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  1. Stunning and Affordable Wedding Dresses

    October 26, 2016 by barbara

    A wedding day is a day that women dress like princesses.  Having said that, this big day can really add up and the bride would probably wear the dress only once.  There are many reasons to avoid spending a bomb when shopping for a wedding dress for your big day.  Wedding dresses come in different designs and different cost.  Elaborate wedding dress designs are likely to be more expensive.  Have you heard of the saying Less Is More?  Some brides prefer simple dresses that are cheap and ideal for a modest wedding ceremony.

    There are many great options available for the brides who are on a budget.  Yes, it is possible to find the perfect dress with the right price tag to match and the best place is at  This leading online wedding dress retailer specializes in high-quality formal dresses, evening dresses and in Australia. Their apparels are created and designed by their team of talented designers and produced in their factory.

    If you’re looking for a wedding dress that is effortless and beautiful, you’ve come to the right place.  At Amandadress, you can find a wide selection of dresses listed according to the different material, designs and colours.  This makes it very easy to shop at their website.  Take a peek at all of their Simple Wedding Dresses on Sale on Amandadress and prepare to fall in love.


  2. Guide To Organizing Your Wardrobe

    October 24, 2016 by barbara

    It is time to keep your wardrobe well-organized by decluttering or change the way things are kept.  This will definitely reduce the time spent rummaging through your wardrobe.  Here is a good tip.


    via Pinterest

  3. Fancy Hitting The Ski Slopes This Winter? Then Head To The US!

    October 20, 2016 by barbara

    Although summer is over, that doesn’t mean that we have to wait until next year to get away. There are plenty of destinations that offer the most amazing winter breaks. Of course, the most popular winter break is skiing. Something that has gained more and more popularity over the past few years.

    Even if you’ve never hit the slopes before, skiing can make a fantastic winter break. It may be somewhat daunting putting on skies for the first time. However, skiing really is a lot of fun and is something that everyone should try at some point or another. If you’re going to go skiing, the best place to go has to be the US, as it has so many different skiing resorts to choose from.

    If the idea of going skiing sounds like it could be fun, here’s what you’ll need to do to prepare for your trip.

    Pick your travel buddies


    Photo source

    The first thing that you need to do is decide who you want to go with. It might be that you want to make it a romantic trip for yourself and your partner, or perhaps you’d prefer to travel as part of a larger group. If you decide to travel as part of a larger group, make sure to be choosy about who you invite. The last thing you want is clashing personalities ruining the trip for everyone. So make sure that everyone who wants to come along gets on well with each other.

    Book your plane ticket and get your travel documents in order


    Image credit

    Once you’ve decided which ski resort is best, the next step is to book your plane tickets and get your travel documents in order. Check that your passport is in date and has at least six months left on it – if not you will need to renew it. It’s also important to get to grips with the US entry requirements. While you may not need a visa to get into the country, you may need an ESTA. To find out more about the American ESTA requirements, take the time to do your research. This is important, as without the right documentation, you won’t be able to enter the country. It’s a good idea to also check that everyone that you’re traveling with has also got the right documentation in place.

    Research all the best resorts


    Picture link

    Once you’ve chosen your travel buddies, the next step is to research all the best resorts. The US has some amazing skiing resorts, it’s just a case of finding the one that is best suited to your budget and needs. Four of the most popular skiing destinations in the US are Lake Tahoe, Aspen, Vail, and Park City. Take a look at the facilities on offer at each resort, as well as the prices. This should give you an idea of which resort is best suited to you. Don’t forget to take the types of slopes they have into account – ideally, you want to choose a resort that has a mixture of slopes. As that way, everyone is happy.

    If you’re planning to head to the US this winter for a skiing trip, the tips above should help to make the planning process a little easier.

  4. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume for Halloween

    October 19, 2016 by barbara

    It’s only 12 days to Halloween. Are you excited? Have you got your costume ready?  Well, my kid just told me that she wants to be Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad this Halloween.  Guess what?  I don’t even know this movie.  So I had to Google to find out about Harley Quinn.  Boy, do I have to brush up on my makeup skill now.   I have to find her a wig and probably dye it too. Also on my list are the choker and the clothes.   So much to do, so little time.



