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  1. Soapsicles

    November 20, 2008 by barbara

    If you want to add some fun in your bathroom, check out these cute Soapsicles. at Spoon Sister. These Soapsicles are the same size as real popsicles and come in clear bag with pretty ribbon.  You can choose from four different mouthwatering scents such as Chocolate/Vanilla, Rainbow, Pink Lemonade and Pink Cupcake.  Throw out the boring soap bars and get yourself some Soapsicles instead. They make great stocking stuffers and party favors. Be careful, don’t take a bite :D

  2. Monokini Is Hot

    November 20, 2008 by barbara

    Do you know what is the hottest piece of swimwear this year?  It is the sexy Monokinis.  They are a cross between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit.  I think they are simply fabulous.  Women who do not want to bare too much skin can try the Monokinis because they flatter most body type and easier to hide the trouble spots.  The Orchid Boutique has a great selection of monokinis you would love.  They are an exclusive online boutique and they pre-select the best 2009 designer swimwear and swimsuits for the trendy fashionista. You can find sexy monokinis in a variety and styles such as halter, triangle, brazilian cut monokinis, push up monokinis and many more.  Their collection of monokinis will set your pulse racing.  Check out their Green Giraffe Monokini below.  It is so sexy and I like how the color green is mixed with animal print.  If you are looking for some heart-stopping swimsuits which offer both coverage and sex appeal, then check out the Monokinis at The Orchid Boutique.

  3. Timberland Gold Boots

    November 20, 2008 by barbara

    I stumbled upon the Timberland Urban Gold Dolce Vista Womens boots at today.  This sweet pair of metallic leather upper boots is pretty eye-catching. Its tongue collar is padded for a comfortable fit around the ankle.  The footbed is padded too for extra comfort.  The Timberland boots has rubber outsole for traction and durability.  However, I don’t think I can picture myself wearing one.  Gold is not my colour :) Well, if you are into hip hop fashion, then go get yourself a pair :)   They were $123 and now going for $69 only.

  4. Foolproof Egg Timer

    November 20, 2008 by barbara

    I love eggs.  I can eat them every day but I need to limit myself as eggs are rich in cholesterol . Whether it is hardboil, poached, over easy or scrambled, I love them all.  My husband on the other hand, prefers hardboil eggs.  However, I am really bad at getting it perfect.  Sometimes, I overcooked them and at times, I do just the opposite.  Well, I just found one nifty gadget which is perfect for me. It is a foolproof egg timer :)   Just pop the little gizmo into the water with the eggs.  As the eggs cook, the timer darkens towards the middle.  When it reaches the correct line, the eggs are done to perfection.  How cool is that? The scale is easy to read, non-toxic and heat resistant.  If you are also interested in this useful gizmo, check out

  5. From Bag To A Ball

    November 20, 2008 by barbara

    You can go green and look ultra cool with these compact shopping bags.  It can turn from a full size bag into a pocket-sized ball in a few seconds.  Place your hand into the attached pouch and scrunch it.  Then stretch the flap over the bag.  It’s the same method as how you would roll up your socks into a ball.  What’s great about these re-usable shopping bag is that they can easily fit into your purse.  I just love the colours on these bags.  Available at

  6. Organize Your PaperWork In Cute Boxes

    November 19, 2008 by barbara

    Being organized helps you handle work quickly so that you have more time and space to do what you want to do. You can keep all your bills, vital paperwork such as insurance, medical, car, business resumes and others in perfect order with these lovely boxes.  They are covered in heavy-weight, matte paper and feature a metal frame which is deep enough to hold one ream of paper.  You can place them neatly on your desktop, bookshelf or credenza.  If you want to keep your paperwork under control, grab some of these colourful and stylish boxes from See Jane Work. 

  7. Recycled Chopsticks Folding Basket

    November 18, 2008 by barbara

    What do we do with the chopsticks when we are done eating with them?  Throw them out? Well not American designer, Brian Parks. He collects the single-use chopsticks, sanitizes them and uses them to create these innovative recycled baskets.  What a brilliant idea and a great use for the home. It is perfect for holdingfruit, napkins, bread, mail or anything else you like. This recycled chopsticks folding basket fold flat and are easy to put away when not in use.  You can get one for your home at for $25. 

  8. Play Donuts For Children

    November 18, 2008 by barbara

    These play donuts are simply adorable.  They are perfect playthings for little ones who enjoy having tea parties or playing kitchen.  The colourful donuts come in a fabric gingham box complete with ribbons.  These yummy donuts are fun, stylish and safe.  Spot clean them with a damp cloth. The donuts are handmade and you can purchase a set of 5 for $35.  My favourite is the one in pink :)   Available at

  9. Pill Boxes

    November 18, 2008 by barbara

    Are you looking for a unique pill box to store all your meds safely? Check out this cute Madness pill box at It is made out of fine chrome with a clasp to keep your pills safely inside.

    If you would like to personalize the pill box has a gift for loved ones or for a particular use, check out  this silver plated round pill box at  It comes with divided sections and snap shut closure. The pill box is engravable with first names or initials. Great holder for mints, vitamins, diet pills, guitar picks or as jewelry travel case.

  10. Obama Family Is Getting A Labradoodle?

    November 16, 2008 by barbara

    During President-Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on November,4th, 2008, he reiterated his promise to his daughters that they have earned a new puppy who will be going with them to the White House.  Reports say that the new First Family is considering a Labradoodle.  Now just what kind of dogs are Labradoodles, you asked?  Well, they are a cross between Labrador Retrievers and the Standard Poodles.  This breed is sociable, non aggressive and friendly.  They are highly intelligent and trainability which make them the ultimate doggie companion and great guide for people with sight impairment.  They also work well as therapy dogs and other assistance dogs.  As Malia Obama is allergic, their new pet has to be hypoallergenic and a Labradoodle is just the perfect choice under such circumstances because of their non allergic coats.  Also, the Labradoodle has very little or no doggie odour, even in wet weather.  Their coats come in a variety of colours such as black, gold, cream, silver, chocolate, apricot cream and red.

    I certainly hope that America’s Next First Pooch is a Labradoodle.  Whether the Obama’s Labradoodle is going to be from the animal shelter or pet shop, it sure is going to be one of the most watched dogs in the world. I cannot wait to see the Obama Labradoodle and the name they will pick for the pooch.  I know for sure that the First Dog is going to be a cute one.

    To find our more information about the Labradoodle Dog, do check out Labradoodle-Dogs.Net.  This website is the largest breeder directory online and is committed to help breeders and owners of Labradoodle to connect in a safe and secure environment.  If you want a friend in Washington, get a Labradoodle :)