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  1. Rattan Statement Necklace Trend 2018

    November 19, 2018 by barbara

    I love everything that is made from straw or rattan.   Whether it is a tote bag, slides, platform sneakers, belt bags, hats, I love them all!  Well, although we are in the last quarter of the year, the woven statement earrings trend is still going strong.  These earrings have a vacation vibe to them.  They are ultra lightweight and can be easily worn all day.

    Check out this pair of cute Bali Striped Rattan earrings from

    More eclectic rattan earrings from

    So it’s time to add a statement to your look with earrings. Happy Shopping!

  2. Fashionable Clothes For Children

    November 9, 2018 by barbara

    I follow a number of fashion influencers on Instagram and one of my favorites is Eva Chen.  I find her to be very real and I love reading about her adorable children, Ren and Tao.   Eva Chen is also the Director of Fashion for Instagram.  I am delighted to know that Eva has partnered with children’s fashion brand, Janie and Jack and came out with a whimsical collection of clothing, shoes and accessories.  This collection is inspired by Eva’s first children’s book, Juno Valentine and The Magical Shoes where the main character, Juno is a fashionable young girl who travels through space in search of her shoes.   Juno steps into the shoes of many women icons such as Frida Kahlo to Lady Gaga while in her quest to find her missing shoes.

    This capsule has over 30 pieces for children and is available from 6 months – 12 months through 12 years old. Here are some of my favorite looks :- check out the white canvas sneaker where kids can DIY their own sneakers with markers and fun patches for decorating.  This is to encourage children to express their creativity.


  3. Update Your Look For Less With Synthetic Wigs

    November 7, 2018 by barbara

    The colors of the leaves are changing and falling and this means that it is fall! That may also mean that you are switching out your summer wardrobe of shorts and tee tops for your fall and winter wardrobe of jeans, tights, boots, and sweaters. If you are changing your clothes and would like to update your look for the season, why not consider wearing a wig? It is so easy to go from a bob to mermaid-length hair overnight or you want to sport a pastel shade on the weekends, it has never been easier to experiment with fake hair.  Celebrities such as Beyonce is the queen of changing her hair length and color.

    Finding a wig does not have to be overwhelming. If you are losing your hair due to cancer, alopecia, chemotherapy treatments or other medical conditions, or when you are ready to try a new style, head straight to  This online store has a wide range of quality synthetic wigs and they take a great deal of pride in finding just the right color and fit to best suit your needs. They have one of the largest selections of styles such as synthetic lace front wigs and many more.

    Many people tend to think that human hair wig offers a more natural look than a synthetic wig.  That is simply not the case. has the best synthetic wigs that are indistinguishable in appearance.  Synthetic wigs require very little styling as they retain their shapes easily.  Just spritz the wig with a spray bottle of water and the hair will return to its original style.,/p>

    Another pertinent point to consider when updating your wig is what is your style or what style do you want.  Maybe you just want something a little different, like an ombre wig or some layers. When considering a new color, also consider your skin tone and try to stay close (if you’re going for a natural look). Darker tends to be easier to pull off in the fall and winter. If you’re changing the style, especially around your face, consider the shape of your face to help you pick a complimentary style.

    If you would like to consider blonde wigs, then has got you covered.  A blonde wig can be glamorous or playful and carefree.  They remain one of the favorites among women. Blonde wigs from Everydaywigs are very soft, natural looking and they match all occasions.</p.

    So if you would like to change your look every now and then but do want your hair to go through any harsh conditions from perming and coloring, a quality synthetic wig is what you need.  With wigs, the options are limitless.

  4. Lacoste Collaboration With Disney

    November 6, 2018 by barbara

    Time to get sporty and cute.  Lacoste has paired up with Disney for a new collection that celebrates two milestones for each brand. It is Mickey’s 90th this year, and Lacoste is celebrating its 85th anniversary as well.  The timing to collaborate is just perfect and fun.   We will be seeingLacoste’s tennis heritage blending in with bespoke designs of Mickey and Minnie.  There are at least 30 pieces of clothing, sneakers and leather goods in this collection. Lacoste’s signature polos will be featuring Mickey and Minnie, along with the sweatshirts, tees, and accessories for both adults and kids alike.

  5. Jeulia Handcrafted Bridal Ring Sets 2018

    October 26, 2018 by barbara

    Wedding rings are meaningful, expensive and a once in a lifetime purchase (hopefully).  Over recent years, buying wedding rings on the internet has become widely acceptable, safe and the process is simple.   We all know online shopping is a Godsend because you can get everything without leaving the couch. When shopping online, you can find a curated selection of pieces tailored to your budget and style preferences and all in a few clicks.  If you are set on getting a ring online, the most important thing to do is exercise caution while searching. Make sure you are working with a reputable jeweler such as Jeulia.

    This leading jeweler store has an impressive range of wedding ring sets that are designed and handcrafted in-house at their state-of-the-art studio.  Every piece is beautifully custom-made using only the most precious metals and finest quality stones to bring it to life.  They have a talented team of designers and caring craftsmen who work in tandem to bring the highest quality jewelry to their customers.

    Ring sets are available in a wide variety of looks, so it is important to consider your sense of style. If you prefer an understated elegance, solitaire rings are a perfect choice. A white gold set adds a little more flair for someone who likes an extra dose of sparkle.

    Vintage wedding ring sets are great for those who want a traditional and classic look.  So whether you are looking for engagement rings, wedding sets or mens jewelry, Jeulia has everything you need for the big day. They are committed to helping you purchase the right piece of jewelry to be cherished for a lifetime.  Right now Jeulia is offering some lightning deals at great discounts.  Be sure to go over and check them out now.  You do not want to miss this great offer!


