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  1. Denim Jacket For Fall

    September 29, 2015 by barbara

    Denim jacket is the ultimate fall staple.  It is classic, timeless and goes with everything.  It is so easy to layer with a denim jacket.  Just pair it with a simple white tee, pants and a statement necklace and you are all set for a shopping trip. You can also wear the denim jacket with oversized scarves and knits when the weather gets colder.  There are many types available so be sure to find one that suits your shape.  You can even pair it with your suede pants or a dress.

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  2. Fashion Quotes 101

    September 26, 2015 by barbara


  3. Affordable Cocktail Dresses

    September 22, 2015 by barbara

    Cocktail dresses are knee-length cut and sometimes they are a few inches above or below the knee.  This formal dress is an elegant outfit to wear for a special event, important meeting, black-tie event or fancy party.   Cocktail dresses are a stylish addition to a woman’s wardrobe.  There are many kinds of designs for cocktail dresses.

    Have you received an invitation for a wedding or an important event and are looking for a nice cocktail dress?   It is not always easy to find cocktail dresses and it is even more difficult to find cocktail dresses that are reasonably priced.  However, there are easy ways to help you find one that will suit you as well as a place for cheap cocktail dresses.  First of all, you would need to consider how often you are going to wear it.  If you opt to wear it to more than one event, choose a cocktail dress that would fit to any occasion.  A dress that would fit your personality and body shape is perfect as it gives confidence to the person who is wearing it.

    If you are pear shaped and would like to camouflage your waist, then a strapless dress is just the right one to divert the attention to your shoulders.  If you have broad shoulders, then choose a neck-tied dress with a bit of cleavage.


    For the lucky ones with hourglass figure, a tighter cut dress which shows off the cleavage slightly would be perfect. Do avoid high neck lines though.


    If you have an apple shaped body, then draping styles which can hide the extra bulge around the mid-section such as wrap dresses which also enhances the bust area would be good.

    The best place to shop for affordable cocktail dresses is at  They are a leading online retailer for prom dresses, formal dresses, party dresses and cocktail dresses.  They take great pride in offering an exquisite style and fit. Their vast selection of dresses are made from the highest quality materials and detailing, and are incredibly affordable.  JecicaDress offers cocktail dresses that are flattering for the fashion conscious woman.   Make a statement in a cocktail dress from JecicaDress.

  4. The Classic Denim Look

    September 19, 2015 by barbara

    I have always love the look of a white shirt with denim.  This classic outfit will never go out of style.  It is sexy and comfortable. I would say this is my go-to outfit.  You can dress it up or keep it simple.  Just add on a statement necklace and a pair of heels and you are good for a night out.  Something casual would be pairing the white shirt with ripped jeans and gladiator sandals.  So how do you wear your favourite jeans?


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  5. Fashion For Fall 2015

    September 15, 2015 by barbara

    The best season is finally here.  I love the fall.  It is not too cold and not too warm either.  Since the weather can vary this time of the year, there are a few outfits which are perfect for the beginning of fall.  Some light-weight clothing can still be worn on days when it feels like summer and thicker ones on a crisp day.  Below are a few of my favourites which I spotted at Style Du Monde and Shot by Gio.  I love the first outfit below. A colourful sheer top with 3/4 denim.  I wonder if I would look good with an ar6 flame top electric guitar ?



    So refreshing.



    Very bohemian.

  6. Silver Statement Necklace

    September 11, 2015 by barbara

    If you do not know already, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  I would check out the fashion on shoes, clothes and accessories.   Right now I am a lil crazy over silver statement necklace. Have you seen them?  They look so good on just about anything.  Sadly, I have not been able to find one that I really like.  I went to H&M and Forever 21 but they do not have the ones I like.  Check out these 2 designs I found in Pinterest.






  7. Cheap Plus Size Formal Dresses

    September 8, 2015 by barbara

    I love watching women who are fashionable, especially those who wear beautiful dresses.  I often feel a tinge of envy as I am not brave enough to wear them.  I do not have the height to pull it off and being on the plump side, I do no look good in one.   Shopping choices are rather limited for women with voluptuous figure.  Many stores do not make dresses for women above size 14 and if they do, they are likely not stylish enough.  Do you have trouble finding fashionable and stylish pieces?   If your answer is yes, then there is good news., a leading global online retailer which caters to larger women has a huge selection of beautiful and trendy plus size formal dresses for every special occasion.  This store is where you can find customized vintage formal dresses or cheap formal dresses online.   If you are looking for a night out dress, do check out their black formal dresses or lace ones.  Party all night long in comfort and style with their collection of backless dresses, long sleeved gowns or red dresses.


    At their website, customers can browse their vast selection of  plus size formal dresses australia in the hottest and latest styles for this season.  Its website is very user-friendly and you can easily browse through the different category on the left sidebar.  You can then narrow down your search according to the silhouette, material, price, train and more. It is so easy and simple to find a dress that is flattering with this beautiful selection at   Some of its stunning dresses are available at 70% off right now.  They have a team of friendly and well-trained professional staff to handle your order or enquiries.


    So if you want a dress that fits your look and make a statement on your special occasion, head over to now.

  8. How To Shape Your Eyebrow

    September 7, 2015 by barbara

    Honestly, I do not know how to shape my eyebrows.  They are getting thinner with age.  I draw my eyebrows daily but I am having trouble on how to make them look natural.  Some said drinking cucumber juice would improve the quality of your hair, kiwi juice promotes growth and strawberry juice is good for hair strength.  Well I have not started on the juice yet.  Anyway, I am glad to have stumbled upon this tip on how to have full and pretty eyebrows.


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  9. Gift Idea For Guitar Lover

    September 7, 2015 by barbara

    A good friend of mine is a music lover.  His most favourite band is Led Zeppelin.  I still remember going to his house when we were still in school and he would have Led Zeppelin’s songs playing on his stereo.  He even had posters of this band all over the walls in his bedroom.  Now that his 40th birthday is coming up, his close friends are going to throw him a party and are still undecided whether to get him a les paul jimmy page custom guitar or a personalized gold LP record.

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  10. Do You Have Style?

    September 4, 2015 by barbara