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  1. Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50

    December 6, 2010 by barbara

    Christmas is less than 3 weeks away.  So, have you started your holiday gift shopping yet?   I like shopping for gifts during the holiday season.  However I know some people who love Christmas but just dislike shopping for gifts because it can get rather overwhelming.  If you would like to enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience, here are some gift ideas under $50.  You can get home accessories, jewelries such as rings and even something for the kids in this list.


    Elegant Felt Garland made from 100% felted wool and beads.  Available from Branch Home.


    Beautiful ring from Palm Beach Jewelry


    Zirconia Bracelet from Palm Beach Jewelry


    Winepocket made from 100% felt from Branch Home


    Birdie Pillow from Branch Home

  2. Paper Dolls Shower Curtain

    December 4, 2010 by barbara

    What is the fastest way to add some colours to your bathroom?  Well, with shower curtains of course.  It is the quickest and and easiest way to transform your bathroom from drab to fab.  I like this pink Paper Doll Shower Curtain from  It has a fun bold pattern which will instantly change the look of your bathroom.


  3. Accessorizing Your Outfit

    December 3, 2010 by barbara

    I am into accessories. I love wearing bracelets, necklace, rings and earrings. Accessories are great for sprucing up a plain outfit or rejuvenate an old one.  With the right accessories, it is easy to add unique touches to your look or make an ordinary outfit look great.  While the man was busy looking for material handling equipment, I found some gorgeous accessories from


    Jet Glass Pearl Ribbon Necklace


    Jem Magnet Bangle


    Pink Cocktail Ring

  4. My Christmas Wishlist

    December 1, 2010 by barbara

    Christmas is less than a month away. Do you look forward to Christmas?  Have you started counting down?  I love to see the Christmas decor at the malls and listening to the Christmas songs.  Would be nice if there is snow now.  What do you look forward to during Christmas?  Party? Shopping?  I have been seeing some posts about Christmas wish list so I thought it would be fun to have one too.  Here’s my Christmas wish :-


    Cole Haan Stephanie Air Pump


    Garnet Suede Wrap Bracelet from ShopRumor


    Tommy Bahama Electric Bike from


    Last but not least….no more dark eye circles.  If you want to know how to get rid of that, do click here.

    Oh I would also wish to good health and being able to make more money so that my family and I can travel to the places we love. So, what are your Christmas wishes?  Care to share?

  5. Magazine Envelopes

    December 1, 2010 by barbara

    How about sending snail mail in style?  Check out these bright and colourful envelopes which are made from scrap papers like magazines. With this kit from, you will find 2 envelope templates, a greeting card template, stickers and mailing labels.    You can use any type of scrap paper like magazine pages, comic books, sheet music, maps or perhaps pages from old books and turn them into mailable masterpieces.


  6. Storage Baskets I Heart

    November 27, 2010 by barbara

    I love having baskets around my home. Whether they are made from seagrass, bamboo, canvas or cotton fabrics, I love them all.   Things are so much neater around the house when you have baskets to store them.  I like to keep my magazines, snacks, bread,  spices and toiletries such as combs, face wash, shampoos and more in the baskets.  Therefore you would find many baskets in my living area, kitchen and bathrooms.  Here are a few lovely ones I found recently.


    Fishing baskets from


    Canvas Bordeaux Basket from Ballard Designs


    Charcoal Checker Basket from Hable Construction


    Brown Rectangular Totes from Storables

  7. Quirky Washing Machine Laundry Hamper

    November 26, 2010 by barbara


    This cute Washing Machine Laundry Hamper does not do your laundry but it does transform messy laundry piles into a lovely hamper.  It features a window like a front-loading washer so that you can easily identify which clothes you need to wash.  The Washing Machine Laundry Hamper is easy to assemble and is available at  Get one now if you would like to add some humour to your laundry chore.

  8. Birdcage Card Holder

    November 25, 2010 by barbara


    This birdcage is a cool item to display your favourite family photos.   It is antique-inspired and constructed with metal.  This whimsical display stand is great for those who want to add a rustic appeal to their home.   I like its rustic bronze finish.  It can also be used to display reminders, notes or even shopping coupons.  Get one now to enhance your home or workplace.

  9. Cute Stocking Stuffers

    November 25, 2010 by barbara

    I found some really cute Wee Folk Gnomes and Fairies Magnets while surfing the internet for stocking stuffers.  If you are looking for some stocking stuffers ideas, you may want to swing by and check them out.   This assortment of magnetic gnome and fairy collectibles are really adorable.  Each magnet comes with a mini fairy and gnome fact sheet.  They can even your kitchen into a happy place.   Hey, you can even stick some on the poc carts to brighten up the work place.


  10. Cute Safety Covers

    November 22, 2010 by barbara

    It is important that your home is safe and secure for your children.  A small prevention measure goes a long way.   Children love sticking their fingers into the holes of the electrical socket.  This can cause electrocution.  Therefore one of the best ways to prevent that is to use safety covers on them. Here are some really cute animal plug safety covers for your home.   A set of 8 includes 2 each of cat, dog, elephant and sheep.  These adorable animal plug safety covers are available at