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  1. Affordable And Trendy Eyeglasses Online

    April 2, 2018 by barbara

    Those who wear glasses know how painful the process of finding a new pair is.  After picking out a pair of frames, the store staff may be rushing you to decide.  It can surprisingly become expensive no matter what kind of sales is going on.

    Fortunately, there is a great solution to paying outrageous prices when shopping for new eyewear.  We can now buy them online. Yes, you heard correctly, you can now pick out new glasses and save money.  Best thing is that you do not even have to leave your home.  Everything is just a few clicks away and your eyeglasses will be delivered to your doorstep.

    Do you know that buying glasses online is 70% cheaper than buying from a brick-and-mortar store? This is because of low overhead, online eyeglass retailers can offer more designs and more colors at better prices.  So if you are considering buying online, this site is our top pick-  This leading online retailer which has its own frames rather than carrying traditional designer brands is fast becoming a favorite for stylish and affordable eyeglasses.  Their website is easy to use and there is a step-by-step guide to help order.

    At, you can find many retro eyewear such as Cat Eye Glasses that were made fashionable by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and many other famous women of their time.

    Another old school but cool eyeglasses are the Browline Glasses.  These glasses create the perfect fusion of retro and modern feel which are perfect for any styles and occasions.  Inspired by the fashions of the 50’s and 60’s, this style has made a comeback many times since it was first unveiled in the 1980’s. has a lot going for it.  They believe that quality eyewear should be accessible and most importantly, affordable for everyone.  Zeelool’s customer service is personable, quick and reliable.  They have a 30-day warranty period from the day you received your glasses.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it to them.  This company offers a huge selection of lens coatings, including scratch-resistant and anti-smudge options.

    Whether you are looking for wayfarer, geometric or cat eye frames, Zeelool is your one-stop online optical shop.  Zeelool is certain to be your favorite online store for all your eyeglasses need.

    Affordable And Trendy Eyeglasses Online

  2. H&M 2018 Spring Collection For Kids

    April 2, 2018 by barbara

    Here is a very cool video of H&M’s new spring collection for children.  Love it!

    Spring Kids

    It's Saturday, can you feel the good vibes? 😀 Missed our surprise Kids dance performance yesterday? Keep a look out as you might be able to catch more dance performances at our #HMMalaysia stores in Klang Valley today and tomorrow! #HMKids Shop our Kids Spring Fashion collection in stores or online now:

    Posted by H&M on 16hb Mac 2018

  3. 15 Ways to Modernize Your Home’s Style

    April 2, 2018 by barbara

    The epitome of modern design is in the details, or rather, the lack of details. Modern design embraces straight lines, streamlined furniture, clean and clutter-free décor and a neutral palette. Bought a house for sale in Bintulu that is decorated in the austere and traditional? Throw the ornateness out the window and embrace the minimalism that comes with the modern design style.

    1. The antidote to overdone

    Modern design is an antithesis movement to traditional design. Replace the overdone with clean lines and a simple neutral color palette. Keep decorating pared-down and to a minimum. Embrace open floor plans with a single focal point, such as a large black mantle that contrasts dramatically against the bright grey walls of your space.

    2. Pay attention to shape

    Modern design values strong geometric shapes. Think of squares and rectangles. Bold, straight lines are the hallmark of modern design. Think of a cube-shaped house, or rectangular space. The minimalist look of a bright white palette has brought the four-walled white box look back into fashion.

    3. Styled in simplicity

    Minimalism equals modernism. They go hand in hand together. Look for furniture pieces that lack ornamentation. Think of the bare necessities and embrace function over form. Sometimes, the barest essential is all that is to it to a modern design. Think of a hardwood floors combined with low, neutral furniture and clean white walls to emulate a Sparta space.

    4. High contrast, high style

    Restraint is the key towards successful modern design. However, this does not mean your space has to be boring. Pick a couple of high contrast colors and stick to it. For example, pair the white walls of your kitchen with black cabinetry and countertops. Incorporate a sleek black island clad with a white waterfall countertop. Restrained palettes and repeated materials can be utilized well to create a modern space that not only high in contrast but also high in style.

    5. Keep it classic

    Modern style does not have to equal futuristic and trendy. Although modern design is the polar opposite of traditional style, it can be equally as timeless. Straight lines, a neural palette and iconic pieces can be characteristics that are easily adaptable. Thus, modern design is more than just a flash in the pan. In essence, it stays true to its roots and does not change with the times.

    6. Fashionable finishes

    Glass and stainless steel go hand in hand as must-have materials when going for a modern design aesthetic. Think about pairing sleek black cabinets with white countertops. Incorporate this bare canvas with stainless steel fixtures and hardware.