  6. Where To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

    October 23, 2018 by barbara

    Any kind of eyeglasses, whether they are optical glasses with prescriptions or fashion frames would give the wearer a smart and sexy look.  Frames are not just the tool for poor eyesight.  They are, after all, a fashion statement too.  It is very common and natural that people shop for new glasses frame to add to their wardrobe.

    Are you looking for prescription glasses online or just a fashion frame to boost your style?  If your answer is yes, then you must check out, a leading online eyeglasses retailer.  Buying glasses online is very convenient and most of all, very affordable too. provides high-quality eyewear and something for everyone. Their frames are fairly inexpensive and there are hundreds of styles to choose from.

    The process of ordering is fairly easy.  First, choose your frame, fill in your prescription type and submit the information.  Then choose the lens type and select the thickness of your lens.  You can also choose to add-on anti-reflective coating if you like. The last step is to click Check Out.  Easy peasy right?

    Do you know that at Voogueme, you can actually try adjusting eyeglass frames before you place your order?  Once you have selected the frame that you like, you can see a little button with the words “Try On”.  Click on it and you can select the different model to try on the frame.  You can even upload your own photo on this virtual server to see how you would look with the said frame. How awesome is that?

    If you are looking for something trendy, comfortable and functional, then do check out the round tortoiseshell glasses.  They are hippy, preppy and definitely a timeless piece of accessory.  Tortoiseshell glasses are trending right now and they complement any outfit.  They are an instant eye-catcher and suitable for any occasion.  Forget about boring brown.  You can find a splash of other colours such as green, black, orange, red, honey and clear acetate.  You can be sure to find one that is perfect for your skin tone and hair.  There are no accessory more versatile than the tortoise eyeglasses.   Wear a white top with denim for a casual look or dress them up for a night on the town with a dress and high heels. is a great place for people looking to expand their eyewear collections without breaking the bank. They have an amazing selection of styles that you would not find anywhere else.  Right now Voogueme is offering a great discount.  Buy 1 and get the 2nd frame at 50% off.  Shipping is free for orders over $59. So hurry and swing by this eyewear retailer and do some shopping now.

  7. Vera Wang Collaboration With Chow Tai Fook Jewellery

    October 15, 2018 by barbara

    Vera Wang is collaborating with the famous Chinese fine jewelry company,  Chow Tai Fook Jewellery.  The line of fine jewelry is called the Vera Wang Love collection and is set to launch on October 19 of this year in mainland China.

    This new collection features pieces that were designed to target the modern Chinese brides. it will include 18-karat gold and platinum wedding bands, engagement rings and precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires.  The price starts at $400.

    The collection with the Chinese-American designer will make its debut at Chow Tai Fook stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Hong Kong.


    image via fashionnetwork

  8. Best Red Carpet Looks At The American Music Awards

    October 10, 2018 by barbara

    The American Music Awards, one of the biggest events for the music industry was held on October 9th at the Microsoft Theater.  Stars shimmered on the red carpet and black and gold was a favorite color combination.  Bold florals took center stage too.  Here are some of my favorite look from the glamorous look  :-


    Taylor Swift in a metallic dress.  Check out those statement earrings.

    Constance Wu in a multi-colored sequin dress.

    Jennifer Lopez in a hot pink dress.

  9. Current Love – Neck Scarf

    September 27, 2018 by barbara

    I like to think of neck scarf as an alternative to statement necklace or choker.  Neck scarf can definitely elevate a look.  Whether you are wearing a round neck top, boat neck, turtleneck or shirt, you can definitely add a scarf around your neck for a much-needed boost.   Scarves have a similar effect of drawing attention to the face.

    There are many ways you can tie the scarf such as the classic neck knot, bandana bib or loop tie.

    It is a perfect way how to complete a look.

  10. Why Every Girl Wants A Gold Diamond Ring

    August 14, 2018 by barbara

    Wouldn’t it be nice to kneel down and give the girl you love a gold morganite wedding set? Every girl would want to be in her place of course. When it is time to propose, guys should make an effort and look for a ring that she will absolutely love. And no ring is better than a gold diamond ring because of the exquisite style and great value that it brings. It would be a dream come true to own one and it would be perfect for special occasions like this. And girls if ever you receive one from your man then you know that he is a keeper. That means he will do everything just to have you.

    There are so many reasons why gold diamond rings are very special. One is hat it signifies unending love and commitment. And there is a saying that diamonds are forever so that simply means that the guy is truly sincere about wanting to marry you. That is really flattering for women. Moreover, we know that diamonds are great accent to jewelry so anyone who is wearing one will definitely look attractive. Several factors should also be considered when you are buying one. It does not matter if it is for the engagement or wedding because they are even perfect for both.

    You can purchase this sophisticate gold diamond matching wedding bands his and hers in some jewelry shops or if you do not have time to do so, then search online because there a lot of websites that provide people with a lot of jewelry options including this one. Sometimes jewelry shops also feature the items that they are selling online to make it more convenient for the buyers plus it will also avoid the guy to get into trouble by getting spotted by his girlfriend if he shops offline. You no longer have to worry because the Internet is making this easier for you so you can go on with your plans.

    There actually two kinds of diamond ring-the modern and traditional one but many women nowadays prefer a more modern and sophisticated look so if you do not know which one to choose then opt for a gold pear shaped moissanite engagement ring. You will never go wrong this and this is also ideal for whatever occasions and purpose you intend to give this as a present. It is no surprise that once she opens that small box, her eyes will grow wide and face light up because any girl dreams to have one in moments like this.