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  1. How To Up Your Sweatshirt Style

    October 23, 2017 by barbara

    The sweater weather has arrived.  Autumn usually puts one in mind of fresh beginnings.  It is the season that makes one feel like a new year.  Well, we can hardly be blamed because this is the time that magazines come out with their biggest issues and stores will have plenty of fresh new offerings.

    One of the biggest trend this season is, of course, based on the increasing influence of streetwear.  No longer just for skate park and boys, the sweatshirt has become a fashion staple in recent seasons.   From high street to runways, the reign of the fashion sweatshirt is uber-trendy.   There are so many options on how to wear this comfortable and easy trend.  Pair it with thigh-high heeled boots or skinnies and sneakers, you are good to go.  A sweatshirt means ease, comfort and effortlessness.  It makes everyone looks like they are not trying too hard.

    Once only strictly for athletes, gym-goers, and people who just want to run an errand, the humble sweatshirt has risen to become a stylish staple in the wardrobe.  The best place to shop for quality and cheap sweatshirts is at  Check out their website and you will be spoiled for choices.  Here are a few of our favorite looks and tips on how to try them out.


    An oversized high-neck printed sweater


    Distressed raw hem denim shorts

    An oversized sweatshirt is always a good idea, especially when paired with cool shorts or jeans for a day of running errands.


    Cowl neck drawstring sweatshirt


    Ripped mid-rise legging

    Sweatshirt is so versatile.  Wear a cowl neck design to replace the regular turtlenecks. Pair it with legging to complete the look.  That’s about all on our favorite trend.  You may want to check out some mens outerwear sale too.

  2. Track Pants Are The Rage

    October 17, 2017 by barbara

    In the recent fashion week, designers have been including track pants in their collection.  It is no surprise that track pants were spotted on the runways.  Activewear is fast becoming the street style choice.  How does one wear activewear in every occasion?

    Whether you are heading for brunch after your lunch or a casual date night dinner after yoga, take a look at these outfits which you can take your activewear to the next level.


    Asymmetrical Color Block Bra from Joylab


    High Waist Color Block Leggings from Joylab


    Bomber Jacket

    Complete the look with a pair of platform sneakers and a leather backpack for your after workout rendezvous.

  3. Wardrobe Updates For Fall Without Spending A Fortune

    October 6, 2017 by barbara

    Is your wardrobe ready for Fall?  When a new season is here, there is an inevitable feeling of a wardrobe update.  However, with so many new clothes at the stores, buying the right Fall trend that you really need so that your closet is up to date is not an easy feat.  Do you find it hard to bundle up by wearing layers and still look fabulous?  Remember not to sacrifice style for comfort because there are many outfit ideas and essential pieces to wear this season.  Fashion enthusiasts are looking for the chicest way to keep warm.   For those on a budget, there are many trendy outfits which you can buy without digging deep into your pockets. You can also re-style some of your statement pieces with some new clothes to give your wardrobe an update. Here are some stylish and low maintenance pieces that you can stock up on:-


    Nothing says Fall quite like this ruffled sleeve top.



    A simple embroidered sweater that is great to cuddle up in.



    Pair the above two tops with this skinny ripped denim


    This lovely knitted cardigan is great for layering in the cool temperature.

    All the above are available at  You can even wear them all the way to Spring next year. So, how do you transition from Summer to Fall? You can also get some hair extensions to update your look.

  4. The Only Top You Need This Fall

    October 5, 2017 by barbara


    Striped Button Down Ruffled Shirt from J Crew.  This amazing button-up shirt has been added with feminine ruffles and it is such a statement piece.  It can be paired with a skirt, a pair of shorts or pants.  Highly versatile.  Mininum accessories are needed when wearing this top.  A pair of Orbit earrings is just the perfect match.


  5. Buy Polka Dot Dress Online

    September 28, 2017 by barbara

    We are approaching the last quarter of 2017.  End of the year means the holiday season is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited. There will be lots of food, festive decorations and many parties to attend.  Having said that, there are still plenty of things to stress over this time of the year like trying to figure out what to wear to these parties?

