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  1. Current Love – Crossbody Bags

    November 8, 2015 by barbara

    I am on the lookout for a bag that would fit all my essentials without weighing me down.  I am getting shoulder pains from carrying around my things in a shoulder bag.  That is why my current obsession is Crossbody bags.  I love the idea of not having to lug a bag around my arm and that it can keep my hands free.  It would definitely lessen the strain on my shoulders and gives me better posture.  Spotted these beauties at Madewell.  Time for some shopping.


    Glasgow crossbody bag


    Zip transport tote

  2. How To Find Your Clothing Style

    November 5, 2015 by barbara

    Honing in on the clothing style that suits you best is a unique challenge that we all face at some point in our lives. Since you can always save money on new clothes by using coupons from and other online couponing services that allow you to shop for less at various stores, such as Kohl’s, the temptation to keep collecting new pieces is always there. But by following these simple tips, you can find your clothing style with minimal damage to your wallet!

    Discover Your Signature Look

    Knowing your own style and what your signature look entails goes a long way. Go through your favorite magazines and find images that inspire you. Take the time to shop at your favorite brick and mortar stores, as well as your chosen online boutiques and make yourself a wish list. Are you someone who is all about the trends or do you favor a more classic look? Do you like loud, vibrant colors or are you more of an earth tone type? If you have style icons that you appreciate, take some cues from them.


    Get Rid Of Old Clothes

    We tend to hang on to clothes for far too long under the guise of being able to wear that “someday”. Many stylists often propose a one year rule in these instances, saying that it is best to get rid of pieces that you have not worn within the last calendar year. Even clothes that you wear once in a while need to get the boot. By organizing your closet, you are able to define your style and stick to it, like a true fashion icon!

    Buy The Right Fit

    The best way to ensure a truly flattering wardrobe is to purchase items of proper fit and proportion. Do not dress for the size you might be one day and fall into patterns of wishful thinking. By choosing the wrong choices, like those that buckle and pull, you can inadvertently tack on extra pounds. When purchasing clothes, a person needs to consider their figure and buy clothing that showcases their best attributes.

    Know The Colors That Work For You

    Every color doesn’t work for everyone. During the color scheme decision process, the skin tone, hair color and eye color all need to be heavily considered. For example, those who have blonde hair and pale skin tend to look their best in saturated bright colors, such as emerald green. Warmer and darker tones do well with colors like olive green and turquoise.

    Get A Great Haircut

    A great haircut is the glue that holds your sartorial decisions together. It is the one accessory that you cannot get rid of. You will want to choose a hair style that is most flattering to your particular facial features and there may be a little bit of trial and error involved in this process, but when you get it right you’ll know the effect was worth it!

  3. Stylish Way To Wear Statement Necklace With Tees

    November 2, 2015 by barbara

    Statement necklaces are great to enhance your wardrobe.  I am a big fan, if you don’t know already. When you pair your statement necklace with a basic tee, it can instantly change your outfit from drab to fab.  It is fashionable and effortless chic. Here are some inspiration on how to wear them.




  4. Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can DIY

    October 29, 2015 by barbara

    Halloween is just days away.  Have you got your costumes all ready for this day?  If you are still not sure what to dress up as or do not have time to look shop for one, well have no fear.  Check out these Halloween costume ideas that you can DIY.


    Bank robber via


    Your favourite e-card via


    Wind up key via


    Grumpy Cat via


    Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction via

  5. Puffed Sleeve Style 2016

    October 26, 2015 by barbara

    One of the latest trends that I really love are tops with puffed sleeves.  There is just something special about these sleeves that I cannot ignore.  They are making a huge comeback this Fall/Winter as well as Spring 2016.   Would you wear them?



  6. How To Find An Evening Dress?

    October 22, 2015 by barbara

    Parties are a plenty this coming holiday season.  Dressing up for the holidays is part and parcel of the joy of this season.  I know that to many people, figuring out what to wear on an average day is hard enough.  So when you received an invitation to the parties this year end, you go to figure out what exactly does it it say on the invite. Black-tie? Casual chic? Semi-Formal? Is it going to be held at a fancy restaurant or the hotel ballroom?  Most often guests are left wondering what styles fit well and fit within a certain dress code.  Formal dresses or evening wear must be chosen with care and with consideration given to the event’s dress code.

