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  1. The Rubber Band Lamp

    February 24, 2011 by barbara

    The rubber bands are not only good for holding and grouping things together, these elastics can look great as home decor items too.   Check out this Rubber Band Lamp which was exhibited during the London Design Festival recently.  Designed by Orchard Studio, the lamp is eco-friendly and customizable.    The elastic bands can be rearranged to suit your style.  Want one for your home?

    rubber band lamp

  2. Something Pink For A Girl’s Bedroom

    February 22, 2011 by barbara

    I was looking for diet supplements when my cousin called and asked if I have any ideas where to find pink item for her 6 year old daughter.  She is planning to reorganize the room and her daughter loves pink.  I went online to check out and for some great storage ideas.  What’s great about them is that they are in pink.  Just absolutely perfect for my cousin’s daughter.   These lovely organizers are a great addition to the bedroom or playroom.


    4-bin Pocket Storage Tower



    Over the Door Activity in Pink Stripes



    Plastic Storage Tote in Pink

  3. Birthday Gift Ideas For Co-Worker

    February 22, 2011 by barbara

    I was reading the Lipofuze when I suddenly remember that my co-worker’s birthday is coming up real soon.  I have totally forgotten about this and have yet to shop for a gift.  I should put a reminder in my mobile phone to remind me of my friends’ birthdays.  I hopped over to and found a few gift ideas. 

     Love On Toast Stamp


    Fold and Play Recycled Speakers


    Cupcake Making Kit

    Now I just have to make a decision which gift to get for her. 

  4. Origami Napkins

    February 22, 2011 by barbara


    If you want to impress your guests at the dinner party, get some of these origami napkins.  I am sure you will be the talk of the town that night. Each packet of napkins comes with an assortment of napkins with different origami patterns printed on them.  The instructions are easy to follow.  The origami napkins from Perpetual Kid are great for any occasion and any age.

  5. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

    February 20, 2011 by barbara

    Are you tired of having your lunch stolen by your co-worker?  Has it become so bad that you need to take the best appetite suppressants because you rather not bring your lunch to work?  Well, worry no more.  Just grab a few Anti-Theft Lunch Bag from Perpetual Kid. These sandwich bags have green patches printed on both sides so they make your freshly prepared lunch look moldy.  Protect your precious lunch now with the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags.  They are made from reusable and recyclable LDPE and are sandwich size.


  6. All Things Ruffled

    February 19, 2011 by barbara

    Before I begin to look up liponox, a weight loss supplement, I would like to share with you what I found a while ago.  Beautiful ruffled pillows and clutches.  Oh how I love ruffles.   Whether they are on a cake, a dress or a shoe, I heart them all.  Ruffles can make something plain look elegant.  Check out Jilly Bean Craft at


    Ruffle Rosette Pillow


    Side Ruffles Pillow in Gold


    Ruffle Rosette Clutch

  7. Recycled Rubber Bands

    February 19, 2011 by barbara


    If you like the idea of reusing stuff, then you may like the Plattfuss Rubber Bands.  Made from recycled bicycle tubes, these rubber bands come in a bag of 70 in assorted sizes.  Say goodbye to dull beige rubber bands.  Previous flat tyres become handy again.   Do your part to save the world.  Get a box or two today at

  8. Things I Love At Plumo

    February 19, 2011 by barbara

    When I was reading some articles at, a friend called and asked me to check out  She was raving about how cool this online store is.  Its collection is unique and has a whimsical touch.  Plumo travels round the world to source for one of a kind and beautiful products.  They work with artisans, coperatives from Asia to Africa and fresh designers.  Take a peek if you like.


    Gypsy Mule


    Striped Jute Bag


    Agra Mirrors


    Raffia Notepads

  9. Doily Pendant Lamp

    February 19, 2011 by barbara


    Check out this pretty pendant lamp from   The owner of this online store, Shannon South has been collecting vintage crochet doilies and decided to use them to make this pendant lamp. Each lamp is handmade by stitching the vintage doilies together, one at a time.  The shadows it creates on the wall, ceiling and glass tiles are just beautiful.  ReMadeUSA is a design company that upcycles used materials to make unique, one-of-a-kind accessories.

  10. Chic Desktop Chalkboard

    February 18, 2011 by barbara


    It is time to go green and forget about sticky notes.  This handy Desktop Chalkboard from Crate & Barrel is just perfect for leaving messages, grocery lists and reminders on your desk. Start getting organized today and get a Desktop Chalkboard.  It is a great addition to your home or office.  A friend’s birthday is coming up so I think this would make a lovely gift for her.