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  1. Best High Chair For Grandparents House

    December 8, 2016 by barbara

    Whether your children visit their grandparents weekly or occasionally,  having a few baby products handy can certainly help prevent you from having to lug the baby gears back and forth from your house to theirs.  This can also ensure that the visits or overnight stays run as smoothly as possible. If you are looking for a high chair to be used at the grandparent’s house, why not take a look at this versatile high chair that does not take up space?

    The Smart n Comfy 3-in-1 Portable High Chair / Travel High Chair can turn any dining chair into a high chair (not for stools or chairs without backs). All you need to do is fasten the velcro strap and loop the strap around the back of the chair and adjust as necessary to secure the child to the chair.

    Made from breathable fabric, it is lightweight and great to be used all year round.    Light spills can be wiped away easily or machine wash in a delicate bag for tougher stains.


    Not only can it be used at the dinner table, you can also turn it into a walking harness to keep your grandkids close by while allowing him or her to explore.  It can also be used as a Grocery Cart Safety Strap to ensure that the child stays secure.  The Smart n Comfy Portable High Chair / Travel High Chair, Cart Safety Strap and Walking Harness is available in 2 colour options – Black and Red.  Hurry and check out this affordable high chair now.

  2. Michelle Obama in Gucci Gown

    December 8, 2016 by barbara

    The First Lady wore a beautiful Gucci dress to the White House dinner 2 nights ago. This is the first time she wore a non-American designer dress. She looks breathtaking in this striking pink and green gown.  It does have a Christmas feel to it.  Many wondered if the reason for the choice of an Italian designer was to show her support for Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi who announced his resignation after voters rejected his constitutional reform plans.  Perhaps fashion is used as a strategic tool to convey diplomatic messages?


    image via

  3. How To Choose The Right Outfit For Christmas Party

    December 8, 2016 by barbara

    The holiday season is here and we couldn’t be more excited.  There are food, festive decorations and lots of parties to attend.  What’s not to love huh?  There are still plenty of things to stress over this time of the year like figuring out what to wear to these parties.  Things can be a little tricky when there is a dress code such as casual dressy, holiday spirit and etc.  Are you panicking because your event is this week and you have nothing to wear? What shall I wear?  That’s the first question that goes on almost everyone’s mind.  Well fret not because here are a few tips you can try to pull off a holiday party outfit.

    One can never go wrong with dresses.  Choose a well-tailored dress in a length that elongates your frame.  You can find many cheap dresses online.  Wearing a pair of pants can be as chic as a dress too.  You can mix and match your pants and a beautiful top and swap them around for different parties.  Jumpsuits are also a popular trend now and they can create a stunning and unique look. Another option is wearing a top with a full or straight skirt.


    Go for a bold colour for your outfit.  Red and green are the colors for the holiday season.  If these 2 colors are not the shades that you normally wear, then this holiday season is the perfect time to do so.  If you prefer to wear something sparkly, then do keep the rest of your outfit casual.  Wear what you are comfortable in.  If you have a favorite pair of jeans that you would like to wear, then go for it.  You can get a cozy tee tucked into your jeans, throw in a leather jacket, accessorize with a statement necklace and pair it with your heels.  As long as the invitation does not say formal attire or black-tie, you can probably wear this outfit that makes you most confident.

    There are also many trendy plus size clothing for the curvy ladies.  If you are shopping for the perfect pieces, remember that you can never go wrong in a little black dress and red heels.  Sequin is also great to stand out and show off your curves.


    We hope that you find these tips useful to pull off a holiday outfit or two.  Enjoy and have a fun night.

  4. Simple Steps To Reduce and Shrink Skin Pores

    December 7, 2016 by barbara

    Nobody wants pores on their faces. They make our skin look dull and unsmooth. Aging, sun damage, improper hygiene, sweat and cosmetics make the pores bigger. They can also be easily clogged with dirt, oils and makeup. Here are a few simple ways we can try at home to unclog the pores.


  5. Jumpsuit Trend 2017

    December 5, 2016 by barbara

    Jumpsuit is a one-piece clothing that is often referred to as a romper or a playsuit.  This head to toe,  all in one fashion is very striking and is a fashion statement.  You can find cool jumpsuits in long pants, culotte length or short skirt style.  Jumpsuits are showing up in the runways and is style that I think would suit all women.


    There are women who avoid this style because it is not an easy piece of clothing to pull off. Choosing the wrong fit or matching it with the wrong accessories or shoes can turn this style into a disaster.  Here are a few tricks on how to look your best in a jumpsuit.


    j2Generally, the jumpsuits are fitted at the waist and looser on the legs. For tall women, wide leg jumpsuit will suit them the best. Shorter women may opt for a slim cropped style.  Jumpsuits can be worn for many different occasions such as formal, semi-formal and casual.  For a more relaxed weekend style, you may choose jumpsuits in cotton or denim fabric.  Loose fit ones with elasticized waist are flattering.  You can also opt for a dress-design jumpsuit with buttons in front. Wear a tube underneath and leave a few buttons open.

    Jumpsuit s can also be worn for formal occasions.  Remember to choose a well-favored and sleek style that flatters your body.  Add a statement necklace and you are good to go.  See, it is really very easy to dress up for an occasion.  Just pair it with the right accessories and heels.

