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The Best Corset Dresses This Season

August 6, 2018 by barbara

For the longest time, corsets were part of lingerie and this shapewear helps women to achieve a curvy look.  Hugely popular in the 16th century, the corset has since undergone various redesigns and reinventions.  When I think of corsets as a fashion item, the images of Madonna come flashing back.  Who could forget the Jean Paul Gaultier corsets she wore in the 1990 Blonde Ambition tour?

Recently, Kim Kardashian and a few other celebrities have picked up this trend and turned it into something that one can wear daily.  The street style is flooded with the trendy corset belts or corset dresses.  Seen on runways and celebrities, the cinched-waist look is everywhere, and while flattering, it can be incredibly difficult to pull off.  Yes, this trend could be a little tricky.  It is all about finding the perfect base layer to wear underneath that does not create excess bulkiness or make you look tacky.

You can rock the corset trend in different ways, by wearing it under or over your favorite tops and dresses.  Oversized tops are paired with corsets to add structure to the relaxed cotton shirts.  They are pretty much another layer which you wear with your denim and it is more like a belt than a waist trainer.

Whether you fancy the look of a lace-up corset over a dress or a bustier version on a top, check out some fabulous finds at ZAFUL.

Corset Front One Shoulder Prom Dress

Corset Belt Drop Shoulder Tunic T-shirt

Corset Stripes LLace-UpShirt

Are you ready to test the corset trend waters?  Keep the overall look simple and balance and avoid too many colors.  Click to learn how to master the look.

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