    Have you got news about the office parties that will be thrown in the coming months and you have absolutely no idea what to wear?  Well fret not because here are some tips on what you can find online. Usually when there is a special occasion, women tend to wear black dresses or gowns because the colour black is classic and versatile.  Well, the little black dress has had its day and the latest trend is the polka dot dress.  Polka dots are trendy and fun.  You can get polka dot dress online. Polka dots are having a major fashion moment since summer and have been seen in many runways.


    So if you are looking to paint the town red at this year’s parties, well, take a look at these lovely and fun polka dot dresses from Dressily. How are you wearing your polka dots this season?


  6. Stylish Clothes For Women This Fall

    September 19, 2017 by barbara

    It is Fall already and time to stow away those open-toed heels, sandals, tees and shorts. This transition period when it is not too warm nor too cold that you need to layer your outfit can be a little hard to figure out what to do with your wardrobe.  Do you bring out all your turtlenecks and sweaters?  Are your miniskirts kept in the cupboard or do you still wear them with your knee-length boots?

    We know shopping for Fall clothes can be quite a drag because you have to think what you need to layer your clothes or how to style them.  Why can’t updating the wardrobe for the new season be easy?  Just where can you find stylish ladies co ord outfit?  So if you are looking for what to put on your shopping list this season, here are handy tips.

    I know some of us are still reluctant to keep away the summer clothes.  Well you do not really have to. When the weather is still pretty nice out, just air your favourite denim shorts with a sweater.  Showing some legs with a sweater is effortless chic.


    There are many ways to look sexy without revealing too much skin.  One of the favorite ways to update your look is a sexy top which can show off your back, shoulders or chest.  Just throw on a simple pair of pants with ankle boots and everyone will be asking where do you find fashion sexy tops for women.



    For the hottest picks that will be your new go-to choice for date night and dinner with the girls, visit yoins 3rd anniversary sale. They have the chicest trends to keep you looking fabulous as the weather turns chilly.

  7. Affordable Ways To Update Your Wardrobe

    September 13, 2017 by barbara

    Does your closet need a reboot now that the new season has arrived?  Fall is in the air, ushering in fresh perspectives and a chance for transformation. It’s the perfect excuse to evaluate your closet situation and give your wardrobe a little upgrade.  Many people tend to think that in order to enhance our wardrobe, we have to dig deep into our pockets or buy very cheap clothes. This is not true at all.  Here are some quick tips to help you transform your wardrobe for less.

    1.  Assess Your Wardrobe

    Your existing wardrobe should have some basic pieces such as a white blouse, a pair of denim, a solid color t-shirt, a skirt, a black dress, a plain sweater, a pair of black dress pants, a jacket, a pair of boots, a pair of heels, a pair of casual flats and a handbag.  If you have these in your wardrobe, it will be very easy to mix and match them to create new outfit combos for any occasion.  Try pairing a few pieces for great style.  For example, a pair of tailored black pants, a colorful blouse and a jacket .

    2.  Update Your Accessories

    Another easy and quick way to upgrade your outfit is to use trendy accessories.  Inexpensive and stylish discount wholesale accessories such as shoes and hats can enhance your look without going over your budget.  A little bit of accessorizing goes a long way.  You would be amazed what a colorful pair of shoes or a fun scarf can do to a simple uniform look.


    3.  Shop Wholesale

    Buy from wholesale stores such as that offers the newest and trendiest style without the huge price tag.


    4.  Create New Design With Your Jewelry 

    You can instantly jazz up your outfit by using your existing jewelry like doubling up the long necklaces using a pretty ribbon or rope on the ends.  This will create a chunkier and newer look of your old necklace.

    5. Staple Piece In The Wardrobe 

    Give your style a boost with this must-have item -A polarized sunglasses. Nothing can update your outfit faster or hide tired eyes better than a great pair of shades. It is a statement piece that can literally make every outfit feel that bit different and revitalised!  Check out some wholesale polarized sunglasses today.

    So do not be afraid to look at what you already have with a new perspective.  Coordinate old things with some new items to transform the wardrobe.  Looking good does not have to cost you the world.

