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  1. Planning To Go Anywhere During The School Holidays?

    March 5, 2009 by barbara

    The first quarter of the year is almost ending already.  In just one more week, school holidays will begin.  The children will get one week off this time.  Since we have not been on a holiday ever since I had my toddler (she’ll be turning 4 in a few months’ time),  I think this school holiday period would be a good opportunity for us to take a break.  My hubs prefer somewhere by the sea whereas I prefer a place with lots of attractions and shopping such as Pigeon Forge. I just discovered that there are many nice Pigeon Forge Tennessee hotels at reasonable rates.  I am going to tell hubs to check out the hotels online.  Hopefully he agrees to go on a fun-filled holiday in Pigeon Forge.  We could always go to the beach later :)

  2. Sushi Clock

    March 5, 2009 by barbara

    Are you a sushi lover?  If yes, then I am sure you are going to love this sushi clock from It is a popular clock in many Japanese restaurants throughout Japan.  Not only do they tell the time, they also represent the scrumptious fare diners will find on the menu inside the restaurant.  Each hour is represented by a different sushi item.  You will see Unagi (fresh water eel), Awabi (abalone), Ebi (shrimp), Tako (octopus), Saba (mackerel), Ikura (salmon roe), Anago (conger eel), Tamago (egg), Akagai (ark shell), Ika (squid), Maguro (tuna), and Kappa Maki & Tekka Maki (cucumber & tuna roll).  The sushi clock is the actual size of a lacquer sushi tray.

  3. The Greatness Of A Hero Episode 16 to Episode 20 (Preview)

    March 2, 2009 by barbara

    Can’t wait to watch Episode 16 of The Greatness Of A Hero?  Well check out the preview here.  You can also get to watch the previews of Episode 17 to Episode 20.  Enjoy yourself.  Check back later for links to watch these episodes.

  4. Stylish Name Card Holders

    March 2, 2009 by barbara

    A friend of mine is planning to throw a housewarming party at her new house.  I have been to her house recently and it is very tastefully decorated.  She did not acquire the services of an interior decorator.  In fact, she went around the town, hopping from one store to another to check out everything for her house.  I have been looking around for a housewarming gift and saw these stylish name card holders from  These place card holders features a tiny replica resin purse base with a gold wire extending from its top leading to a coiled place card holder.  They are just perfect for my friend as she is a bag lover.  Also, she loves to entertain so I am sure she will be having many guests to her home in the future.  These super chic place card holders will certainly make great conversation piece.

    They come in multiple colors and detailed styles including apple green, fuchsia, melon with green accent and turquoise.  My friend is a great cook and I am so looking forward to her housewarming party :) In the meantime, I better get some weight loss pills too as I know I will be eating non-stop at the party.

  5. Paper Bag Vase

    March 2, 2009 by barbara

    No I am not storing my flowers in paper bags. In fact, they are ceramic vases.  Sure fooled me when I first saw it.  These funky and fun vases from Uncommon Goods are designed to look like real paper bags but they are actually ceramic.  They are handmade and are perfect for storing fresh cut flowers.  It is definitely going to be a great conversation starter.  By the way, these unique paper bag vase were featured in O, The Oprah Magazine.

  6. A Must-Have In Every Woman’s Wardrobe

    March 1, 2009 by barbara

    I was browsing the internet earlier today and fell in love with this timeless wrap dress from Banana Republic. A wrap dress is such a flattering piece of clothing and complements all figures.  This classic dress does not go out of style and never fail to impress.  This long-sleeve faux wrap dress is made of 95% rayon and 5% spandex.  It is available in matte navy or silky coal. A steal at $98.  I have just placed my order online and can’t wait for it to arrive.  In the meantime, I better start working out on my elliptical if I want to look good in my long-sleeve faux wrap dress.

  7. You Have A Message

    February 28, 2009 by barbara

    on your toast, that is.  “Huh? What’s that?” you asked?  Sasha Tseng, a Taiwanese designer has developed a toaster which allows messages to be incorporated on your toast.  With this Toast Messenger, you can burn your custom messages in your handwriting onto slices of bread. What a brilliant idea.  There is no better way to get your message across in the morning than on your favourite spread eh?  You can even draw some cute designs on the toast for your kids.  Check out for more info.

  8. Funky Toolbox For The Baby Room

    February 28, 2009 by barbara

    Ain’t this little toolbox cute?  It is great to clear some clutter in the baby room.  The caddy holds up to a dozen diapers, creams, ointments, powder and other necessity items.  This Skip*Hop toolbox from has built-in handle which enables it to be moved from bedroom to bathroom or to any other room at home easily.  It also has 2 side pockets which are removable as well as two drawers that can be acessible from either side. I wonder if they have similar toolbox for adults.  Would be great to have a bright and colourful toolbox to keep all the necessary tools and bearings.

  9. Instant Inflatable Pool

    February 27, 2009 by barbara

    Check out this really cool instant inflatable pool from You do not need any fancy pumps or pool supplies to inflate it.  It can hold itself up with the water you fill it with. All you need to do is to inflate the top edge ring and as you fill the pool, the water will lift the sides.  What a brilliant idea. This pool is 8ft wide, 2ft deep and only takes minutes to set up and dismantle.  It is made from heavy duty 3 ply PVC and polyester.  Great for the family to have a good dip when the weather is warm.  Get one now if you want to keep cool this summer.

  10. Three Little Pigs

    February 26, 2009 by barbara

    The “Trois Petite Cochons” are so cute and adorable.  Don’t you think so?  These one-ounce piglet hand soaps are perfect  for the bathroom.  They have a light flowery Fresh Linen scent and comes in a lovely rose and black box.  sold as a set of three piglets.  The French-milled vegetable based trio, “Trois Petite Cochons”  make a great hostess gift idea.  Sold as a set of 3 piglets for $20.  If you are interested, check out