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  1. A T-shirt That Prevents Slouching

    January 27, 2014 by barbara

    One of the things that my parents always remind us when we were kids is to sit up straight. Always.  Don’t slouch. Do you get that a lot?   If you still slouch, well you can get an organic t-shirt from Upcouture that is designed to improve posture.  This French label uses organic cotton and a patented set of elastic bands to adjust the shoulders and create a beautiful profile.   So if you want to stand tall and proud, try one on today.



  2. Bamboo Pendant Lights

    January 16, 2014 by barbara

    I love everything that is made out of bamboo or sea grass. That is one of the reasons why I have so many baskets in all shapes and sizes at home. I was blog-hopping just now and came upon these beautiful bamboo pendant light from bodieandfou. I fell in love right away.

    Inspired by the Thai fish traps, these beautiful lamps are great for bringing nature indoors.

  3. Tutus For Girls

    January 12, 2014 by barbara

    Isn’t this the most beautiful tutu you have ever seen?  I love to see little girls in tutus. I spotted this at bodieandfou.  Made from layer upon layer of chiffon frill and finished with a satin ribbon,  this tutu is just perfect for little girls.  Can be worn to parties or dressing up.   It has an elastic waist too.  I want to know if they have this in adult size as well because I would surely love to own one.

  4. Getting Ready For The Chinese New Year

    January 8, 2014 by barbara

    I have just discovered this online store called I just love their stuff.  Have you checked them out before?  I just saw a few things that I simply adore.  As Chinese New Year is fast approaching, there are some really nice decors for the home which I should get to spruce things up.   I like this Lidded Mini Basket below which is great for keeping knick-knacks like keys or different types of hinges in the garage.

    I also like this Plus Print Lucite Tray and the Neon Glass Wall Clock.

  5. Choosing Necklaces For Necklines

    January 7, 2014 by barbara

    Recently I bought at black top from Mango and it has a plunging V-neck.  The top is very simple so I want to wear a necklace to dress it up.  However, I cannot seem to find the right necklace for this kind of neckline.  A statement necklace won’t look nice with it.  So I went on the internet and found this useful tip on Pinterest.

    So now I know what type of necklace I should be wearing for different necklines.

  6. Birthday Present For Moi

    January 7, 2014 by barbara

    My birthday is approaching and my spouse asked me what I would like to have for my birthday present. I have been looking around for some nice earrings and it has been quite a while since I bought new earrings.  So I checked out for Kendra Scott earrings and fell in love with a few pairs.  Kendra Scott has so many lovely earrings.  Here are my picks :-


    Kendra Scott Dee Earrings in Cobalt Blue

    Small Crystal Hoop Earrings

    Aren’t they lovely?  I cannot wait to wear them.

  7. Eco-Friendly Dog House

    January 5, 2014 by barbara

    A friend just adopted a little puppy about a week back.  It is so adorable and the puppy is a Schnauzer.  She lets him stay inside the house and takes him for walks every evening.  My friend is thinking of getting this cute little home for her puppy.  This luxury doghouse features a solid walnut locking door and made with non-toxi, no VOC and 100% natural protective finishes.  It also comes with an optional dog bed that is handmade by Gamla using organic cotton fill.   Available at

  8. Sandwich Maker

    January 1, 2014 by barbara

    One of my friends received this nifty gadget for Christmas.  It is the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Maker.  It is oh-so cool!  It can easily cook breakfast in just five minutes using your own fresh ingredients.  This sandwich maker gently toasts the bread on top and holds the heat inside.  The egg layer would cook the egg inside the sandwich.   It is so quick and easy to use.   I want one for my coming birthday please.



  9. Steampunk

    December 31, 2013 by barbara

    Steampunk—the funky fusion of brass and old-fashioned gadgets with modern and futuristic items or concepts, turning them into new and whimsical Jules Verne-inspired creations, has become über popular of late. From a vintage durometer tester to antique typewriters, nothing is safe from the clutches of the steampunk-obsessed artist. Here are a few truly inspired projects that any self-respecting steampunk fan would give their brass goggles to have.

    Steampunk Tardis Console

    Dr. Who fans will rejoice upon seeing this virtual mockup of a steampunk TARDIS console. Even if we didn’t know the TARDIS is the time machine used in the cult-classic British TV show Dr. Who, we’d have to call this one of the coolest looking gadgets of all time, steampunk or not.

    Steampunk Stratocaster # 2

    Talented steampunk artist Jake Von Slatt created this amazing interpretation of Hendrix’s favorite guitar. Had Jimi been alive in the late 19th century, we can’t imagine him playing anything else.

    Steampunk StrohViolin

    Speaking of steampunk instruments, this classic beauty made Popular Mechanics “10 Best Old-Is-New Gadgets from 2008 Steampunk Convention” in 2008 and we’d have to agree it is amazing.

    Steampunk Electriclerk

    What do you get when you combine a 1988 Macintosh computer with an Underwood typewriter from 1923? You get…this incredible steampunk art. It is still a functioning MacSE, too. The artist is Andrew Leman, a talented prop maker and designer in his spare time, when not making steampunk masterpieces of functional art, that is.

    Steampunk Finger Stylus

    This is simply one of the coolest ideas we’ve heard of in a long while. To see said idea executed so flawlessly is just icing on the cake. A talented artist who goes by the online nom de plume of Robbtoberfest thought outside the box and created this steampunk-flavored implement for his touchpad GPS when he lost his regular pen stylus. Way to go, Robb!

    You can find plenty of would-be steampunk art—including durometers and other neat gadgets—at very attractive prices at Do yourself a favor and check out their awesome variety and great values.

  10. To All My Blog Readers

    December 24, 2013 by barbara

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