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  1. Winter Solstice Festival

    December 20, 2008 by barbara

    Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice Festival which is also known as the “Dongzhi Festival”.  It is an important event in the Chinese calendar and some people regard it as the most important festival of all.  Family gathering takes place on this day and consume “tang yuan” which are glutinous rice balls cook in sweet broth.   They are also offered to friends and relatives as gifts.  I know I will be eating lots of “tang yuen” tomorrow 😉  I hope I won’t go overboard though since I am still trying to maintain my weight.  Otherwise, I will have to start looking for the best weight loss pill in the market.  Happy Winter Solstice Festival to everyone.

  2. Bilibo

    December 16, 2008 by barbara

    Bilibo is one of the most unique toy which is designed to stimulate a child’s imagination.  It looks like a turtle or a rocking chair to me :)  Bilibo encourages children to create their own games and how they want to play with it.  It offers endless hours of fun, indoors and outdoor.  Take it to the beach, the park, in water and even on snow.  There are unlimited ways to play with Bilibos.  From rocking, spinning and sitting to hiding under it.  This award-winning toy comes in an assortment of striking colours. Great for children from 2 to 7 years of age.  Available at

  3. Dashing Through The Fat

    December 13, 2008 by barbara

    Hey, if you are struggling to zip up those skinny jeans, no worries.  Just get yourself some Skinny Songs 😀  They are a collection of tunes created by Heidi Rozen. She was searching for motivation to slim down when her weight hit an all-time high.   It is amazing what the power of music can do.  Skinny Songs were featured in Oprah and Friends Radio, USA Today, Martha Stewart show and The Early Show.  You will be able to find titles like Think I’ll Go To Saks, I’m A Hottie Now, You Da Boss and more.  Hop over to and listen to some sample music clips.  They are really catchy and the lyrics are very funny.   Get inspired today! Let Skinny Songs help you achieve your weight loss goal.  Hmm..perhaps I should get myself some Skinny song too.  I am still trying to buckle my pre-pregnancy jeans :) 

  4. Cool Place Card Holders

    December 12, 2008 by barbara

    Having place cards for luncheons or dinners is a wonderful way of sprucing up the table.  It is also a great idea to make your guests feel welcome.  Sunny days are prime time for entertaining and since summer is just around the corner, many will be busy planning for lunches, receptions, showers and dinner parties.  If you are planning for a girls get together or bridal shower, you may want to check out these adorable dress place card holders.  They are stylish and are sure to put a smile on the faces of your family and friends.  These holders come in a set of 4.  You can get them at for $12.


  5. Bubble Scrubber

    December 11, 2008 by barbara

    If you have trouble getting your kids to do the dishes, well worry no more.  Just get a Bubble Scrubber.  They will be begging you to let them do the dishes with this super cute scrubber.  This kitchen brush has a hidden bubble wand right inside the bristles to make bubbles out of soapy water.  Washing is just so much fun with this part scrub part bubble wand.  Get one to amuse your kids or yourself.  Great as housewarming gift too.  Available at 

  6. Skinny Water

    December 10, 2008 by barbara

    You can enjoy your bottled water with some flavors now.  Skinny Bottle which cost $2 a bottle can also curb your appetite naturally.  It is also a metabolism booster and has a dose of calcium for fat burning.  There are two main ingredients in Skinny Water. These are Super CitriMax and ChromeMate which have been proven to help lose weight.  Drink some before your meal and you are on your way to losing weight.  Skinny Water comes in five great tasting flavors and they are Acai Grape Blueberry for energy, Goji Fruit Punch for boosting your exercise regimen, Peach Mango Mandarin for detox, Raspberry Pomegranate if you want to control your craving, and Passionfruit Lemonade for multi-vitamins benefit.


  7. Saucepan Towel Holder

    December 9, 2008 by barbara

    Here are something really nice to add some colours to your kitchen.  The Saucepan Towel Holder offer a  proper place for you to hang those damp dish towels or apron.  No more draping them on the counter or the back of an empty chair.  These hooks are available in red, black or white.  These steel and lacquer finished hooks are the actual size of a saucepan.  Get one or all three of them for your wall.  Check out Perpetual Kid to buy these colourful hooks.

  8. Chow Mein Anyone?

    December 5, 2008 by barbara

    Check out this adorable and cute Chinese take-out container with fortune cookie haging from a silver-toned ball chain.  Great for Chinese food fanatic.  These pendants are hand-made from polymer & acrylic, and have little wooden chopsticks at the top.  The fortune cookie even features a little piece of paper coming out of it.  Each necklace comes with a cute silver “made with love” tag next to it’s clasp.  Get these yummy pendants from

  9. Designer Dish Gloves

    November 29, 2008 by barbara

    Cleaning the house or washing the dishes do not have to be a drab.  Just slide on these designer dish gloves and you will feel glamorous in no time 😉  These decorative rubber gloves sure add a twist to traditional and boring-looking rubber gloves. Each glove comes with faux jewel, ribbons and tulle.  They make a great hostess gift or housewarming gift.  Made in USA, they fit most hand sizes. Who says a woman can’t look sexy while cleaning the house eh?  Grab one now from


  10. Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake Recipes

    November 28, 2008 by barbara

    I stayed up quite late last night as I was surfing the internet to look for some recipes on steamed moist chocolate cake. One of the blogging friends made this cake recently and I would like to try it out. I bought the ingredients already but I’m a little confused. Some recipes requested for all-purpose flour and some use self-raising flour. Some require baking soda and some don’t. Anyway, I’ll  be getting the baking soda  later. Can’t wait to try it out. The steamed moist choc cake sure looks delicious on the websites which I have visited. Hmm…I may need to take an appetite suppressant after this 😉