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  1. Unsure What Gift To Bring To A Christening? Here’s 3 Gift Idea To Help You

    December 18, 2015 by barbara

    Being invited to a Christening is an incredible honour. You’ll get to witness, usually a baby being introduced into a religious life and get the chance the celebrate with their friends and family. If you aren’t religious yourself or if you’ve never been invited to a christening before, you might be feeling unsure as to what gift to bring with you. But don’t worry there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. Here are three gift ideas to help your buy the perfect gift to commemorate this very special occasion.

    Something personalised

    Personalised christening gift ideas are popular as they add an extra special touch. These are often the gifts that people will treasure as it has something unique to them included in the gift. You could get a silver bangle or locket engraved with the baby’s name and the date of their christening. Or a special message embroidered onto a teddy bear or an item on clothing. Always ensure you get the right spelling and correct date before having anything personalised. This could be quite embarrassing otherwise.

    Something religious

    This can be a risky choice if you aren’t particularly religious or have no experience with this particular religion. Do plenty of research into Christianity beforehand to make sure you buy items that are suitable. Adorable religious artwork the parents can hang in the nursery or toys such as a small Noah’s ark would make excellent religious gifts. Items that include Christian symbols such as a cross or a dove are also popular. You could buy a decorative wooden cross or a Christening box with dove imagery included into it. Another option is to buy a children’s Bible that will teach the child about their religion when they get a little older.

    Link to Image

    Something to wear

    The parents or godparents have most likely have bought an outfit for the baby to wear for the ceremony. But that doesn’t mean you cannot buy something else they can wear. A knitted blanket in white, pink or blue would be a wonderful addition to the baby’s outfit. Plus it will keep them warm if the church or venue get’s cold. You could buy some socks or shoes for the baby to wear that also compliments their christening gown and keep them comfortable. You could even buy them something to wear for after the ceremony. The child may feel uncomfortable in a traditional gown, so providing a secondary outfit to wear at the party afterwards will be ideal. Make sure whatever you choose is soft and still looks special for their big day. Remember to present this gift before the christening. Ideally a few days before, otherwise, they won’t be used for their intended purpose.

    These gift ideas should now make you feel more comfortable about buying a christening gift. There are so many brilliant options in-store and online that cater for this occasion. So you should have no trouble finding something appropriate. If you’re still uncertain, talk to the parents to know if there is anything they need or want.

  2. Advent Calendar DIY

    December 13, 2015 by barbara

    I just love love love this Advent Calendar idea which I saw in Pinterest.  What’s not to love about brown paper packages tied up with strings.  These are a few of my favourite things.


  3. Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

    December 9, 2015 by barbara

    Hey peeps.  Have you done all your gift shopping yet?  Christmas is only 2 weeks away.  Gift-shopping can be quite stressful and not to mention, nerve-wrecking.  Trips to the malls, finding parking and jostling with the crowd are really not very pleasant.  If you are still not sure what to get for your friends or family, well here are some gift ideas that can save you time.  You can check out the unique Cozy Winters USB heated hoodies or some cute things from Leif Shop such as :-


    Speckled tweed napkin set


    Striped knit pom clutch


    African safari animal

  4. How To Break In New Shoes

    December 4, 2015 by barbara

    Here is a tip I read online on how to break in your new pair of shoes. I have had splinters on the back of my leg when I wear my new shoes. It is worse if the shoe is made of leather. Hope this trick helps.  All you need to do is wear some thick socks, then stretch the shoes onto your feet.  While wearing like, heat the shoes with a a hair dryer for about 10 minutes.  Aim the hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds.   It is that easy.


    image via

  5. Christmas Gift Ideas For Music Lover

    December 1, 2015 by barbara

    December is here.  It is the most beautiful time of the year.  Christmas is just a few weeks away.  Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?  Still not sure what to get for your friends and family?  Well if you have a music lover in your shopping list, do check out some of the gift ideas here such as the Johnny Cash rock and roll t-shirt, roadrunner bags or the Hal Leonard Fender Black Tolex Metal Lunch Box.




    You can also add a special touch to your gift by wrapping it with music sheet notes or using the notes as bows.


    image via Pinterest

  6. Watch DoDo Goes Shopping (Do姐去Shopping) Online

    November 29, 2015 by barbara

    This is a new travelogue starring Carol Cheng (Do Do) which features her shopping in the famous cities around the world.  During her travels, Carol is accompanied by other TVB stars such as Oscar Leung, Kenneth Ma and Sammy Sum.  I enjoy watching this show because it is quite funny and interesting.  The first few episodes, Dodo went shopping in Paris and followed by Melbourne and London.  It is enjoyable to watch where Dodo buys her clothes from in London, ballet flats in Paris and the types of shops to keep a look out for if ever we are visiting the same cities and etc.  Her shopping partners add a lot of fun to the show.  Hurry and check out  DoDo Goes Shopping if you have not.