    7. Purposeful design

    If simplicity is right up your alley, then modern design is the design style that is truly for you. Modern design is all about making deliberate choices for design with a purpose. Keep an eye out for furniture pieces that really stand on their own and make a major impact.

    8. Seamless integration

    Modern design eschews any unnecessary detailing. Think about polished and clutter-free surfaces, straight edges and sharp angles. For example, have the rigid lines of your sleek white kitchen cabinets meet a square or rectangle stainless steel range hood. Play around with details within the boundaries of a streamlined concept. A waterfall countertop is a quirky and elegant detail that adds flow to the space while maintaining the style.

    9. Keep only the essentials

    Modern design is minimal in essence. Keep design and décor spare and streamlined. Get rid of any of the flourishes as it only interferes with the sense of calm and peace your minimal design emits. For example, think of simple deep-seated furniture made of luxurious materials. Make it all about function over form.

    10. Serene nature-inspired styling

    Just because modern design embraces clean and clutter-free, doesn’t mean it always has to be industrial looking. Bring in a touch of nature into your space. Materials such as wood are good for modern design. Ground your white neutral walls with hardwood floors. Add sleek walnut furniture to add a touch of warmth to your space.

    11. Polished metals bring shine

    Reflective surfaces are hallmarks of modern design. However, in contrast to warmer metals such as copper, bronze or gold that are often used in traditional design, go for cooler metals such as stainless steel or chrome. Incorporate it as a chic backsplash, or as cabinet pulls and storage canisters. Repetition is an often-used method of tying in a modern space.

    12. Throw a curve

    While rectangle and squares are shapes that usually dominate modern design, throw your space a curve and add in other simple shapes. A cool grouping of spherical pendant lights can also add an asymmetrical balance to your space. Just remember to keep the shapes simple and fuss-free.

    13. Clutter-free living

    Clean and unadorned are the décor keywords in any modern space. Allow the focus of the room to be on the furniture. Keep your walls unadorned, or if you must, hang only singular pieces of artwork. Keep your color palette neutral and add in pops of color here and there to up the punch factor.

    14. Less is more

    The less is more mentality works very well with modern design. The use of a neutral palette, an uncluttered space and sleek materials open up the space. Sleek lines and straight surfaces guide the eye further. It allows the eye to move throughout the room without interruption, bringing a sense of peace and calm to the eyes of the beholder.

    15. Keep it simple

    Whenever you choose something for your space, think about whether it is the simplest thing you can choose. For example, instead of a row of balustrades, incorporate glass dividers as stair rails.

  4. Pretty Bags For Spring 2018

    March 28, 2018 by barbara

    Want to know what is the season’s hottest bag trend?  Straw bags are the latest craze and I just cannot resist them.  If you do not want to pay the price of a designer straw bag, not to worry because there are plenty of lovely options at a more affordable price.  Take your pick below :-
      Mini Ark Bag from Nordstrom
    Priro Woven Straw Tote from Nordstrom
    Round Fringe Tote with Pom Pom from Revolve
     Love them.  Have you found any cute bags for spring! Please share.

  5. Zara Pearl Mules

    March 24, 2018 by barbara

    Have y’all checked out Zara’s Pearl Mules that is taking the fashion influencers’ world by storm?  Bloggers, Influencers To Fashion Editors are going ga ga over it. This pair of mules feature a pointed toe, scalloped straps and oversized pearl beads.  Bloggers such as Rosie Connolly has been spotted wearing the open back mules.

    The slider has been tipped as the must-have shoes of the season by fashion sites like Teen Vogue.  This pair of Zara mules bears a striking resemblance to the £456 mules by Coliac.

    At less than $60 a pair, they are pretty affordable and are a great addition to your Spring wardrobe. Pair them with denim, shirt dresses or more.

    Can’t wait to get your hands on these $60 babies? Head over to Zara.

  6. The Coolest Wig Trend For Women

    March 22, 2018 by barbara

    Flashback to many years ago, women bought wigs secretly to hide hair loss.  Fast forward, wearing wigs is no longer a taboo. Many women buy wigs to conceal extreme hair loss or just to change their look. Wigs, clip-in bangs and extensions are now very popular for those who want to change and play with their looks, just the same way as how they are accessorizing with make-up and handbags.