    When you receive an invitation to a Black Tie Affair, then you know it is time to pull out all the stops for your outfit on that evening.  Evening dresses are meant to be worn for formal events and it is best to go with a floor-length dress in gorgeous satin, taffeta or beaded.  Accessorize with a dramatic necklace or dangling earrings but remember, don’t wear both.  If you are not sure, it is best to wear diamond drop earrings or a pearl necklace.  Do not forget to get yourself a nice clutch too.  Cheap evening dresses from ihomecoming allows you to make an entrance that will definitely catch the eye of everyone in the room.


    If the invite states cocktail, this means an elegant party dress with killer heels.  You may want to turn to lace or chiffon fabric with two inches above the knee hemline.  As for Festive dress code, this means bold colours, jewelry and sparkly details. You can spot this dress code on invitations for holiday parties and hence, it is safe to go deck out in a vibrant dress, statement necklaces, red heels or glittery clutch.


    The size and fit are important and must be chosen carefully.  An ill-fitting dress may result in discomfort and dishevelled appearance.   Colour is also important as inappropriate choice may clash with the person’s complexion. Many have a tight budget but not everyone is able to choose the best apparel despite spending a substantial amount of time and money on it.  Therefore it is advisable to spend some time to learn more about evening party dresses.

    So if you are going to attend a party of family gathering this coming December, you may want to consider Ihomecoming affordable evening dresses for the special occasion.  You can get all the perks of shopping minus the hassle.   Don’t forget to get the right makeup and hairstyle and together with the stunning evening dresses, you would look absolutely ravishing and trendy.

  7. Zara Fall/Winter 2015

    October 16, 2015 by barbara

    Have you all checked out Zara?  I am over the moon with their collection.  Currently I am so in love with these :-

    Love the lace cross back


    Flared culottes. I want one in this shade!


    Denim culottes


    This top is in my wishlist!


  8. Blackheads Removal You Can Do At Home

    October 11, 2015 by barbara

    Don’t we all hate those nasty blackheads on our face?  I get blackheads on my nose and my cheeks. What about you?  Here are a few ways we can get rid of them easily :-


    1)   Facial steam your face every week as it is great for opening the skin pores.  You can do that by placing your face over a bowl of hot water for 15 minutes.  This make it easier to squeeze out the blackheads.

    2)  You can try a homemade peel off mask by mixing half a cup of lemon juice, orange juice or tomato juice and a pack of gelatin.  Heat up this mixture in a microwave for 15 seconds.  Let is set for about 5 minutes.  Then brush it lightly on your face with a makeup brush.  Then peel it off when it dries.

    3)  Another way is to whisk an egg white and apply a thin layer on your face.  When it dries, spread another layer.  Leave it to dry for 15 minutes and then scrub it off with a warm and wet washcloth.  Try this procedure once or twice a week.
    source :


  9. Chanel Spring & Summer 2016

    October 7, 2015 by barbara

    Chanel Spring and Summer 2016 show was held at a Chanel-themed airport yesterday during the Paris Fashion Week.   The Grand Palais was transformed into an airport terminal complete with baggage carts, arrival / departure boards and check-in counters.  The models wheezed by in colourful outfits, wheeled luggages in hand and stopped buy at the check-in counters.  The male models were smartly dressed in suits.  I love all the vibrant colours and the whole set-up of this show.


    can you spot the silver boho necklace?





    Looks like palazzo pants are still in fashion.



    images via

  10. Denim Jacket For Fall

    September 29, 2015 by barbara

    Denim jacket is the ultimate fall staple.  It is classic, timeless and goes with everything.  It is so easy to layer with a denim jacket.  Just pair it with a simple white tee, pants and a statement necklace and you are all set for a shopping trip. You can also wear the denim jacket with oversized scarves and knits when the weather gets colder.  There are many types available so be sure to find one that suits your shape.  You can even pair it with your suede pants or a dress.

    image via pinterest