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  1. The Must-Have Accessories For Winter

    November 19, 2016 by barbara

    Depending on where you are in the world it might still be looking a lot like fall. Other areas will look and feel like the full throws of winter. But with colder temperatures, comes different fashion and accessories. It is great to be able to bundle up in chunky knit sweaters, leggings and ankle booties. But what else should we be styling ourselves in this winter? Here are some of the must-have accessories for the season.



    Hat or Beanie

    It is incredibly important to keep your head warm in winter. We lose a lot of heat through our heads, so it is good to cover up. The best thing is, though, there are so many stylish options when it comes to headwear. You could go for a slouchy beanie hat, on the days when you are a little more dressed down. Pom pom beanies are still a big trend in headwear this winter. So you could get a brand like Pomskii this year. Fedora hats are a big trend too (a woollen one, rather than a straw one). Style with a long coat and boots and you will look good as well as be keeping warm.

    Elegant Jewelry

    Summer is the best time for statement jewellery. In winter, you are covered up more and use layers. So a bold necklace can get lost when wearing a scarf, for example. So keep your jewellery elegant and simple this winter. Long pendant necklaces are a good look, as they can peek through when wearing a scarf. Keep rings straightforward too. Too many gems on a ring can get caught when putting on gloves. So choose a ring with just one or two stones, much like the Tacori rings range.



    Socks Full of Color

    When you have been out in the rain or snow, you will be taking your boots or shoes off when you are at home. So having some bright and fun winter socks will be really neat. Everyone will see them, so it is better to have some bright ones. Somewhere like Forever 21 does a great range of socks.

    Stylish Sunglasses

    Don’t be fooled by the word winter. You can still get plenty of bright sunny days in winter. So having a stylish pair of sunglasses is a must. It can help you when driving in the sun, as well as just walking out and about. If there is ice and snow, the sun can seem even brighter. So it is safer when driving to have sunglasses on.

    Protective Gloves

    Our hands can really feel the cold in winter. The blood flows to our major organs to keep them warm when it is cold outside. So our extremities can feel the coldest. So it is important to keep them warm with gloves. It is a good idea to moisturize your hands before putting your gloves on. Then they will stay hydrated, rather than getting cracked or sore. It might even be worth investing in a pair of designer gloves, as better material will protect the delicate skin.

  2. How To Lose Face Fat

    November 13, 2016 by barbara

    Below are some simple exercises that you can do if you want to lose some face fat.   They are really easy to do and can be done when you are sitting at your desk or in front of the mirror.


  3. Gift Ideas For A Coworkers

    November 10, 2016 by barbara

    Yes, it’s almost the most wonderful time of the year.  There will be office holiday party planned and secret gift exchange coming up.  Sometimes it is not easy shopping for co-workers. If you want to be prepared for this fun event, here are some gift ideas that are office appropriate and are guaranteed to put a smile on your coworkers faces.


    Journal planner from  Great for organizing schedules, notes, goals or doodles.


    Enamel mug from  These beautifully crafted mugs are made of porcelain enamel and are very durable. Can be moved easily from fridge to oven, to stovetop and even outdoor grill (if your coworker decides to bring the mug home).


    Holiday Hot Chocolate Gift Box from  Nothing beats sipping a mug of gourmet hot chocolate while sitting by the fire. This hot chocolate gift set is filled with peppermint and milk chocolate cocoa.


    Foot Rest from Amazon.  It helps to soothe the tired feet, knee pain and lower back pain.  Sitting for long periods at the desk causes a host of problems even if one exercises regularly.  Problems such as strained neck and shoulders, swelling in the ankles and legs due to circulation problem as well as pressure on the lower back and legs are common and can be avoided. A Foot Rest can help prevent these work-related injuries and increase productivity.  Your coworker will be delighted to receive this beneficial gift.


    Monkey Oh versatile dock, cord wrap and iPhone stand.     Gets rid of the clutter and holds on tight to your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Available at

    The best part about this guide is that everything is below $30.  Happy shopping!

  4. My Current Wishlist

    November 7, 2016 by barbara

    I have not been shopping for accessories in a while.  So, you can imagine how delightful I was when I saw the pretty collection from   I just love the tassel necklaces with pompoms and rope.  They are colourful and fun to wear.    Can’t wait to get my hands on these babies.


    Casablanca convertible necklace


    Rose Golden necklace

    These necklaces can be worn either long, short or layered.  They can also be wrapped around the wrist a few times and wear them bracelets.

  5. Shoes With Interchangeable Heels

    November 2, 2016 by barbara

    This must be the ultimate shoe solution for all women.  A German company called Mime et moi has created shoes with interchangeable heels for women.  These lovely shoes have five interchangeable heels which can transform flats to high heels in seconds.  Just remove, click the heel in and click back on.  Just take my money!

  6. Hello November

    November 1, 2016 by barbara


  7. Escape The Stress This Christmas With A Holiday To Remember

    October 27, 2016 by barbara

    Christmas presents under the tree

    With Christmas fast approaching, you’re probably starting to feel the pressure to make plans. Around now is often the time when Christmas becomes more of a stress than a joy. There are so many loved ones to see; we can often feel torn into pieces. Do you go to his parents for lunch, or to yours? Where would it be best to spend the evening? And there’s no chance of actually getting any romantic time for just the two of you. Or is there? If you feel like throwing caution to those Christmas politics this year, why not do something outlandish? Why not try a Christmas holiday? It might seem a strange concept if you’ve never considered it before, but it’s amazing how much more relaxing it can be! We’ve already looked into skiing holidays for this winter, but what other destinations are calling you this December?

