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  1. Play Donuts For Children

    November 18, 2008 by barbara

    These play donuts are simply adorable.  They are perfect playthings for little ones who enjoy having tea parties or playing kitchen.  The colourful donuts come in a fabric gingham box complete with ribbons.  These yummy donuts are fun, stylish and safe.  Spot clean them with a damp cloth. The donuts are handmade and you can purchase a set of 5 for $35.  My favourite is the one in pink :)   Available at

  2. Pill Boxes

    November 18, 2008 by barbara

    Are you looking for a unique pill box to store all your meds safely? Check out this cute Madness pill box at It is made out of fine chrome with a clasp to keep your pills safely inside.

    If you would like to personalize the pill box has a gift for loved ones or for a particular use, check out  this silver plated round pill box at  It comes with divided sections and snap shut closure. The pill box is engravable with first names or initials. Great holder for mints, vitamins, diet pills, guitar picks or as jewelry travel case.

  3. Obama Family Is Getting A Labradoodle?

    November 16, 2008 by barbara

    During President-Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech on November,4th, 2008, he reiterated his promise to his daughters that they have earned a new puppy who will be going with them to the White House.  Reports say that the new First Family is considering a Labradoodle.  Now just what kind of dogs are Labradoodles, you asked?  Well, they are a cross between Labrador Retrievers and the Standard Poodles.  This breed is sociable, non aggressive and friendly.  They are highly intelligent and trainability which make them the ultimate doggie companion and great guide for people with sight impairment.  They also work well as therapy dogs and other assistance dogs.  As Malia Obama is allergic, their new pet has to be hypoallergenic and a Labradoodle is just the perfect choice under such circumstances because of their non allergic coats.  Also, the Labradoodle has very little or no doggie odour, even in wet weather.  Their coats come in a variety of colours such as black, gold, cream, silver, chocolate, apricot cream and red.

    I certainly hope that America’s Next First Pooch is a Labradoodle.  Whether the Obama’s Labradoodle is going to be from the animal shelter or pet shop, it sure is going to be one of the most watched dogs in the world. I cannot wait to see the Obama Labradoodle and the name they will pick for the pooch.  I know for sure that the First Dog is going to be a cute one.

    To find our more information about the Labradoodle Dog, do check out Labradoodle-Dogs.Net.  This website is the largest breeder directory online and is committed to help breeders and owners of Labradoodle to connect in a safe and secure environment.  If you want a friend in Washington, get a Labradoodle :)

  4. Watch Gem Of Life Online

    November 13, 2008 by barbara

    I have been sitting in front of my computer a lot because of my work.  Also I have been watching many dramas online such as Gem of Line, Off Pedder and Moonlight Resonance. I managed to find a site where I can watch these shows online and if you are interested, hop over to here. ( Note:  These links are provided and hosted from a third party server.)  I basically eat in front of my computer so you see….I hardly exercise at all.  I am getting a flabby tummy as a result of this :(

    Ahhhh…..I just found a solution to my problem.  The Hula Chair!!!  It’s a weight loss gadget for a lazy person like me ;)   This modern miracle chair combines ancient traditional Chinese medicine with 21st century technology.  The Hawaii Hula Chair helps to improve a person’s balance and coordination as it aligns the spine gently and improves blood circulation.  It exercises the whole body especially the waist.  The Hula chair is built with steel feet, ABS armrest and leather backrest.  All I need to do is to sit up straight, press the button and let its elliptical motion works wonder on my body :D   If you are interested, check out

  5. Tis The Season To Look Your Best

    November 13, 2008 by barbara

    Christmas is almost here and it is the season of parties, bashes, office functions as well as get-together. Therefore this is the best time to dress up nicely and be the center of everyone’s attention.  If you want to look your best, check out Marrisa’s Collection.  They have a great selection of designer wear which appeals to women of all ages.  At this online boutique, you can find designer names such as Misoni, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang and many more.  At Marrisa, you can also find a fabulous range of handbags, shoes and accessories.  They are offering free ground US shipping and they also ship international.  Why don’t you check out today? 


  6. Fun Decals For Your Mirror

    November 12, 2008 by barbara

    If you want to have some fun in your bathroom, try adding these Funhouse mirror decals.  With this kit, you can easily add a tiara or eye-patch to your own image.  A great way to spice up your morning shave or teeth brushing session.  Funhouse by Fred comes in a set of 3 reusable static-cling decals.  Stick a few onto your mirror and stand back for a few hours of fun!  These cool decals will have your guests lining up to use the bathroom :)   Get them at

  7. Dressing Up Your Apple

    November 10, 2008 by barbara

    Tired of eating a bruised apple?  Well, worry no more because you can now protect your apple with an apple sweater!  These cute crocheted little cozies can also turn them into a lovely object d’art :)   Artist, Jacqueline Dufresne hand-knit them from 100% cotton yarn.  It fits most medium apples and works for pears and avocados, too.  Get a few today for your home and they also make a great gift for your loved ones or friends. Check out Curiosity Shoppe.

  8. Banana Slicer

    November 5, 2008 by barbara

    I know….how difficult it is to slice a banana eh?  This gadget is too cute gadget that I can’t resist.  Just push the slicer onto the banana and voila, the banana will be sliced up instantly.  Perfect for those who are  preparing a quick bowl of cereal and bananas or fruit salad.  The banana slicer is made from plastic and safe for children.  It is also dishwasher safe.  Check out

  9. Shopping For A Table Lamp

    October 31, 2008 by barbara

    Since I do a lot of work in my bedroom at night, I have decided to get a table lamp for my work desk.   All these while I have been switching on the room lights whenever I need to work.  The lights, however, are not bright enough due to the location of my desk.  While browsing the internet, I found just the perfect table lamp at  It is the Liz Jordan Retro Table Lamp that comes in black finish and white fabric shade.  I am so happy to note that shipping is free when I purchase this table lamp.  How lovely.  If you are also shopping for some lamps for your home, do visit  I am sure you will be amazed with their huge selection of quality and affordable lamps. 

  10. Get Fast Quotes On Fencing Services at

    October 31, 2008 by barbara

    If you are looking for some great deals on fence installation for your home, then is the site you should check out.  They are dedicated to connect consumers with the best fencing service providers in their area.  This service is offered free of charge to help consumers make well-informed decision, saving time and money.  All you have to do is just fill in a simple online form and you will receive up to 4 free quotes from the fencing vendors in your area.  Whether you are looking for wood, wrought iron or pvc fence installation, have you covered.  Do visit their website for more information.