    Women are now inspired by celebrities and supermodels like Vanessa Hudgens who was spotted in short bob wigs in a number of occasions.  Wigs are suddenly the new source of beauty inspiration.  Choosing a wig is a fun and exciting experience.  There are so many styles, textures, colors and cut to choose from.  I have been toying with the idea of getting a wig myself because I have always wanted to know whether I would look good in another style.   I have always had shoulder length hair and since I am constantly on the go because I run, I would choose a short bob wig.  It is easier to maintain and also easier to wear. It would also be fun to transform my hair instantly.  Hey, opting for a shorter hair does not mean it will lack a style.  A short bob wig is super chic. This classic style can beautifully frame the jawline and it is a look that is making a hot comeback this year.   I like the length of a short bob because it is ideal for the warm summer months and does not keep too much heat, and air circulates very well.

    Love this glamorous straight bob lace wig.  It has a smooth texture and a nice front bang.

    The perfect place to shop for wigs would be at This leading hair store has a wide assortment of beautiful and natural-looking hairpieces.  Their wigs are can be dyed in whatever color we are interested in if we are bored with one color and need a change.  Right now, is offering free shipping to anywhere in the world.   As the market leader in wigs,  they are committed to offering customers the best selection of styles and colors and at competitive prices that are a great value.

    This is one of the human hair lace front wigs that caught my eyes when I was checking out Mulanwigs.

    2018 is the time to be brave and embrace a super short bob hairstyle.  A wig is the best option if we want to do something dramatic without the commitment.  Some people look great in bobs, while others do better with lifting styles.  If you are not sure whether a short bob suits you or otherwise, head over to and check them out.

  7. Sarah Jessica Parker + Gap Kids Collaboration

    March 22, 2018 by barbara

    Have you all checked out Sarah Jessica Parker’s GapKids collection?  The spring collection takes inspiration from Parker’s tradition of saying ‘rabbit rabbit’ for good luck at the beginning of each month.  The lovely collection includes lots of floral prints, gingham and not forgetting, illustrations of cute bunnies.  Our favorites are :

    Embroidery Pink Cardigan

    Bunny Straw Bag

    Graphic T Shirt

    Eyelet Gingham Top

  8. Mother’s Day Treat For Fashionista Moms

    March 21, 2018 by barbara

    Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences of life.  When the baby comes along, all your attention is focussed on keeping the baby well and happy.  Mothers,  while ensuring that all the baby’s needs are met, tend to forget that they too need extra care and nurturing.   Mother’s Day is a few week’s away and it is always lovely to receive cards and flowers from our family but what do mums really want to do on this special day?  How about rewarding yourself?  It would be great to have one day to give yourself a feel-good boost.

    Bring out the fashionista in you by dressing up.  It is a small step to indulge yourself and keep your moods lifted.  There is no better way than some retail therapy with online shopping.  Take a look at the latest hot sexy party dresses to look good and feel great.  Splurge on something beautiful to give yourself a treat.

    Comfort is the key to looking and feeling fabulous.  If you are not into dresses, get yourself one or more fashion ladies blouses online.

    This beautiful white flare sleeve lace blouse is just perfect when paired with a wide-legged denim.

    We all know that being a mom is not always the most glamorous job.  Therefore, take Mother’s Day as your opportunity to glam up your fabulous side.  Whether you are working on a new trend or going with your classic look this Mother’s Day, your outfit plays a big role in helping you feel your best.  Check out Yoins Mother Day Sale, a fashion retailer who is here to make women look and feel beautiful.

  9. Shopping Quotes

    March 21, 2018 by barbara

    We can certainly relate to this shopping quote!  Nothing a bit of shopping can’t fix.

  10. Latest Spring Fashion Trend 2018

    March 21, 2018 by barbara

    Spring is finally here.  Nothing anticipates the arrival of the sunny warmer weather like some fun spring dresses.  Well, maybe the weather is still a bit nippy and not really the time yet to stow away your coats though. However, there is no better time to stock up on the season’s trendy dresses.  The Spring Summer Fashion trend is a fabulous mixture of floral, pastel and sequins. From cool florals to sexy lace dresses, the fresh options are endless.  It is time to prep your wardrobe now so that you are not left behind.  The best online store to awaken your wardrobe dresses is at Zaful.  You can find the perfect dresses for any occasions at Zaful.

    To simplify the shopping process (while keeping you within budget), we have rounded up some the season’s best dresses with the chicest styles.

    Put a spring in your step with mermaid dresses like the one above.

    Floral prints have been spotted on the streets of New York, Milan and Paris.  Maximize your style with zaful tea dresses like the long sleeve floral dress above.

    Spring is also the prom season.  There is no better time than now to start shopping for the perfect prom dresses. At, you can find an extensive collection of elegant prom and formal dresses.  Check out more boho prom dresses like the one below.

    There is no shortage of sweet spring dresses at  So hurry and check them out today and stay on-trend this season.