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  1. Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    May 15, 2013 by barbara

    Out of ideas what to get the man in the house a gift? Well here are a few items which you may like.

    Toolbelt Apron

    Baconnaise, A bacon flavoured spread

    Chewbacca Bathrobe for the die-hard Star Wars fan.

    All the above quirky gifts are available at Perpetual Kid.

  2. Wall Decals For Kitchen

    May 11, 2013 by barbara

    Oh look what I have found? Some very cute wall decals for the kitchen. These whimsical illustration are by Grace Lee at The Wall Sticker Company. They are great for the blank space you have above your counter top or somewhere near the stove.  This is the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen space.   The Kitchen by Grace Lee Stickers are removable and movable over and over.


  3. Clarks New Arrival

    May 7, 2013 by barbara

    Have you checked out Clarks shoes this season?  I was at their shop last weekend and spotted a few pairs that I really like.  I love their wedges and I have been thinking if I should get a pair eventhough I have another pair of wedge which I haven’t worn yet.  It feels pretty uncomfortable when standing for some time so I think I may need to get the spenco insoles from  I could not resist not buying that pair of wedge because it was on sale.  Now, back to Clarks.  I am also looking at some flats for my next vacation.  This little beauty just caught my eyes.



    Indira Rue in Teal Leather

  4. recycled love

    May 2, 2013 by barbara

    Do you know what is this?

    Is it a bag?

    Well the truth is that these are flower pots made from recycled advertising tarpaulins.  These Otra flower pots are designed to be hung on balcony guardrails and they consist of only one material.  All you need to do when assembling is just fold it.  Easy peasy.  So if you are looking for ways to brighten up your balcony, get a few of these pretty recycled Otra Flower pots.

  5. Who Has Money to Waste on Overpriced Tattoo Equipment?

    April 28, 2013 by barbara

    Who you know has a a lot of open extra money? I can’t think of anyone, no less than not anyone I realize personally. Major league baseball players are doing alright. But unless you’re an experienced athlete, you’re probably – at all like me – always trying to find a bargain. That’s why if you’re looking to get into tattooing and require some cheap tattoo equipment or tattoo practice skin, just check out The web site is fantastic, with everything you will or could need, and at an excellent price, too. I’ve shopped around, and also you save a whole lot going to this site, as opposed to a physical store where there’s gonna be mark up for the middle men and middle women. Sure, they have to make a buck, too, nonetheless they might as well take that from someone else and leave you using your money that you earned. Seems only fair. If you’re a novice, get a gun here, if you’re an expert, upgrade your materials. When some potential client coming in thinking of getting his first, or her third, or his twentieth tattoo, you’re going to want to display the very best equipment you will discover.

    Also put up a lot of pictures of past work you’ve done, or have a binder and print the pictures out very nice and put them within. Put the binder in the waiting room so people are able to see you’re legit. Even if you’re not. But if you’re not legit, then all the more reason why you need good equipment. Good equipment will go a long way – let’s put it this way, the tattoos I make now are far more advanced than the ones I used to make back from the day. Anyone who’s seeking to get into the art, and also at an affordable rate, owes it privately to check out every one of the equipment and supplies you may get at the LA Shop. You’ll be blown away about what you may get for how little you can find it. Then target your craft this will let you blast.

  6. Floral Paper Straws

    April 24, 2013 by barbara

    Just came across some really nice paper straws again. Oh how I love them. If you don’t know by now, I am quite smitten with paper straws. I saw these beautiful floral ones at  Check them out soon if you would like something unique for your party.  If you are like me who just cannot get enough of paper straws, get some for your collection.

  7. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    April 20, 2013 by barbara

    I saw these lovely hand-painted enamel floral tumblers at  These colourful tumblers have a Asian-touch to them.  They come in a set of 4 and are made from recycled aluminum and are hand painted by artisans in India. Besides adding a festive touch to any parties or dinner table, these floral tumblers are great as Mother’s Day gift.  I would love to get a few (dropping big hints).

  8. Spring Cleaning Time

    April 13, 2013 by barbara

    Spring is the time for many homes to open up the window and let the fresh air comes in.  Many people I know would take this opportunity to do some spring cleaning and decluttering.  I am in the mood for some organizing around the house and was looking at The Container Store for some ideas.   Found a few interesting storage items which I can surely use.


    4-Tier Slim Cart

    Como Over The Door Shoe Bag

    Bamboo Weave Bin which are great for toys, remote controls or craft supplies.


  9. A garden wedding

    April 9, 2013 by barbara

    So I was invited to a lovely garden wedding last weekend.  It was the wedding of my dear friend’s sister.  The venue was decorated with lots of yellow, white and green shades.  It was pretty shabby chic and I spotted many cute planters like the one shown in the photo below.   There was a live band at the wedding with the musicians on classic banjo, drums and more.  After the wedding ceremony, the guests danced the night away.  It was a beautiful wedding.


     Photo via


  10. Paper Straws For Parties

    April 5, 2013 by barbara

    I have been seeing these paper straws everywhere nowadays.  They seem to be the rage right now.   I guess it all started with Pinteres and everyone is looking for these paper straws for their parties.  There are so many things you can do with them besides drinking.  I have seen them on cakes for hanging buntings.  These colourful paper straws are sure to add some retro charm to the party. Get a few of them in different designs for your special occasion.