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  1. Stylish Reusable Bag

    March 16, 2010 by barbara


    For those who wanna go green and reduce the use of plastic bag, then this Reusable Bag from Timbuk is a must-have.  This stylish bag is light, durable, compact and practical.  Just stuff it into any of your bags or car and unfold it to tote your groceries.  Made from recycled PET rip stop fabric, it is 100% machine washable and has exterior slash pockets for keeping your keys and magazines.


  2. Flower World DecoBoxes

    March 9, 2010 by barbara


    Oh I am so loving these colourful Flower World DecoBoxes at The Container Store.  They are so attractive and very functional. The Decoboxes can be used in just about any room in the home.  You can store your clothing in them to keep your closet organized, store office supplies in the office, hold protein powder containers and more.  These polypropylene boxes can even be used to keep toys in the playroom.  Get a few today if you want to keep your things organized in style.


  3. Short Skirt And Legging Duo

    March 8, 2010 by barbara

    I just saw this fabulous short knit skirt with built-in leggings at and I am so in love with it.  This set is perfect for the layering look.  The short knit skirt and legging duo is just as wonderful as exposed skin care treatment.   Made from Peruvian pima cotton, it even comes in a hidden pocket to hold keys or card. Ain’t this cool?  You can easily slip this on and pair it with a t-shirt when need to run some errands after your aerobics or yoga classes.



  4. How To Create A Happy Work Place or Home

    March 8, 2010 by barbara

    If you want to create a happy space in your home or office, why not hang a cheerful garland?  This will definitely perk up your space.  This pretty Sunshine Swag Paper Garland from are great for parties too.  They consist of handmade flowers, hearts and circle shapes and sewn together with grosgrain ribbons.  Just decorate your cubicle, kitchen, window frames, vanity mirrors or even across a bookshelf.  This bright-coloured garland will definitely lift up the mood.


  5. Cute Compact Mirrors

    March 8, 2010 by barbara


    Check out these adorable range of Bellissima compact mirrors at Aren’t they cute?   It has a sliding front panel to hide the mirror.  These acrylic mirrors are available in 8 different designs.  You can easily keep them in your handbag and they do not take up much space.  My friend has the yellow owl design and I borrowed hers to check out my age spots while we were having coffee over the weekend.  My favorite is the white elephant.  What’s yours?


  6. Funky Tool Belt For Men

    March 6, 2010 by barbara

    When I asked my husband to gather more information about testosterone cream on the internet, I saw him checking out a MagnoGrip Magnetic Work Gear at  I know he loves having his tools and when you ask him to assemble any furniture, he would bring out all his toolboxes.  He does not have a belt like this and he really like the idea of the magnetic pockets which can hold the nails securely.  I think he would look pretty darn good wearing this MagnoGrip Magnetic Work belt 😉



  7. Asian Fashion For Women

    March 4, 2010 by barbara

    While the man was busy searching for information on how to unlocked phone for a friend, I was browsing a new online store called Yesstyle Australia.   This online retailer specializes in Asian fashion from countries like Taiwan, Korea and Japan.  I like their amazing collection of funky and trendy clothes.  You can even find Plus-Size and Maternity wear at Yesstyle.  Awesome eh? I came across some clothing which I like.  They are


    Daisy A Line Cotton Dress


    2Kilo Polka Dot Sleeveless Layered Dress


    DnDShop Long-sleeved checked shirt


    LoveMark 3/4 sleeved Plaid Blouse


    Elli’s Cabinet High Waist Shorts

    Check out Yesstyle Australia if you like Asian fashion too.

  8. Avocado Saver

    March 3, 2010 by barbara

    I was reading a magazine at my hair salon over the weekend and something interesting caught my eyes.  It is the Evriholder Products Avocado Preserver from  Whoever thought of this is purely a genius.  Avocado lovers are going to love this.  When you can’t finish a piece of avocado, just place the balance with its pit side-down into the saver.  It will hold the fruit in place with the adjustable strap.  This way, the avocado won’t turn brown.  Pretty cool lil knick-knack huh?  For fresh and delicious avocado whenever you want them, just get the Avacado Preserver.


  9. Designer Cat Burglar Barbie

    February 27, 2010 by barbara

    I was looking at some online life insurance when a friend msn-ed me and asked me to check out the Designer Cat Burglar Barbie. Boy is she cool. I am sure fans of Barbie would love to get their hands on this limited edition Cat Burglar doll at   Christian Louboutin has teamed up with Barbie to create her in a black catsuit and Differa sandals.  She comes with a collection of 4 red-soled Louboutins and each with their own shoe box and bag.  See..even Barbie is crazy about shoes.



  10. Get Nose Sprays For Natural Sinus Relief

    February 25, 2010 by barbara

    My sinus problem was pretty bad last month.  I was sneezing non-stop from morning until night.  This happened a few times a week and it gets worse when I sleep in the air-conditioned room.  Due to my sinus problem, I developed mild asthma.  When I approached my family doctor regarding the allergy relief,  she recommended that I use a nose spray, AllergEeze which was developed by a British scientist.  It can help to alleviate the allergy and hay fever symptoms – sneezing, sinus congestion and runny nose.  I feel better after using it.   So, if you too suffer from sinus or allergy problem, do take a look at AllergEeze.