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  1. Online Education At Gonzaga University

    September 25, 2009 by barbara

    If you are looking for career advancement through continuing education, then perhaps you may want to consider getting a Masters degrees online.  It is important to look for a university that is accredited and one such online university is the Gonzaga University. They are an accredited, non-profit  university which offers many quality and respected Master’s Degree online.

    Gonzaga University was founded in 1887 and follows a long and distinguished tradition of humanistic, Catholic and Jesuit education.  They are rank among the best colleges in the West by the US News & World Report and The Princeton Review.  Forbes Magazine also ranked them as one of the best universities in the USA.  They offer online Masters degrees in Organizational Leadership, Communication and Leadership, Master of Science in Nursing, as well as courses in Nursing, Communication and Leadership.   At Gonzaga University, you can earn your degree while maintaining your career.  Check them out today.

  2. Bowl With Spill Catcher

    September 24, 2009 by barbara


    If you want to minimize spills while your toddler is having his/her meals, then this Catch Bowl is just perfect.  It helps to control spills with a built-in food catcher that extends toward the child.  At the same time, it would funnel runaway food back into the bowl.  This cute bowl catcher is made from easy-to-clean soft material and has a suction cup bottom to keep the bowl in place.  Available at

  3. Butterfly, butterfly fly far away

    September 20, 2009 by barbara

    Planning to hold a party soon?  If yes, then you may want to get some of these lovely butterflies as decoration.  The butterfly garland features 10 butterflies on a string.  You can hang them in multiples from the ceiling or in a window.  The butterflies are made from painted feathers.  Available at


  4. Beautiful Beddings By Amy Butler

    September 17, 2009 by barbara

    The weekend is almost here.  I was busy blog-hopping (I am supposed to look up the different types of natural acne treatment for a friend) when I stumbled upon these fabulous organic beddings by Amy Butler.  I am so in love!  Check out what I am going goo goo ga ga over.


    Amy Butler Caracas Valencia Comforter, Smart Bed Skirt and Sham Set which feature imaginative dancing flowers in orange, red, pink and corals. So vibrant.


    Modena Ravenna Comforter, Smart Bed Skirt and Sham Set in pretty     poppies and dahlias.  Lovely huh?

  5. Reduce Barking Noise From Your Dog

    September 17, 2009 by barbara

    My neighbour has 3 dogs….3 Rottweilers.  These dogs not only has fleas which crawled over to my house, they bark a lot.  These 3 dogs would bark when someone walked close to the main gate, when the postman comes, when the owner returns or when they have visitors over.  The amount of noise is driving me nuts.  I just found something brilliant that will put an end to my misery. It is the Indoor Barking Dog Deterrent.  It emits a harmless ultrasonic tone, inaudible to humans which will make the animal silent.  The canine will associate barking with this unpleasant sound. Hence, it will stop its bad habits.  Cool huh? You can get one now from Hammacher Schlemmer.


  6. I Need To Lose Weight

    September 17, 2009 by barbara

    Gosh I really need to lose some weight now. I have been eating non-stop since my in-laws returned for a vacation.  Been eating out a lot and not watching my diet.  I think I have put on 3 to 4 pounds :(  My brother-in-law will be leaving on Monday. This means, I better buckle up and lose some weight.  Time to read some weight loss supplements reviews to look for the best diet pills.

  7. Birthday Gift Ideas

    September 14, 2009 by barbara

    My good friend’s birthday is coming up soon and I have been looking around for a gift for her.  I really like this cute Crumb Pet – Pig.  This little oink oink is actually a table vacuum that would clear away all the crumbs after meal time.  It is bag-less and very easy to use.  Just switch on the vacuum and the crumbs will sucked through a hole under the nose.  Cute eh?


    Another great gift idea is to get my friend the AquaFresh ukf7003axx Compatible Water Filter.   Hmm..decisions, decisions.  I am sure my friend would like either of these gifts :)

  8. Carry All Your Important Documents In A RackTrap

    September 12, 2009 by barbara


    RackTrap is just the most brilliant invention that every woman needs.   If you dislike carrying all your important documents on a night out, well fret no more.  Just store all your essentials in your bra with this cool and convenient little pocket.  Racktrap is made of hypo-allergenic poly material and fits into your bra.  This smart invention is designed for women on the go.  Now, you can go purseless and have all your important documents with you.  Available at

  9. Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag For Children

    September 8, 2009 by barbara

    Ahhh…I just love these cute Animal Insulated Thermal Lunch Bag from Wrapables. Just perfect for kids to bring their snack to school.  I am sure they will love the adorable frog, monkey and cat lunch bag.  These bags have insulated non-woven polypropylene to keep the food fresh.  Get one now, err..maybe get all 3 of them.  They are just too cute.


  10. Rugs For Children’s Room

    September 5, 2009 by barbara

    I love having rugs around my home.  Rugs make a nice addition to the decor of a room. They are a great way to update a room effectively and economically.  I will be decorating a bedroom for my 4 year old toddler and came across this lovely pink rug with butterflies and flowers.  It is just perfect for the bedroom of a princess.  This rug is available at  If you are interested in redecorating your room, then do check out  They have a huge selection of affordable and stylish rugs.