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  1. Do Not Lose Me Keyhook

    July 23, 2009 by barbara


    This nifty key hanger is just what I need.   I have a bad memory and I am always leaving my house keys all over the place.  This “Do Not Lose Me” key hook’s design is based on the classic “Do not disturb” hotel signs.  Hector Serrano has brilliantly added a few hooks on the sign and and transformed it into a key caddy.  A simple, clean and clever idea.  With this keyhook, I will never have to search for my keys all over the house again.

  2. MarieBelle Signature Truffles

    July 19, 2009 by barbara

    I just had some truffles yesterday.  My friend who returned from the States for a vacation brought a box of MarieBelle Signature Truffles along.  Boy, they were delicious.  The box contains 16 truffles and each has a unique and familiar flavours such as Earl Gray, Tea or Hazelnut.  I like the signature blue and brown box which the truffles came in.  I had a Hazelnut and a Tea flavoured truffle. I think I should start looking for some of the best acne treatment as I tend to get acne after eating truffles or chocolate. Must be the nuts.


  3. Framework Magnets

    July 14, 2009 by barbara

    If you love posting reminders or notes to yourself, then you are going to love this Framework Magnets from ShopScad.  They are inspired by antique frames and traditional textile patterns.  These lovely framework magnets add a contemporary flair to any metallic surface.   Look great on refrigerators, file cabinets, school lockers and just about anywhere you like.  These durable frames hold photos of your loved ones and to-do lists securely and with lots of style.


  4. Reusable Fresh Snack Pack

    July 10, 2009 by barbara

    If you enjoy packing your own lunch everyday, then you must really get these Fresh Snack Packs.  These pouch-shaped plastic disposable bags are reusable and washable.  They come in sandwich and snack sizes.  All you have to do is just clean them with warm water and soap.  How convenient is that.  When you use  Fresh Snack packs, there is less waste too.

  5. Dreaming

    July 6, 2009 by barbara

    I was blog-hopping just now and saw the kitchen of my dream.  It is large, airy and bright.  Nothing too fancy.  I love the clean white walls, the tiles and the cabinet.  If I were to renovate my house, this would be new kitchen.


    I also saw the bathroom that I simply adore.  Check out the photo below.  The white tub is just gorgeous.


    Well, if I have my way, I would want only zero radius sinks in the whole house.  It feels so good to dream :)

  6. Fun & Happy Tapes

    July 6, 2009 by barbara

    If you are into crafty fun, then I am sure you will go crazy over these Happy Tape from  These lovely and colourful tapes are made from Japanese Washi Paper.  Happy Tapes are just perfect for decorating packages, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, cards, fancy labels and more.   They come in plains, stripes, polka dots, plaids, ginghams. flowers, bubbles and more.  My favourite are these tapes in Cherry Blossom colours.


  7. Quick And Easy Meals With Toastabags

    July 6, 2009 by barbara

    My husband was shopping for a tv mount and came across this really cool item which according to him, is going to be number one in his ‘Must -Buy Items’ list.  They are Toastabags.  These fabulous bags allow you to cook food in your toaster. Only slotted toasters though.  All you need to do is put the ingredients in the bag and then pop it into your toaster.  You can try to make an omellete, grilled cheese and even heat up a pizza. You never knew you could do so much with your toaster eh?  Well, if you like this as much as my husband does, then swing by



  8. Eva Solo Smiley Bowls

    July 4, 2009 by barbara

    Check out the Eva Solo Smiley Bowls below.  Aren’t they cute?  Not only are they big in style, they are very functional too.  The top of the bowl can be used for empty nutshells when you serve pistachios or use to put wrappers when you have a bowl full of candies or chocolates.   These candy coloured bowls have so many uses and the possibilities are endless.  Available in red, lime, orange or aqua.   Check out if you would like to get them.

  9. Pamper Yourself With Plush Slippers

    July 2, 2009 by barbara

    Check out these cute Heated Herbal Polar Bear Slippers. They are so soft and plush.  This heated herbal slippers are microwaveable to keep your feet rejuvenated.   It also has a nice herbal fragrant smell.  Its lavender scent is soothing and relaxing.  The slippers have a durable rubber sole.  They remind me of the lovely slippers provided by one of the luxury Las Vegas hotels which my friend and her hubby stayed in.  My friend was so taken by the slippers that she took a photograph of it to show everyone :)


  10. Booty Pop Panties

    July 2, 2009 by barbara

    Everytime when I see Beyonce’s or Fergie’s music videos, I wish that I have their derriere.  They look so good especially when wearing pants.  Well, I just stumbled upon something which may actually make my wish come true.  It is the Booty Pop underwear that will make my rear looks rounder.  How cool is that?  Booty Pop are  padded undies to help make the rear round and firm, without the need of any implants.  Available in fun colours such as pink cotton candy, blueberry gum drops, black licorice, white vanilla marshmallow and sour apple candy. Booty Pop is the answer to those who have depressing flat booties like mine.  So if you want to add a little volume to your derriere, go get one now from 😀

    booty pop