     Image via

  7. Why I Watch Award Shows

    November 25, 2015 by barbara

    Many people watch award shows because it is always exciting to see who wins.  I am one of those who just love to see what the celebrities are wearing.  Although you may not like the celebrities, you cannot deny that some of them really wear some amazing clothes, especially the women.  All those fancy gowns and dresses are beautiful.  Not to mention the exquisite jewelry accompanying the outfits.  I love admiring them when the celebrities were interviewed at the red carpet during the pre-show.  It is very fun to see the unique and elaborate clothes that they are wearing and which designers made them.  Since these celebrities take time to choose an outfit, pair it with the right jewelry and hairstyles as well as makeup, they would want to be seen by as many people as possible.


    It is not so much about which designers designed the gowns, it is more like what they are wearing to the shows.   The recent 67th Primetime 2015 Emmy awards red carpet brought out the biggest names in television and it was a star-studded night at the Microsoft Theater.  This award show was full of bold fashion choices.   There were many in black formal dresses such as Taraji P Henson, Amy Poehler,  Julie Bowen and many more.  My favourite were celebrities in red and white gowns such as Louise Roe who wore a simple white toga gown and Giuliana Rancic in a stunning long sleeveless gown.  There were a few stunning gowns in blazing tones like fuschia and pink.  If you are looking for beautiful gowns to wear this holiday season, do check out Formaldressaustralia.



  8. Victoria Beckham At The Glamour Awards 2015

    November 20, 2015 by barbara

    Did you all watch the recent American Glamour Awards show?   It was held at the world-famous Carnegie Hall last Monday.   I saw so many beautiful women at the red carpet, all donning glamourous Long Formal Dresses.  Some of the recipients of the Glamour Awards were Reese Witherspoon who was honoured for co-founding the Pacific Standard production company that creates films with female protagonists.  I really enjoyed watching this show because of Victoria Beckham who was also recognized for her career as a fashion designer and work as an international goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS and other philanthropy works.


    Victoria Beckham attended this glitzy event with his 16-year-old son, Brooklyn.  The handsome teen looked dapper standing next to his beautiful mother who wore a strappy red gown.  Just recently, Victoria brought her two younger sons, Romeo and Cruz to a Burberry event in London and a week later, she showed up at Glamour Awards with her eldest son.  Back in 2013, Victoria brought Brooklyn Beckham as her date to the British Glamour Awards and boy, he has grown so much since then.  Brooklyn went to the stage to present a trophy to his mom and both of them shared an adorable hug.


    Brooklyn said his mom, “I’m so proud of you, and I’m so happy to be here tonight. I love you,”.  It was such a heartwarming scene.  The former Spice Girl took to the stage in her lovely red dress and thanked her family.  She credited her pop star past for making her what she is today.


    To shop for Victoria Beckham’s outfit, do check out Formal Dress Australia.

  9. How To Wear Cuff Jeans

    November 18, 2015 by barbara

    Don’t we all have this question from time to time?   I remember the first time when I wore a pair of denim with ankle boots.  I didn’t know how I should style it.  Leave the cuff to cover part of the boot?  Or should I fold it?  Here are some tips I found on Pinterest.

    Don’t stuff your jeans into your boots nor pull it over the boots unless it’s bootcut or flared jeans.


  10. Shoe Style That Goes With Every Outfit

    November 16, 2015 by barbara

    Shoes have always been my weakness.  They are the last piece you put on before heading out of the door.  Therefore shoes are just as important as the outfit you are wearing, if not more.  However, I am more of a casual flats, slip-ons and FitFlop fan.  When an occasion calls for heels which is not very often, I usually go with wedges.  Yes, these days I live in the flat lanes most of the time. Pretty boring eh?  I used to own many 3 to 4-inch heels but those days are over.  I find that flats are so comfortable especially when I am shopping in the mall. Standing on stilettos for a few hours is really no joke.  Flats are really fabulous.

    Having said that, I do love looking at heels. High heels make women walk in a more feminine way.   Some say the higher the heel, the closer to heaven.   A pair of shoes can make or break your look, so owning the right style is important.  Are you a fan of heels?  If you are looking for the perfect stiletto this season, well you may want to check out the simple two-strap heels.  This shoe style can get you to a fancy event, work or a date out with your friends at the cafe.


    You can wear it with a pair of distressed jeans, School Formal Dresses or your favourite shorts and tee.  This now-iconic stiletto is simply chic and beautifully understated.  It’s versatility really is endless and is becoming a fast favourite.


    This minimalist shoe style would definitely not steal the attention away from your look.  It is the the perfect footwear to polish of your outfit.  Therefore if you are shopping for the perfect outfit for your upcoming party, do head over to Formaldressaustralia and get yourself a pair of simple two-strap heel.