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  1. The Best Corset Dresses This Season

    August 6, 2018 by barbara

    For the longest time, corsets were part of lingerie and this shapewear helps women to achieve a curvy look.  Hugely popular in the 16th century, the corset has since undergone various redesigns and reinventions.  When I think of corsets as a fashion item, the images of Madonna come flashing back.  Who could forget the Jean Paul Gaultier corsets she wore in the 1990 Blonde Ambition tour?

    Recently, Kim Kardashian and a few other celebrities have picked up this trend and turned it into something that one can wear daily.  The street style is flooded with the trendy corset belts or corset dresses.  Seen on runways and celebrities, the cinched-waist look is everywhere, and while flattering, it can be incredibly difficult to pull off.  Yes, this trend could be a little tricky.  It is all about finding the perfect base layer to wear underneath that does not create excess bulkiness or make you look tacky.

    You can rock the corset trend in different ways, by wearing it under or over your favorite tops and dresses.  Oversized tops are paired with corsets to add structure to the relaxed cotton shirts.  They are pretty much another layer which you wear with your denim and it is more like a belt than a waist trainer.

    Whether you fancy the look of a lace-up corset over a dress or a bustier version on a top, check out some fabulous finds at ZAFUL.

    Corset Front One Shoulder Prom Dress

    Corset Belt Drop Shoulder Tunic T-shirt

    Corset Stripes LLace-UpShirt

    Are you ready to test the corset trend waters?  Keep the overall look simple and balance and avoid too many colors.  Click to learn how to master the look.

  2. Best Alternative To Denim Shorts This Summer

    August 2, 2018 by barbara

    August is here and the weather can’t be hotter.  Well, I am sure you have worn almost all your summer essentials and if you desperate for ways to refresh your look for the rest of the season, here is an alternative to your cut-off denim.

    Gemini button down short from

    Wide cut shorts from H&M

    Short with tie-belt from H&M

    Sporty Bermuda from Zara

    Time to reinvigorate your summer look with some of these non-denim shorts.

  3. Current Obsession : Statement Earrrings

    July 27, 2018 by barbara

    As far as jewelry trend is concern,  this season is quickly shaping up to be the season of statement earrings.  Quirky shapes adornments and XL size earrings are trending.

    While the classic gold hoops are fashion’s favorite when it comes to jewelry staples, this season’s statement hoops are taking the classic up a notch. Love the creative shapes and negative-space hoops that are very attention-grabbing.

  4. Stylish Clutch Bags Are The Best Accessories

    July 23, 2018 by barbara

    Clutch bags are a must-have for every woman who wants to make her everyday life easier when they are attending a dinner, ball or a special occasion like a wedding. Every woman needs a clutch to carry all the essentials such as lipstick, mobile phone, cash, and more.  A clutch is very important to have with a beautiful gown or a dress.  Whether you are partying with friends, dancing the night away or attending a dinner, it is great to have all your essentials handy without lugging around a heavy handbag when you are wearing a dress or a gown.

    Clutches are small, compact, stylish and fashionable and they also come in all different sizes.  The clutch you carry really depends on what complements your gown or dress. A sparkly sequin clutch would really make a simple dress pop.  If your dress has more going on, it is good to choose a plain clutch.

    Can’t find the right party clutch bag to go with your dress? Well, let us give you a few affordable and stylish options from, the leading online bag retailer with a huge range of designer-inspired, handcrafted, modern styling bags which are curated specifically for fashionistas.

    You can’t be too edgy with this lovely white number. Just clutch this to complete your all-white getup.

    Keep it simple with this stylish red rectangular mesh clutch.

    This clutch goes both ways – as a statement piece or an accent piece.

    The diamond buckle instantly elevates this classic gold clutch. Love it.

    Whether you love all things traditional, romantic, trendy or even a bit quirky, we hope you find these unique clutch bags from will add more glamour to your look.  From evening wear and even daily wear, a clutch is one of the best things to carry to accessorize your outfit.  Head over to now for some super great deals and free shipping.

  5. Summer 2018 Hair Trend

    July 16, 2018 by barbara

    There’s one hairstyle that you’re going to say it’s adorable and guaranteed to see at every summer event.  Thanks to designers, celebrities and stylists, space buns are back in trend. This style features two twisted buns that sit on the top of your head.

