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  1. Heart Shape Hole Punch

    January 12, 2011 by barbara

    Oh  I am so loving this hole puncher which punches out heart-shaped confetti.  What a cool thing to have in the office or home.  Talk about adding some passion to your paperwork.  I know I would be having loads of fun punching out holes in my paper.  The confetti are good for crafts too.  Hmm…I think I am going to get one for myself and another one as gift for a friend who loves crafts.


  2. How To Be A Balloon Sculptor

    January 12, 2011 by barbara

    My daughter is very fascinated with the sculptured balloons she sees at the birthday parties of her friends.  Well actually I am too.  It’s amazing how creative the balloon sculptor is.   If you have a birthday party coming up and would like to try your hands on making some of these cute balloons, you can now get yourself a Balloon Animal Kit from  The kit comes with 24 large balloons, a pump and one sheet of stick-on eyes & an instruction leaflet.  You can now make animals like swans, snakes, lions and even dinosaurs and hang them on your pendant lighting.


  3. Birthday Gift For A Friend

    January 9, 2011 by barbara

    My friend just got a Nintendo Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and she is now looking around for wii accessories. Her birthday is coming up in 2 weeks time and I am thinking of getting her the accessories.  I was also looking around at other gift ideas and came across this Aluminium Wall Hanger from Muji.  This versatile hanger is designed to hang by the wall or on flat vertical surfaces such as doors or cabinet drawers.  Have to make a decision very soon.


  4. An Easy Way To Dip Your Cookie

    January 4, 2011 by barbara

    If you are like who love to dunk your cookies into your milk but dislike getting your fingers wet, well get yourself a.  It is a spoon which hold your sandwich cookie while you dip it into the milk or your favourite coffee.  Dipr allows you to have a germ-free dunking experience.  Check out for more information.


  5. Tooth Fairy Pillow

    January 1, 2011 by barbara


    Children start to lose their baby teeth as early as 4 years old. When that happens, a visit by the Tooth Fairy is a big event in a child’s life.   The tooth will be picked up by the Tooth Fairy and in exchange, it will leave a reward for the lost tooth.  Teeth awaiting pickup can be kept in this adorable Tooth Fairy Pillow from Ultimate Tooth Fairy.  The pocket is just inside the case and it is just the right size for holding the little tooth. This pillow features a unique design of an owl and birds on pink blossom branches and the phrase “Whooo lost a tooth today? Before your child calls it a night just place this cute pillow next to him or her  to create a memorable experience.

  6. Chalk It To Me Baby

    December 25, 2010 by barbara

    chalkboard placemets

    Here is something which every parent may want to buy – Chalkboard placemats for children.  While cooking or waiting for food, these innovative placemats will keep the children busy.   They can be drawn on, wipe off and draw again.  Parents can also leave little notes or messages for their children in the morning on these placemats.  They also make great party favors.

  7. More Awesome Gift Wrapping Ideas

    December 21, 2010 by barbara

    Recently,  I received some photos of my friend and her family.  She also sent me photos of her daughter who has just celebrated her 18th birthday.  In one of the photos, she was surrounded with presents and flowers.  One bouquet that caught my eyes is the beautiful Gainesville flowers.  Since they live in Florida, this flower arrangement is very popular there and it is from a well-known florist.  I also came across very nice bows on her presents.  As I am still looking for some gift wrapping ideas, I browsed Martha Stewart’s craft blog and saw this cute wrap and bow which was created using extra bits of paper.  No ribbons are needed to create it.


    Lovely eh?



    I also like this wonderful idea of using baking liners as gift toppers.  Just use a few pastel papers in different colours and sizes to create fluffy blooms.

  8. D-I-Y Wrapping Paper

    December 17, 2010 by barbara

    While the man was checking out the 5.1 home theatre system which he hopes to get for his birthday that is less than a month away, I have been looking online for some great ideas on how to wrap presents the d-i-y way.  Yes, there are many presents to be wrapped for Christmas and birthdays coming up.  I was browsing the internet and came upon this really neat gift wrap idea from  Just use a plain craft paper and cut out the alphabets of the recipient’s name from books that you do not want.  I like this idea very much and I am going to give it a try.


  9. Insulated Lunch Bag

    December 15, 2010 by barbara

    Here is something to brighten up your lunch time – A colourful insulated lunch bag.  Brown Paper Bag is pretty boring, don’t you think so?  This lovely insulated lunch tote is made of durable, lightweight and reusable polywoven material.   It features a fold-over top with velcro closure and a nylon loop for easy carrying.   Carry your lunch in style with this insulated lunch bag from


  10. oh how i heart these

    December 11, 2010 by barbara

    While my husband was talking on the phone with his brother about sirius satellite radio, I was at the computer doing some online shopping for clogs. I heart clogs.  A wardrobe staple during the summer, the clogs are still highly popular in winter.  We just need to wear it with a pair of heavy patterned socks or tights.  Would you wear them in the cold months?  I adore the clogs from