    The best place to find the most beautiful and stylish jumpsuits are at  This leading fashion retailer has a fantastic range of the latest style that are pocket-friendly.  So hurry and check them out now.  You may also check out the Instagram page.  Find the jumpsuit that you want which may even be your new wardrobe staple.

    j2 j3

  6. Holiday Gift Guide 2016

    December 1, 2016 by barbara

    The holidays are quickly approaching.  It is less than a month away and I am sure you have started shopping the perfect gift for your friends, loved ones, co-workers and gifts for everyone on your list.  If you are struggling to find The Gift for the tricky ones in your list, well no worries because  I have come up with the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide that will definitely make shopping easy this season.


    1.  Armrest Cushion Covers from SmartnComfy.  This set of 2 Memory Foam Armrest Cushion is great for providing supreme support to your elbows and forearms.  They help to disperse pressure and relieve pain.  Made from high quality plush velboa fabric, these armrests will also give your chair an instant upgrade in comfort.  They make the perfect gift for your loved ones or co-workers.


    2.  Cozy Sherpa Robe from Gap.  Everyone needs a quality robe, especially in the cold winter months.


    3.  Wake Up and Smell The Coffee with Wash With Joe’s 100% Real Coffee Body Wash.  There is nothing like jump starting the day with a nice shower of uplifting blend of pure coffee and peppermint essential oil to revitalize the body.


    4.  Half-Cylinder Design Foot Rest.  This ergonomically designed foot rest helps to relieve pressure on the lower back and increase leg circulation.  It can be turned upside down for a rocking motion to keep the legs moving and reduce fatigue.   Great gift for co-workers, people who work from home or those who spend hours at the desk.


    5.  Glass Terranium Air Plant from  Their uniqueness will leave a lasting impression on the receiver.

  7. Short Bob Hairstyle for 2017

    November 30, 2016 by barbara

    I have been spotting a bob for over 20 years.  The only time that I have long hair was when I was a teenager. I do not like hair on my neck area for some reason. I like bob style as it is a classic look and does not go out of style.  I am looking for more ways to wear this style and came across a few that I really like.


    Structured A line bob that adds depth and dimension to the look.


    Layered Bob that needs little maintenance


    Inverted bob with different tones and shades

  8. Gift Ideas For A Music Lover

    November 30, 2016 by barbara

    The gifting season has begun!  We will be celebrating Christmas in just a few more weeks.  Have you got all your shopping done?  I know that while it is fun to shop for presents but sometimes it can be pretty stressful too, especially if you have a tricky person on your gifting list.  I have one who is a music lover and I have just found a few ideas that I am going to share with you, in case you are not sure what to get that music-lover in your life.


    iRig Karaoke Microphone from UrbanOutfitters.  All you need to do is just connect the microphone to the phone and sing your heart out.  Don’t forget to get the xlr microphone cable too.


    Personalized Record Door Mat to make everyone feel welcomed.  Get it from


    Cute pastel headphones from  Definitely a fashion statement.

  9. The Complete Guide To A Sunny Week In San Diego

    November 29, 2016 by barbara

    With all the cold weather that’s been around lately, you might find yourself dreaming of a vacation full of sunshine for next year. After months spent indoors and wrapped up in multiple duvets and blankets every night, it’s only natural that we end up craving that vitamin D as soon as Christmas is over! With the British summer usually being less than fruitful, you may want to get away as soon as possible. Most of us have managed to build our bank accounts back up from the festive period at around March/April. Plus, going away at this time of year means that you avoid high summer fares, and everywhere being busy with families. Take a couple of weeks off work (you deserve it!) and jet off to visit our transatlantic cousins in the good old US of A. If you’re looking for a warm climate, rich history and plenty of great eateries, look no further than San Diego.


    Image source


    Getting there

    San Diego is on the Western side of the continent, meaning that it’s a much further flight than if you were visiting Florida or New York. But, it is possible to do it directly. British Airways offer a direct flight going from Heathrow in London. However, with other airlines you may need to stop off somewhere. Once you arrive, though, the airport is a mere ten minute cab ride out of town, so you won’t need to trek to your accommodation.


    Image source

    Putting your head down

    After that long flight, you’re probably ready for a good night’s sleep before you even think about exploring the city! San Diego is home to a multitude of neighbourhoods, all of which have something different to offer. If you’re hoping to stay right in the midst of all the action, and love to spend a night out partying, you may want to stay in the Gaslamp Quarter. Or, perhaps you want to take advantage of the fact that San Diego offers an eclectic mix of both North American and Mexican cultures. In that case, a resort such as Ensenada is sure to keep you entertained. Whatever takes your fancy, you can search for san diego vacation rental online to find your perfect fit.

    Image source

    What to do

    It’s no surprise that San Diego is known as California’s beach city. It boasts an astonishing 70 miles of beaches and offers a range of seaside activities – there’s something to suit everyone. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, make sure you head to Black’s Beach. It’s said to have some of the best surfing waves in the whole of California. If you’re after something a bit more relaxing, Coronado beach features miles of beautiful white sand. In fact, due to some of the minerals in the sand, it quite literally sparkles in the moonlight! Another popular San Diego must-visit is at least one of the 100 breweries it is home to. Craft beer has exploded in the city over the past few years, so why not take a tour and learn all about it? There are also plenty of live music venues and museums too, so any culture vultures will be able to easily get their fix.

  10. Statement Necklaces Trend For 2017

    November 28, 2016 by barbara

    Do you know what is the current jewelry trend for Spring / Summer 2017?  We have seen chokers and bold statement necklace dominating the headlines for the past few seasons.    If you are tired of seeing these, then fear not because long necklaces are making a comeback.  Uncut material with raw stones and mineral pieces have been making appearances on the runways.  Rope necklaces are also getting popular.  Love these 2 long necklaces from Pinterest. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of them.