  5. Turn Your Home Into Fort Knox With These Simple DIY Security Hacks Anyone Can Do!

    October 18, 2016 by barbara

    We all want to make sure our homes are secure and prevent unauthorized people from entering them. The trouble is, some folks aren’t aware of what they can do to achieve that goal. Don’t worry because there are simple home security hacks you can do yourself! DIYers, here is what you can do today:

    Upgrade your door locks

    The sad truth is that many homes get fitted with door locks that can easily get breached with little effort. If you’ve got such locks, it’s quite easy to replace them with stronger ones. Plus, it’s a job you can carry out yourself with just a set of screwdrivers!

    Install some window locks

    Does your home have sash windows? Perhaps it’s got some newer energy-efficient ones? In any event, if your windows don’t have locks on them, you can fit some yourself. The advantage of doing so is they are hard to open without a key!

    Install a security camera by your front door

    Did you know that most burglars will enter and exit a home through the front door? A security camera is a good visual deterrent. Plus, it’s a useful way of seeing who is knocking at your front door. For covert surveillance, you can fit cameras hidden inside door bells, believe it or not.

    Fit an alarm system

    Last, but not least, a fully-featured alarm system will protect your entire house. It’s also a practical way to alert nearby householders and the police of a break-in if you’re not there.

    Infographic By Choosing a home alarm system simplified

  6. Zara Kids For Fall 2016

    October 15, 2016 by barbara

    Prom Dresses London

    Zara has the most stylish clothes for kids, in my opinion.  I love buying them for my daughter.  I would get all excited when I see their latest collection every season.   The latest Fall / Winter Collection is just too adorable.  So if you are not sure what to get for your kids, nieces/nephews on their birthday, just check out Zara Kids.  Scroll down to see the ones that I like.


    Checkered skirt


    Lined top high top sneakers


    Yarn knitted hat


    Taupe grey pants


    Feather down parka

  7. An Old House At Home – Giving Your Property Some Character

    October 15, 2016 by barbara

    One of the biggest selling point that a property sells on at the moment is its character. They are even constructing new builds in the old Victorian style with high windows and iron railings. But no all of us are blessed with a characterful home from the get go. Luckily there are a few things we can do to inject a bit of personality into an otherwise blank canvas. Read on for some tips.

    Range Cooker

    Something that estate agents are always hearing is that people want a farmhouse style kitchen. A big part of that is having a massive enamelled range cooker.

    Some people prefer the more traditional wood burners, while others are happy to have one that runs on conventional power but looks the part. In combination with a rustic style kitchen, a range cooker like an Aga can go a long way in bringing some character to your home. This even works if the property is brand new.

    Attic Reading Nook

    People also seem to respond well to homes that have small, comfortable spaces in which to cosy up and relax. A perfect way of creating a space like this is to install a reading nook in the attic or loft.



    Before you start the conversion, you will need to get planning permission and make sure that the roof is in good condition. Depending on what your roof is made out of you may need to speak to a company that works with shingle repair. They can help you prevent nasty leaks in your new library.

    Once you have the basics completed, you can choose to install a skylight, bookshelves or some covered seating. Add a lamp and a seriously comfy chair to allow you to have the most comfortable and relaxing experience.

    Sunken bath

    A relatively new trend in home design is the gorgeous sunken bath. The idea is that by sinking the tub into the floor, it becomes more of a bathing pool, than a traditional bath. Some ground floors bathrooms can house dug in cobwork baths, which are full of character and luxury at the same time.

    If a cob bathing pool is a bit much for your home, then why not invest in a freestanding roll top bath. Popular in the Victorian period these are still around today and can help even the smallest room in the house be full of life and character.

    Indoor Cottage Finishes  

    It is entirely possible now to make even the newest and plainest of houses look like a country cottage from the inside. One way to do this is to have exposed brick walls. These are very popular with the industrial look as well as the country look that we see so much of at the moment.  If you cannot uncover the bricks, then you can buy brick tiles which will give you the same effect.

    You can also install fake beams on the ceilings, These give the impression of the property being a traditional oak beamed house. Perfect for hanging swag from come Christmas!

