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  1. Gift Ideas For Animal Lovers

    December 10, 2012 by barbara

    My cousin’s birthday falls on the same day as Christmas. It is a double celebration for her every year. Instead of getting her separate gifts, I usually buy her a big present. However, this year I would like to get her 2 gifts as I just saw something she likes but it is way below my usual budget. She has a Persian cat and I thought it would be great for her to have this laser-etched ornament.  Critter Gift Shop is a great place to get custom gifts for cat lovers or any other animal lovers too.


  2. Christmas Gift Ideas For Children

    December 3, 2012 by barbara

    Are you busy shopping for gifts? I have started my gift shopping last month and I am still doing it. It is a lot of fun to shop but sometimes I run out of ideas what to get. I have been visiting my favorite online stores and I thought I would share some gift ideas for friends and families here in my blog.   I spotted these at Cotton On Kids.

    Circus Tent

    Colour Me Dress Up Apron

    Do stay tuned for more Christmas gift ideas.

  3. Bring Some Life Back Into Your Bathroom

    November 29, 2012 by barbara

    Facebook lovers are going to love this quirky Social Shower Curtain.  You can bring your profile to life now while scrubbing in your tub.  This funny shower curtain features a transparent section so that you can create your own profile picture.   You will certainly love this in your home.   Available at

  4. Beautiful Gift Bucket For Christmas Gifts

    November 25, 2012 by barbara

    The time of giving is here. Christmas is about a month away. Are you busy shopping for gifts? I just love shopping for presents and you know me, I love wrapping them too. I was at Chewing The Cud and found some lovely storage buckets which can be used as gift buckets too. Just fill up the bucket with the present and wrap it with a transparent paper. The receiver will be thrilled to get the present as well as the gift bucket which is printed on 100% recycled canvas cloth with soy-based inks. I know I would.

  5. Gifts for him

    November 21, 2012 by barbara

    My brother-in-law is celebrating his 40th birthday in 2 weeks’ time.  I have yet to get him a gift, can you believe it?  I find it easier to shop for women than men.  My husband gave me some gift ideas like robern medicine cabinets from since my brother-in-law needs one.  Since I was not sure, I went surfing for gift ideas and found the Switch modular pocketknife with 18 different attachments at

    I am also considering this Converge, a docking station for the electronics.  Decisions, decisions.


  6. Filigree Headboard

    November 17, 2012 by barbara

    Saw this cute Filigree Headboard at Urban Outfitters today.  Made of heavy-duty sculpted metal, this headboard adds a vintage charm to the room.  So if you are thinking of adding a bit of decor to your bedroom, why not get this Filigree Headboard?  It is very easy to hang on the wall.    Now I am trying to decide if I should get it for the single bed in my guest room.


  7. Gift Idea For A Football Lover

    November 17, 2012 by barbara

    Oh I am still in my holiday mode eventhough we have been back for a couple of days.  Please bear with me, ok?   During our vacation, we also managed to celebrate the birthday of my brother-in-law who was also on holiday with us.  We had a seafood dinner on his birthday and the restaurant is situated on a cliff, overlooking the sea.  The view was just spectacular.  Located next to the restaurant is a trendy beach front bar.  Right after dinner, we proceeded to the bar for some drinks and music.  Everyone had a great time and we thoroughly enjoyed the live music.  There were 2 entertainers as well as live bands delivering the best music on their korg kronos 88 Keyboard Workstation.  My brother-in-law received a Desktop Table Football from all of us since he is an ardent fan of football.

    image via

  8. How To Promote Relaxation At Home

    November 15, 2012 by barbara

    I have just returned from a beach vacation with my family. We had a great holiday and stayed in a fabulous quaint boutique hotel which is facing the ocean. The hotel has minimalist design and the first thing I noticed when I stepped into the lobby is a beautiful indoor water fountain. It has a very calming effect.  If you are interested to find water fountains to create a calm environment at home, then you may want to check out some indoor fountains like the one below.

  9. Cell Phone For Children

    November 10, 2012 by barbara

    The iWoody Phone from the Future Perfect store is designed to look like a cell phone and it is just perfect for little hands.  If you have toddlers who love to get their hands on your smartphone, then you may want to get them the iWoody phone which has a chalkboard and earbuds that act as erasers.   They can have imaginary conversation with their friends using this iWoody Phone.

  10. Humourous Lawn Marker Sign

    November 6, 2012 by barbara

    I cannot help laughing when I saw this lawn marker sign at Brookstone.

    This Dog Statement Lawn Marker Sign is a great way to add some humour to the entryway of your home.  It is made from durable, rust-free recycled aluminium and finished in black/gold all-weather paint.    So if you want to warn your guests who to really watch out for, get this funny lawn marker sign now.