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  1. Sleepy Lamp

    February 14, 2013 by barbara

    Hey peeps. I thought you may want to take a look at this Sleepy lamp by Boaz Saragossi. This unique Sleepy lamp falls asleep on its own. Sleepy gradually lowers its head until it reaches the base, presses the button and shuts down the lights. It is great for those who love to spend an hour or so to read before bedtime. That way, you can fall asleep without worrying about forgetting to switch off the bedside lamp. Pretty cool ain’t it?  Check out this link for more cool ready made design items.

  2. Casa Cabana

    February 10, 2013 by barbara

    This lovely playhouse from is great for stimulating creativity and play.   It offers hours of endless fun for the kids.  Casa Cabana comes with a door, 7 windows and spy holes.  It can be easily folded up for storage and is made from 100% biodegradable cardboard.

  3. Queuger

    February 6, 2013 by barbara

    While the spouse was busy looking for racks and stands for the garage,  I was surfing the internet for some quirky birthday gift for my girlfriend.   That is when I stumbled upon Queuger at IPPINKA.   I am still having a hard time trying to pronounce this word.  Queuger is a flexible elastomer wire with aluminum core.    You can bend or twist it for a wide range of applications.  So whether you want it to secure things, hold a book open or carry your groceries, just get the Queuger.  The possibilities is endless.   It can hold up to 5 kgs.


  4. mustache nails

    February 1, 2013 by barbara

    The cute mustache design is everywhere now.  From hangers to t-shirts, you just cannot miss it.  I just came across the cute mustache decal for nails at NailsDecalMarket in Etsy.  They are just too cute.  It comes in a set of 20 and look great on natural, white or light colored nails.  Just in time for me to do something unique for Chinese New Year.



  5. Organizing Your Jewelries

    January 28, 2013 by barbara

    Since I have a stash of necklaces, bracelets and earrings in my collection, I am running out of space on how to store them. Right now they are in my covered basket and it is not a pretty good idea as I find it hard to look for them when I want to wear them. I started looking around and came across a few jewelry organizers which I like.

    Baubled Brook Jewelry Holder from Anthropologie

    Acrylic Box from Muji Online Store

    Jewelry Tree With Bird from Target

    Jewelry Organizer with 80 pockets from Target

  6. Accessories I Love

    January 24, 2013 by barbara

    My cousin and I was out shopping at the mall last weekend because she was looking to get her son the pro tools 9 le at musicians friend for his birthday present.  Her son is a music lover and has been learning the drums and guitar since he was 8.  His 10 year old birthday bash is next week and we are all looking forward to it.

    When we were at the mall, I spotted these beautiful accessories at Stella & Dot


    Olivia Bib Necklace

    Palamino Necklace

    I cannot get enough of chunky necklaces now.  Oh be still my beating heart.

  7. Accessorizing With Chunky Necklace

    January 20, 2013 by barbara

    Just the other day while we were at the mall, my spouse went to check out the karaoke store and spent about an hour there.  I did not follow him but instead I hopped over to my favourite accessories shop. I am so into chunky necklaces right now.  Chunky accessories can add a touch of colour or glam up an outfit in a jiffy.  They look great on its own or when layered with other necklaces.  I like the look of a chunky necklace worn over a button down shirt and denim.  It is so simple and classy.


    Time to go bold.

    image via google

  8. Cute Stencils On Your Coffee

    January 16, 2013 by barbara

    I always love looking at the cute designs in my cup of latte.  I have always been fascinated with how the barista make them.  Sometimes it is a few swirl designs and at times I get an owl or a heart shape.  If you are like to add some fun into your own latte or mocha, well you may want to check out Cosmic Emotions at and get a stencil.  Have fun sprinkling cinnamon on top of your coffee.

  9. Brim Toilet Brush

    January 13, 2013 by barbara

    I find it rather therapeutic to scrub my toilet bowls.  There are 3 toilet bowls in my house and when I need to de-stress, I would clean the bowls.  Hey, that doesn’t mean that my toilets are not cleaned when I am happy.  If you simply dislike scrubbing on your hands and knees, then you may want to check out this Brim Toilet Brush.  It is engineered to clean thoroughly with its flexible head contours.  The flexible rubber head with bristles can easily flex up and under the rim to clean the bowl.   Available at


  10. Shoes I Heart

    January 9, 2013 by barbara

    Ever since I came across, I am hooked.  I love everything that they have in their website.  From clothes, accessories to home decor items.  Have you visited their website before?  They ship international too!  I think if I were to tell my spouse about Modcloth, he would ask if they also sell motorcycle helmets as well since he is crazy about them at the moment.  I just saw a few pairs of shoes that I absolutely adore.


    Shoes Your Own Adventure

    Smoothie Party Heel


    Dainty Dramatist Heel in Mint

    Tell me, aren’t they the loveliest?