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  1. Cover-Ups For Women

    February 15, 2011 by barbara

    When I was going through the roadside assistance plan, a friend called and asked me if I know where she can find nice cover-ups.  She will be attending her sister’s wedding dinner next month and has found a very nice dress to wear.  However, she wants her shoulders to be covered and has problem finding a nice cardi or jacket.  I went online and found a few beautiful boleros.  I hope my friend would like them.


    Lace Bolero from


    Premium Grey Ruffled Chiffon Bolero from


    Iman Grand Ruffle Shrug Jacket from

  2. hearts hearts hearts

    February 13, 2011 by barbara

    Oh there are so many things to love at  Sequins, hearts, shimmer.  I am loving all these girly stuff.   If you are looking for some fun and flirty styles for Valentine’s Day, well check out  My favourite items would be :-


    Bedazzled Sequin Heart which can be worn on the hair or as a brooch

    h2 heart shoe clips which is great to dress up your shoe


    Pop flower that can be worn as a corsage as well

  3. Decorating The Kid’s Room With Petit Pan

    February 12, 2011 by barbara

    I just finished looking up the car insurance quotes when my friend called and asked if I have heard of this cute shop called Petit Pan.  She gave me a link and asked me to check it out.   This shop has the most awesome paper animals and mobiles.  These things are just perfect for a kid’s room.  I can’t wait to get some for my daughter’s room.  They are just too cute.  Below are my favourites :-




  4. Don’t Throw Away Your Plastic Bags

    February 9, 2011 by barbara

    Help save the environment with this Plastic Bag Trash Can kit from  Instead of throwing away your plastic bags, you can cut them and weave them into this unique trash can.  This cool kit makes recycling fun and easy.  It features a metal frame which allow you to weave in the plastic bags for a customized trash can.  Besides plastic bags, you can also use newspaper, scrap fabric from t-shirt strips and more.   Let your creativity juice flows and Remake It!


  5. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

    February 8, 2011 by barbara

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  Are you looking for Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones but are still unsure what to get?  Flowers and chocolates are wonderful but they do not last long. So, if you want something unique and will be appreciated by your loved ones, do read on.

    1)  Pamper her by calling the raleigh carpet cleaning services to clean the carpet at home.

    2)  A shiny flirty pair of patent leather Enzo Angiolini peep toes


    3)    Surprise her with a Benefit – Confessions of a Concealaholic kit.


    4)  Pair this Cultured Pearl and Diamond Chandelier Earrings from Ross Simmons with a fabulous dress for a sizzling outfit.


  6. Designer Maternity Gown

    February 6, 2011 by barbara

    Now I wonder why didn’t I find this out sooner?  A designer maternity gown which is the perfect thing to wear after child birth.  I looked horrible after giving birth and it didn’t help that I was wearing the drab green flimsy hospital garb. Now, mommies can look like a million dollars in this Gown-2-Go, Amy Butler LOVE Collection which is made to flatter any body or shape and are completely customizable.  This knee length gown has snaps down the full length of the back for modesty and ease of access for hospital staff. Both sleeves unsnap completely, allowing full access for nursing your newborn. It also comes with a beautiful ribbon sash to create a lovely empire waist.


  7. Band-Aids For The Fashionista

    February 2, 2011 by barbara

    Love this fashion boo boos from Forever 21.  Nothing soothes or heal a cut better than a chic band-aid.   A packet of Fashion Boo Boos features polka dot, heart and bow prints.  There are 24 pieces in a packet ($4).  Psst…no one would know if you would like to fake a cut just so you can put a cute band-aid on your arm.  I know someone who does that once in a while.


  8. Keep Warm With A Throw

    January 29, 2011 by barbara

    Oh I am loving this Applique Herringbone Throw from Nordstrom.  Actually I love everything with appliques embellished on them.  This throw is soft and made of wool/acrylic and nylon.  It is big enough for 2 persons.  The charming floral appliques made this throw stands out.  It is pretty chilly these days, especially at night because of the constant rain.  I can picture myself with this throw on the sofa, reading a book or scanning for merchandising jobs in the newspaper.


  9. D-I-Y Decorations For The Chinese New Year

    January 28, 2011 by barbara

    I have been looking around for ideas on how to make my own decorations for the coming Chinese New Year.    There are so many great ideas out there.  I am left feeling very inspired.  When I came across the Dogwood Flowers paper cutting from Martha Stewart craft blog, I decided to do them using the red envelopes (angpow).    Then I saw another pretty decorating idea – Paper Butterflies.  Just trace the template onto some colourful papers and cut out the shapes.  Attach the butterflies onto the lanterns with tape or glue.  Pretty easy eh?  Now, if you have leftover Christmas Party Invitations, you can use them to cut the butterfly shapes. Christmas Party Invitations are so colourful and vibrant, and they make very pretty paper butterflies.


  10. Forever 21 Spring 2011

    January 26, 2011 by barbara

    I was at Forever 21’s website just now to check out its latest collection when I saw a familiar style – Flared Jeans.  Are bell-bottoms making a comeback this year?   Well, I don’t really mind as long as it is not baggy jeans.  I know some people cannot stand bell bottoms after growing up in them. Pants or jeans with a slightly wider than boot cut with slimmer thigh and waist is pretty cool.  Skinny jeans fans need not worry though.  According to the fashion gurus, they are still around.  What about you? Do you like bell-bottoms?