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  1. Get More Sales With The Right Store Displays

    June 20, 2012 by barbara

    Besides having a store at strategic location, another very important thing to consider is creating an appealing and attractive store display.  The right choice of retail space design and creative retail display will help to attract traffic and generate repeat sales.  Besides having elegant lighting, stores with smart retail display stand out from others and are able to persuade shoppers to come in, stay longer and return.

    I have been to some stores which made me turn around and head to the exit right away because I feel very uncomfortable inside the store as the items were displayed in an unorganized manner.  It is very difficult to look for something when the store is not organized.  I personally feel very claustrophobic when I walk into a packed store with items all over the place.   Whether or not a customer decides to buy your item will depends largely on the style your product is displayed.   In some shops, items are poorly displayed hence projecting a ‘cheap item shop’ image which will not be able to drive high margin sales.

    A great store design does not only mean having matching colours and specific theme.  Having optimal display products with appropriate size, shape, colour and design are vital to create displays that will get the customers attention.  Retail display equipment comes in all shapes and sizes.  Sturdy store displays are important to protect the merchandize as well as making them look good.

    One such place where you can find good quality display equipment is at  They are one of the premier suppliers for marketing store display collections, professional kitchen and restaurant products and many other store supplies.  You can also find a comprehensive listing of products necessary for any retail environment at Fixtures and Displays.

    It is also a good idea to place items at different heights especially when the items are the same size.   This create a visual interest and keeps the customers’ eyes moving around.    Slatwall is a fairly common choice of retail wall display for small and large shops.  It comes in a variety of colours and finishes.  Slatwall Accessories such as shelving, hooks, baskets, hangrails, shoe displays and many more are available to help merchandize your products.

    So, if you want to increase your sales or make your store more inviting and comfortable to shop in, do check out for some eye-catching display equipment.

  2. Colour Block Trend 2012

    June 15, 2012 by barbara

    2012 Spring  and Summer is all about bright colours.  I have been seeing many 2 or 3-colour tops and dresses.  I really like this trend, especially when there are vertical blocks on the side.  This creates a slimmer illusion.  Some fashion experts warned that wearing colour block garments can be pretty tricky if not problematic for short women.  Not all are pleasing and flattering.   So do make sure that the clothing are flattering, if not, it would be best to avoid this trend.


    image via

  3. Comfortable Shoes For Vacation

    June 11, 2012 by barbara

    Just before I went on vacation, I was busy looking for a nice pair of shoes that I can wear while on holiday.  I wanted a pair of stylish shoes that are comfortable.  I tried on some Birks, Clarks and Rockport but I couldn’t find any shoes that I really like.    Then a friend suggested that I look for FitFlops.  I went to the nearest mall and found them. Tried on a few designs such as Frou and Lolla but they don’t look nice on my feet.  Finally I tried on Sling and I was a happy camper.  It looks great on my feet and they are so comfortable.  I wore them everyday when I was on holiday and my feet didn’t feel tired at all.

  4. Custom Shower Curtain

    June 7, 2012 by barbara

    Planning to get a new shower curtain for your bathroom but can’t find the right one?  How about creating your own custom shower curtain with photos of your choice?  At, you can have a shower curtain adorned with your own photo.  All you need to do is take a picture, place your order and upload your photo online.  Sounds fun huh?  Head over to to check it out.

  5. Stainless Steel Platter For Children

    June 3, 2012 by barbara

    I have been looking around for a stainless steel plate for my daughter but to no avail.  It is so difficult to find one when you need it.  A friend told me about this cute Din Din Smart Stainless Steel Plate from  It has five separate compartments that prevent food from sliding or mixing.  Made from the highest quality food grade type 304 stainless steel and is stain resistant.   I like its kid-friendly fun shape.  Definitely make eating a lot of fun especially for picky eaters.


  6. DIY Pinata For Birthday Parties

    May 30, 2012 by barbara

    I think for the past month, I attended at least 5 birthday parties, including my 7 year old’s party.  There is another birthday celebration coming up in a couple of week’s time which I have blogged about earlier.   Last weekend, I was at the birthday party of my friend’s 10 year old son.   The birthday boy is a music lover and he is taking drums and guitar lessons now.  Some of the birthday gifts he received include SKB Cases for his guitar and drum.  Such a lucky kid huh?   So at the party, there was a pinata which my friend made.  I was pretty impressed with my friend’s creativeness.  She told me she followed the steps from on how to DIY the pinata.  That is just awesome.  I can’t wait to try doing one myself.  So if you are planning to get a pinata for a birthday party, why not check out OhHappyDay and make one yourself?


  7. Children Birthday Gift Ideas

    May 30, 2012 by barbara

    Besides helping a friend to look for swisher sweet, I am also shopping for some children’s birthday gifts.  My good friend’s twin daughters are turning 5 in a couple of weeks and I chanced upon these cute Insulated Lunch Bag at Pearl River.  The Big Apple Buddies Insulated Lunch Bags are BPA and PVC safe.  They are cute, aren’t they.  You can find a dog and a cat design as well.


  8. J.Crew Girls Shoes For Spring

    May 29, 2012 by barbara

    I was doing some window shopping online last night and checked out J.Crew’s latest collection.  I was bowled over by their Spring Shoe collection for girls.  They are so pretty.  I love love love them.  Wish I could get my hands on a few pairs for my 7 year old.  They are super cool and so stylish.  Here are some of my favourites.

    Shimmer Sandals

    Espadrille Ballet Flats

    Leather Sven Clogs

    So, if you want the hottest shoes this Spring for your little ones, well pop over to J.Crew.

  9. Summer Must Haves

    May 28, 2012 by barbara

    My spouse’s friend is a music lover and and he owns a shop selling musical instruments and accessories.  During the weekends, he would be displaying some items from his store at the local flea market.  He also has a collection of vintage turntables and LPs.  So, last weekend when the spouse was visiting his friend at the flea market, I spent some time shopping at the mall.  Everywhere I go, I could see bright coloured khaki pants.  I ended up getting a pair of this from Gap.


  10. Pretty Toilet Rolls

    May 26, 2012 by barbara

     I was at the Bead store supplier‘s place yesterday and decided to use the bathroom.   I was pleasantly surprised to see her cute toilet paper.  It was in a funky print of hearts.  She told me that she got them from The Designer Toilet Roll Company in UK.  Well, I really don’t mind getting some for my bathroom too.  Why go for boring toilet papers when you can get Colourful Hearts, Cheeky Chicken or Beautiful Butterflies print eh? These toilet rolls are made with safe, colorfast vegetable-oil based-ink.  Can’t wait to beautify my bathroom with them.