  8. What To Wear To A Ball Game

    September 8, 2017 by barbara

    Dressing Right for Tailgating is Easy

    Tailgating gives you the chance to head to the stadium and root for the home team. Before you watch your favorite players race across the field or court though, you’ll spend time outside as you meet and greet with other fans, whip up some dishes and sample some of the foods that other people made. You can play a game or two with NFL cornhole boards that you bring from home and get in the mood for watching the big game. Dressing right for tailgating will keep you comfortable before, during and even after the game.

    Dress for the Weather

    Don’t leave home without first checking the weather report. There is nothing worse than hitting the parking lot in a new tank top and shorts just as the temperature drops. If the weather report calls for mixed temperatures, you can wear layers. Wear a tee shirt or tank top underneath a sweatshirt. You can always take off layers when the temperature climbs, but if you don’t wear enough clothing, you’ll find yourself freezing by the time kick off arrives. You can bring a poncho to compensate for rain too.

    Wear the Right Shoes

    While the wives and girlfriends of players can get away with wearing high heels, you should stick to more comfortable shoes. By the time you finish walking around the parking lot, through the stadium and then back to your car at the end of the night, you’ll love how comfy your feet feel. A simple pair of running shoes or tennis shoes provides you with traction when walking across wet surfaces like a parking lot full of rain or a walkway covered in spilled beer.

    Support the Team

    No matter how you dress for the big game, make sure that you support the home team. Clothing manufacturers now make clothing for every team in the NFL, and some companies even make clothing designed specifically for female fans. These pieces highlight your natural curves and draw attention to your feminine figure. The clothing is appropriate for all weather conditions too. You can look for sweatshirts that zip up the front and those you pull on over your head, tank tops that help you stay cool and shorts or capris pants with the team’s logo running up the side. Dressing right will help you stay comfortable and have fun when tailgating before a game.



    Outfit via Polyvore

  9. Affordable Wedding Gowns For Beach Wedding

    September 4, 2017 by barbara

    Planning a beach wedding soon?  Whether it is held at an exotic destination or your summer getaway home, a beach wedding can be a wonderful experience for the newlyweds and their guests.  A wedding at the beach is like a little vacation for everyone.  Planning for a wedding is no easy feat and a wedding by the beach has its unique challenges.  Here are some of the important things to know when planning a nautical nuptials.  The ocean is one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding and it is advisable to have the wedding during day time.  Once sunset is here, the water becomes black and would not look good in the photos.  Having a daytime wedding can be tricky as some flowers cannot stand the heat.  Therefore it is important to choose flowers that will not wilt quickly like orchids, calla lilies and succulents which are very popular now.

    The most important thing of all is, of course, the wedding dress of the bride.  Not all dresses, fabrics and veil styles work for a beach wedding.  Do avoid a ballgown with long train.   A beach wedding attire that is constructed of a lighter fabric like chiffon, silk or charmeuse which allows the gown to flow in the ocean breeze is a good choice.



    This beach wedding dress is just perfect for a beach wedding.  If you would like to move away from a white dress, pale pink or pale blue dresses for the beach are great options.

    When it comes to veil, the less fussy the veil, the prettier the photos will look.  You may even want to consider accessorizing your wedding hairdo with fresh flowers.  High heels and sand do not mix, therefore opt for wedges or flats instead.

    Choosing your bridesmaid dresses is another fabulous part. Different dresses colours and lengths will create different styles to complement your seaside venue.  In order to enjoy a beach wedding the dresses should be both simple and comfortable.  There are many bridesmaid dresses under 100 to choose from.   Always remember to choose light flowing fabric, colors that compliment the beach setting and do not overdress your bridesmaids.   Keep it a simple affair.  Head over to d-daydress for some super romantic without all the fuss dresses.


  10. Embroidered Denim Trend

    August 21, 2017 by barbara

    The embroidered denim style is the rage this season. For your information, the embellishment trend was huge in the 70’s.  Now, do not save this embroidered denim for a special occasion.  You can just throw it on like the regular jeans. Would you wear this?  What is your favorite embroidered denim?