    While going away is a tempting idea, it can always be a worrying decision. Will your loved ones understand? Of course, they may be a bit upset about not being able to spend that time with you, but they’ll soon forgive you. After all, they would probably like to do the same. You don’t even have to worry about not being able to give them their gifts. It’s true that you could do the rounds before you go, but isn’t this all about getting away from that kind of stress? Why not let a christmas hamper delivery sort all that out for you. That way, you won’t even be left doing any wrapping!


    Lapland could be perfect for your first holiday away at Christmas, because it’s still nice and Christmassy! In fact, you won’t find a much more Christmassy place. We all dream of a white Christmas, and you’re guaranteed to find one on this trip. Even better, there are many Christmassy activities to choose from. From rides in reindeer sleighs to meeting Santa, you’ll be spoilt for choice. This can be an excellent option if it’s a family holiday you’re after. The kids will adore the magical Christmas vibes.


    It might be the inspiration from films like Home Alone, but there’s something magical about the idea of New York at Christmas time. With outdoor skating rinks and Christmas parades galore, the city is sure not to disappoint. If you’ve always wanted to visit The Big Apple, this might just be your perfect opportunity. Imagine all those skyscrapers, covered in Christmas lights and towering above you. It’d be just like in the movies.


    Image from Wikipedia


    A list for getting away at Christmas wouldn’t be complete without the mention of a cruise. There seems to be something appealing about the idea of a cruise at Christmas time. Maybe it’s the fact that you can still get into that Christmas spirit onboard, then step out into a gloriously sunny destination. With so many destinations to pick – from the Mediterranean to Africa, why not take to the seas this holiday season?

  8. Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Makeup Tutorial

    October 27, 2016 by barbara

    Ok, so my kid wants to be Harley Quinn this Halloween. She is so into it and has watched Suicide Squad a few times. She can’t wait to dress up. It is only a few days away and I still have not gotten the necessary makeup stuff ready.


    I think this is how Harley Quinn looks like in the movie.  Kinda grungy and messy.



    I think I am going to try these 2 makeup style above.  Found them on Pinterest. They look nice and are neater.

    images via Pinterest


  9. Don’t Leave Your Carbon Footprints On The Carpet! Making A Home Interior Environmentally Sustainable

    October 26, 2016 by barbara

    Have you recently moved into a property for the first time?  Or have you been one of the lucky ones that have managed to buy a property?  Buying a property in the 21st Century is incredibly difficult, so count yourself fortunate. As we look to building a more sustainable environment for future generations, how can we put this ethic into our homes? At the same time making them a comfortable and welcoming environment?  Take a look at these few points and get some inspiration if you want to make an eco-friendly habitat out of your habitat!

    Step One: Be Practical


    Being environmentally conscious doesn’t mean scrimping on style! With the focus firmly on upcycling and reusing old products, you can afford to get really creative. You could make 3D wallcoverings from something as simple as a recycled card.

    Make sure you put everything you have to new use. That is one simple way of being green.

    To be practical, you could do something as simple as sourcing everything you need from the same area, town or city. That way, you are not having items made or shipped, which will increase your carbon footprint.

    If you live in an area that is thriving, you may have thrift stores or charity shops in the vicinity. The great thing about these stores is that they are likely to have hidden gems. The other great thing about these shops is that you are always likely to find a bargain. It is also an excellent way to find inspiration for a new way to decorate your home. These shops are usually full to the brim with vintage tea cups, decanters, glasses, coffee tables, and so on.

    Step Two: Create A Unified Look



    When it comes to really communicating an individual style to your home, making things match is one of the most obvious approaches. While it can cost a lot of money to really get the style that you want, why don’t you try and purchase everything you can from one supplier?

    So if you need to make changes to your staircase and your doors, for example, if you get your building supplies from one place, such as George Hill Building merchants or Whitchurch Builders, it will save you on additional costs like shipping.

    Step Three: Feng Shui It!


    Photo from

    If you are into more leftfield approaches, you could use feng shui is a way to give your space a more ethereal feel. Feng shui focuses on arranging your space so that it brings harmony to your home. Even if you are not into this, it’s still a great way to get inspiration for new color and a way to bring some harmony and style into your home.

    In Feng Shui, colors are used in relation to their elements, and certain rooms can be painted in different colors to change its ambiance. For example, yellow, the color of sunlight and is, in Feng Shui, a fire or earth element. So it can be used to create a more blissful and happier working environment.

    Interior design is a myriad of ideas. It is difficult to be sustainable when making your dream home. However, it can be achieved!

  10. Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

    October 26, 2016 by barbara

    Halloween is less than a week to go.  Haven’t got any costumes yet? Well, fear not.  Here are some quick diy costumes that you can dress up in a jiffy :-


    Turn any dress into a doll costume with a wind-up key using a paper towel tube, paint and masking tape


    Turn yourself into a Halloween Kitty Cat by unleashing your makeup skill.


    Burglar costume with black and white stripes top, black pants and a black mask