for holding party favors too.  Seal your food in style with Mobi Designer Sandwich bags.  Warning :  May lead to over-eating 😀

  5. Just Microwave Your Smores

    December 30, 2008 by barbara

    Who doesn’t love Smores eh?  Well, if you feel like having some, there is no need to start a campfire.  All you need are some Graham crackers, Marshamallows and Chocolate.  Wait…no fire?  Yup.  Just get this Microwavable S’Mores Maker from All you need to do is just add water, stack the smore underneath the hand presses and place them in the microwave.  In 30 seconds or less, you can sink your teeth into these heavenly treat.  No mess at all :)   Hurry and grab one now. 

  6. Need Help With Chopsticks? Get Zoo Sticks

    December 26, 2008 by barbara

    I have a confession to make.  I am really bad with chopsticks.  Maybe I should get some of these Zoo Sticks for myself 😀  These cute sticks are designed for people who have a hard time with using chopsticks.  Zoo sticks are joined at the top so they are easier to pick up food.  The colourful zoo sticks are great for children who are learning how to use chopsticks. They are ten inches long and come in eight fun zoo animal shapes.  Check out

  7. Colours For Your Kitchen

    December 20, 2008 by barbara

    Add an instant splash of colours to your kitchen with this French Bull Utensil Set.  They are so functional and colouful.  This unique set includes a fork, spatula, ladle, spoon, slotted spoon and pasta server.  Made 100% from Melamine, they are dishwasher safe, high-heat resistant and shatter resistant.  The utensils comes in a cheerful orange pitcher. They sure make cooking a lot more fun.  This French Bull Utensil Set make a good housewarming gift too. Available at

  8. Winter Solstice Festival

    December 20, 2008 by barbara

    Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice Festival which is also known as the “Dongzhi Festival”.  It is an important event in the Chinese calendar and some people regard it as the most important festival of all.  Family gathering takes place on this day and consume “tang yuan” which are glutinous rice balls cook in sweet broth.   They are also offered to friends and relatives as gifts.  I know I will be eating lots of “tang yuen” tomorrow 😉  I hope I won’t go overboard though since I am still trying to maintain my weight.  Otherwise, I will have to start looking for the best weight loss pill in the market.  Happy Winter Solstice Festival to everyone.

  9. Bilibo

    December 16, 2008 by barbara

    Bilibo is one of the most unique toy which is designed to stimulate a child’s imagination.  It looks like a turtle or a rocking chair to me :)  Bilibo encourages children to create their own games and how they want to play with it.  It offers endless hours of fun, indoors and outdoor.  Take it to the beach, the park, in water and even on snow.  There are unlimited ways to play with Bilibos.  From rocking, spinning and sitting to hiding under it.  This award-winning toy comes in an assortment of striking colours. Great for children from 2 to 7 years of age.  Available at

  10. Dashing Through The Fat

    December 13, 2008 by barbara

    Hey, if you are struggling to zip up those skinny jeans, no worries.  Just get yourself some Skinny Songs 😀  They are a collection of tunes created by Heidi Rozen. She was searching for motivation to slim down when her weight hit an all-time high.   It is amazing what the power of music can do.  Skinny Songs were featured in Oprah and Friends Radio, USA Today, Martha Stewart show and The Early Show.  You will be able to find titles like Think I’ll Go To Saks, I’m A Hottie Now, You Da Boss and more.  Hop over to and listen to some sample music clips.  They are really catchy and the lyrics are very funny.   Get inspired today! Let Skinny Songs help you achieve your weight loss goal.  Hmm..perhaps I should get myself some Skinny song too.  I am still trying to buckle my pre-pregnancy jeans :)