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  1. Vintage Cushions

    August 8, 2010 by barbara

    I was helping a friend to look for an online printing company for her work when I stumbled upon some lovely cushions at  I like the cute Spring Chicken designs on the cushions.  They are actually hand silk screen printed with based ink onto good quality cotton linen mix fabric. Pretty, don’t you think so?  They are perfect for the children’s bedroom or for those who like a little whimsical touch to your home


  2. Sleep Better With Chin Strap

    August 7, 2010 by barbara

    My husband snores a lot and sometimes it disturbs my sleep.  A friend of mine recommends the Cpap Chin Strap from  The Chin Strap is soft and stretchy.  It holds the jaw up and keeps the mouth closed while sleeping.  This will enable better breathing and improved airflow.  The adjustable strap fits snugly and comfortably.  Perhaps my husband can give this a try.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


  3. Floral Mini Suitcase

    August 7, 2010 by barbara

    My friend just called me up to tell me about some great dental care discounts which she found out yesterday. While chatting, she told me that she’s going to a beach holiday next week. Oh how I wish I could go with her.  I love the beach so much.  My friend also told me that she bought a floral meadow mini suitcase from and she’s going to use it to pack her clothes.  I really like the floral mini suitcase.  It reminds me of a suitcase I used to have when I was a kid.


  4. Summer Sales At Calypso St. Barth

    August 4, 2010 by barbara

    My husband and I were in the mood for some online shopping last night.  While he was checking out some vga cables, I hopped over to for some retail therapy.  Boy, I so love their tunics.  I keep telling myself that I should get one and pair it with my shorts but I still couldn’t find one which I really like.   I think every woman should have at least one tunic in their wardrobe.  They are ultra comfortable and so chic too.  Below are a few pieces which I like from Calypso St. Barth.  Good news is that they are having a great sale right now.


    Amber tunic with embroidery


    Grotella tunic


    Floral print tunic

    Hmm…which one should I get?

  5. Urban Outffitters

    July 30, 2010 by barbara

    UrbanOutffiters is one of my favourite stores.  I just love their clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.  Everything about them in fact.  I know, some of their items are rather pricey so most of the time I would just ‘window-shop’.  I was at their website a while ago and I saw a few pieces under $50 which I like.  Time for some shopping again :)


    Lucca Couture Sailor Short $48


    Rhinestone Necklace $34


    Truly Madly Deeply Deep Scoop Pocket Tunic $24


    BDG Twill Grazer Cigarette Pant $39

  6. Turn Tap Water Into A Sanitizer

    July 24, 2010 by barbara

    My friend who sell textbooks to school children, just moved into his new home a couple of weeks ago.  He held a housewarming party last weekend and while we were there, I can’t help but notice his Lotus Sanitizing System which he bought from Amazon.  This amazing sanitizing system can turn the tap water into a powerful sanitizer.   Water treated with this system will kill 99.9 percent of the germs  on any surfaces.  It can be used to safely remove bacteria, viruses and neutralizes pesticides from food.    You can even sanitize children’s toys, teethers and pacifiers.  How wonderful is that? With its Oxyshield technology, the Lotus Sanitizing System infuses cold tap water with an extra oxygen atom, thus creating a natural sanitizer.    I am very interested in getting one for my home now.


  7. my favorite etsy finds under $50

    July 21, 2010 by barbara

    Etsy is one of my favorite sites on earth.  I just heart it.  There are so many lovely things being featured there.  I was browsing the site a while ago and found items which I like.  There are more…so do stay tuned 😉


    Dainty Knots of Beauty of Beauty Necklace $38


    Pink Filigree Flower Rings $12


    Blue Carnation Flower Pin made from recycled tshirt $7.50


    Dixy Messenger Bag customized with original vintage fabric $45


    Butterfly Garland – Sorbet $34


    Just Hanging Out Wall Sticker Decal $34

  8. Totes Made From Recycled Material

    July 17, 2010 by barbara

    I love totes made of fabrics, especially those made from gunny, burlaps or recycled material. I was browsing and stumbled upon some lovely totes at Vintage Junky Style.   The totes were constructed using scraps from vintage grain sacks.  How lovely!  The totes are very sturdy and have been prewashed for softness.  Another reason why I like these totes is because each of them also feature a removable flower corsage whihc was created from new and vintage materials.   If you are looking for a beach bag, diaper bag or a bag for grocery shopping, just head over to Vintage Junky Style and check them out.



  9. Playfully Unique Cookies

    July 14, 2010 by barbara

    While blog-hopping last night, I stumbled upon some really fantastic cookies at  Really, I have never seen anything as cute as them.  In fact, they are too beautiful to be eaten.  Elenis Cookies are homemade with  all-natural and highest-quality ingredients.  They are the perfect cookies for parties, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, birthdays or just whenever you feel like having a bite.   Below are some of my favourite cookie designs.


    Cookie Cookout for some barbecue fun


    Please Eat The Daisies

  10. Looking Stylish While Pregnant

    July 10, 2010 by barbara

    I remember when I was pregnant 6 years ago, it was so hard to find stylish, comfortable and affordable maternity clothes.  I hated those tent-like dresses that made me looked like a whale.  Pregnant mommies now are far more lucky.  Besides popping the best prenatal vitamin, they have access to a wide range of chic maternity tops, bottoms and dresses available.  Some of the fabulous clothes which I like are from and


    Dandelion Brown with Brown Kimono from BumpStyle


    Lily Black With Green Hipster


    Button Top Jeans From


    Denim shorts with side tab from