  8. Natural Soft Quality Wigs For Women

    October 14, 2016 by barbara

    There are many reasons that men and women wear wigs. Some wear it for cosplay, just for fun, to match their Halloween costume or just want to give themselves a new makeover. There are people who wear wigs for more serious reasons such as hair loss due to cancer treatment or Alopecia.  Many adults also suffer from thinning hair as they age and would want to use a wig or hairpiece as an alternative.  Wigs are great for hiding all the hair issues and for those who are bored with their look and want a change.   Do you know that wigs are great for protection too?  Some people wear wigs because they want to give their hair a break.  Their hair could have gone through a lot of stress like damaged from colouring, bleaching and heat.  Wearing a wig to protect the hair from all these will give the hair more strength.

    The best place to shop for wigs that look natural and beautiful is at  This online retail store has a huge range of wigs in an array of colours and styles.  You can find wigs for adults and children in synthetic material or human hair in different types of textures and length.  Their website is very easy to navigate and you can easily search for the different types of styles and price you are looking for.   Additionally, they are offering discounts up to 85%.

    If you are looking to transform your hair into thick and voluminous lock, then you are in luck because CocoWig has a range of cheap human-hair-extensions that are safe to wear and will definitely make heads turn.  So if you are searching for comfortable, quality and gorgeous wigs, do head over to today.   They can dramatically transform your look for a special event or a lifetime.


  9. How To Master The Flatlay For Instagram

    October 14, 2016 by barbara

    I have developed a sudden interest in flatlays lately.  I am an Instagram addict so I want my photos to look nice and pretty.  I love how the people I follow in Instagram post photos of their food, clothes and etc.  They are really inspiring.  I have been watching Youtube videos on how to get a good flatlay.  I got myself a white board, wooden desk and pallet to be used as background for my theme.   Some of the tips that I have learnt are :-

    1)  Always take photos in natural light i.e. in the morning or afternoon.

    2)  Leave enough space between objects to balance out the image.

    3)  Pick a theme

    4)  Get as high up as possible to shoot the flatlay.  Climb on a chair if you must.

    5)  Try different layout

    6)  Use props that are related or add colours to the flatlay.



    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

  10. Fun Ideas To Celebrate Halloween With The Whole Family

    October 13, 2016 by barbara

    Halloween is fast approaching. For those who are unaware, it happens to be on the 31st October. This year it falls on a Monday, so no doubt there will be some celebrations over the weekend. Halloween is one of those holidays that is just starting to become something in the UK. Sure children use to knock on doors trick or treating, but now there is more decorations and ideas out there on how to celebrate the spooky holiday. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some fun ideas the whole family can get involved in.



    Organise a party

    A great way to celebrate halloween, is to organise a party. It’s one of those things that lots of people will enjoy getting involved in. From deciding what you will wear to how you decorate the party location. Thankfully, there is plenty of inspirational ideas on websites like Pinterest. However, make sure you get those halloween invites out in plenty of time to ensure that you have plenty of guests to celebrate with. It’s a great way for the whole family to be involved and offers a safe environment for young children to celebrate as well.  

    Make your halloween costumes instead of buying them

    Another family friendly activity you can do together is to create your halloween costumes from scratch. Instead of just buying them from a local store. While store bought costumes are time saving and often great, you might find that your children and even yourselves match in with someone else. So be a little unique. It’s a great way to pass the time together while doing something crafty. There are plenty of tutorials online if you are unsure where to start.

    Co-ordinate your halloween costumes

    It may seem a little corny, but there is a trend sweeping the nation where families co-ordinate their halloween costumes. I think they look fantastic and it’s a great way to be involved in something together. Whether you decide to create something or just head to a shop and buy some costumes, matching makes you look that little bit different.



    Go trick or treating

    It’s possibly the most common and popular way to celebrate halloween but it’s still a firm favourite for all the family. However, it might be worth getting your heads together with others on the street and organising it a little better. A great idea would be to post an envelope through the doors of anyone you may wish to trick or treat that evening. Include in it an item that you could distinguish that they are happy to be disturbed that night. It could be to hang a balloon or display a piece of ribbon. That way you leave the people alone who don’t want to be involved and get some great treats out of it.

    Make and bake halloween treats

    Finally, it’s not just about the dressing up and sweets, you could also make and bake some halloween inspired treats. From rice krispie pumpkins to ghostly biscuits. There are plenty of ideas you could come up with.

    I hope these fun ideas have inspired you to have fun this halloween.