    There is also a messy bun style that everyone loves. It projects an effortless and elegant look at the same time. Many celebrities and models have been spotted on the red carpet with this hairstyle.

    Half bun is also very popular among girls and boys.  It is ideal for bad hair days and is pretty easy to do. Great for keeping things unfussy and unique with casual clothes.

    images via Pinterest

  6. Statement Necklace Love

    July 11, 2018 by barbara

    Take your look to the next level by adding a statement necklace.  Perfect for layering over a plain t-shirt for a cute daytime look or adding to a slinky dress for an extra bit of detail. The chunkier the better for me.

    Fernanda Yamamoto, w/ jewelry by Rosely Kasumi

    Taher Chemirik jewelry


  7. Gucci T Shirt Trend

    July 6, 2018 by barbara

    The logo fashion trend is back this year.  Yes, the world of fashion has renewed its love affair with logo for this season and it is bolder and bigger than ever.  It seems that now, people are no longer ashamed of wearing their luxury logos from head to toe.  Fashion houses are back with their logos emblazoned on bags and t-shirts.  My favorite is of course Gucci.

  8. How To Change Your Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity

    June 29, 2018 by barbara

     Wigs are becoming more and more popular with celebrities and in everyday life.  Just about 5 years ago, the idea of wearing a wig for anyone below 70 years old was seen as outdated or unstylish because human hair wigs are made for the elderly or people who are losing hair due to illness.

    Fast forward now, girls in their 20’s are sporting wigs every day and many are trying to emulate their favorite celebrities.  The attitude towards wigs and extensions has changed.  It is a beauty secret that almost 97% of the female celebrities wear hair extensions.  Can you imagine going from burgundy tresses to brunette, to beach blonde hair, all in one week without damaging your hair? As more and more celebs started rocking Brazilian hair wigs, we realized just how versatile they could really be.

    Wigs can also be used as a protective style. It means that it is a style to protect your natural hair from heat, color damage, weather or as a temporary measure while growing your hair.   You can be Rihanna sporting a redhead or a straight sleek style next before the week is done without causing any damage to your natural hair.

    The best place where you can buy good quality and realistic looking wigs at prices that are not sky high is at  This well-known wig manufacturer specializes in high quality 100% natural human hair extensions and has been in business for over 12 years.

    Check out this lovely curly hair wig.

    If you are looking to change up your look for summer, testing out a new hair color, or you just want longer locks, a wig or bundles with closure are the way to go.  Trust us, you will be surprised at how much you love it.

    So hurry over to Real Beauty Hair to select the best styles you want.  They are also available at Aliexpress store.

  9. Necklace Pouch Trend 2018

    June 29, 2018 by barbara

    If you are always on the go, then this season’s necklace pouchettes and belt bags are what you need.  I just love them to bits.  They are absolutely godsend. I love that my hands are free when I go about my day. Some may be too small to my liking as it can only fit some cash and credit card. I like the ones where I can fit my smartphone as well.  Check out some of the latest here.

    Sportmax Fall 2018

    Giambattista Valli Fall 2018

    via Harpers Bazaar

  10. Trending Bridesmaid Dresses

    June 28, 2018 by barbara

    Congratulations on your big day! Now that you have found your dream wedding dress, it is time to start another gown shopping adventure – the quest for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.  Yes, the dress shopping is far from over.  Looking for bridesmaid dresses can be equally stressful and nerve-wracking because this time you are shopping for a few different people with different body types and interests.  Do take note that a bridesmaid dress is not something that can be worn only once.  It is also not necessarily be in pastel pink.  The chic brides are now choosing pale dove grey, soft navy color or burgundy bridesmaid dresses to complement a white wedding dress.

    There is a host of affordable options that will spell style both on the day and in the photos. Here are some gorgeous finds :-

    Sleeveless long lace chiffon dress

    A line knee length dress

    A line one shoulder floor length dress

    Sleeveless chiffon dress

    Aren’t they lovely?  Remember to take a look at your own wedding dress.  What is your overall style?  Classic, bohemian or modern?  Your bridesmaids’ dresses should follow the same vibe as yours.

    So if you are looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses that are effortless and beautiful, check out the above collection. Find the perfect dresses to flatter everyone’s taste and style for your big day.