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  1. Best Place To Shop For High Quality Vitamins

    January 11, 2012 by barbara

    When we eat a healthy and well-balanced diet, we can get all the nutrients we need.  However, not everyone eats a perfectly balanced healthy diet. Some people like to skip meals or do not eat enough vegetables or fruits.   That is where vitamins and supplements come in.  We need them for growth and development.  Taking vitamins is inexpensive and it is the easy way to ensure that our body is getting the vitamins and minerals we need.  Without vitamins, our body cannot survive.  Fortunately, many vitamin supplements are easily available nowadays that can assist you to meet your nutritional needs.  When you buy vitamins, minerals and supplements online, you can actually save a lot of money compared to buying them from the traditional stores.  It is very easy to shop for vitamins online and one such place is where you can buy high quality vitamins and supplement is at  This online store offers the best value products ranging from vitamins and minerals to nutritional supplements, weight loss, skin support and many more.


    Clinic Vitamins evaluates and hand-select brands that meet the strict conditional requirements before being sold on their website.  Their products are hand select based on quality, purity and bioavailability.  They are also subject to strict internal and third-party testing to ensure purity and quality control.   This doctor-owned online store carry brands that are manufacture research-based products and or are produced in facilities that meet the FDA’s qualifications for Good Manufacturing Practices.   At Clinic Vitamins, you can find top brands such as Biotics Research Corporation, Neuro Science, Thorne Research, BioGenesis and many more.  You can even find Designs for Health AllerGzyme supplements here. Shipping is free for orders over $45.  Clinic Vitamins also has a health resources page which has cutting edge medical research and great articles.  To live a happier and healthier life, do swing by Clinic Vitamins now.

  2. Sweet Cookie Bags

    January 7, 2012 by barbara

    I am helping a friend to look for some ideas for her daughter’s birthday party which will be held next month.  Her daughter is turning 4.  While I was at Etsy, I chanced upon some very cute cookie bags and packaging which I think my friend could use since she intends to serve cookies at the party.   I really like them and I hope my friend does too.


    Colourful Dotted Lip and Tape Bag from Avenue 55


    Brown Bow Cookie Bag from Avenue 55


    Cookie Bags from KTB Designs

  3. Hostess Gifts From Jonathan Adler

    January 3, 2012 by barbara

    Besides helping a friend to look for heated car seat covers, I am also shopping for hostess gift.  My cousin is hosting a dinner party next weekend at her home.  It is a family get-together party and I would like to present her with a hostess gift.  I was at Jonathan Adler and came across this lovely Elephant Butter Dish.  Ain’t that cute?   My cousin is an elephant lover like me and I am sure she would like this gift.


  4. Jelly Mouse Flat By Marc Jacobs

    December 30, 2011 by barbara


    Aren’t this the cutest?  It is the Jelly Mouse Flat from Marc by Marc Jacobs.   They are great for rainy days and when you do not feel like wearing your rainboots.   This flat is made of rubber and has rubber soles. The toes are adorned with lil mouse ears, eyes and even whiskers.  There is also a tail pattern at the heel.  Walking has never been this fun.  The Jelly Flats are also available in Black, White and Yellow.

  5. Wedding Gifts Shopping

    December 26, 2011 by barbara

    Christmas celebration is over.  Time sure flies when you are having fun.  I had a great time with friends and families these past few days.  I have been eating way too much since Christmas Eve too.  Now it is back to work time for the next few days until it is time to bid farewell to 2011.  In the meantime, I do have to start looking for wedding gifts online. My good friend is getting married in a few month’s time and it is better to start shopping for a wedding gift now. I am planning to get her a meaningful gift, such as this “Home Is Where Your Story Begins” Canvas from Personal Creations.


  6. Merry Christmas

    December 24, 2011 by barbara

    Happy Holidays Everyone.  Thank you my dear readers for all your support.


    image via flickr

  7. Bagatelles & Co.

    December 19, 2011 by barbara

    While the man was busy shopping for gps trailer tracking, I had my hands or more like my eyes full with Bagatelles and Co.  They have such a lovely range of sweet handbags.  I am in love!    The bags at this Etsy store have a vintage feel to it.  I wish I could buy all of them.  If only Santa would grant my wish this Christmas.  Take a look at these lovelies.


    Multi floral Lily Clutch


    Iris flower Lily Clutch

  8. Another Christmas Gift Idea

    December 19, 2011 by barbara

    I came upon these cute Kids Step Stools at  They are exclusively made for children of all ages.  At this online store, you can find many top quality step stools and step ladders for your home.  From a fairy princess to a macho man, these colourful  kids step stools will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face.  They make a nice Christmas gift too.  So if you are still out of idea what to get for the little people in your life, then do check out


  9. Holiday Gift Guide For Women

    December 19, 2011 by barbara

    I was at Kate Spade just now and chanced upon their Holiday Gift Guide.  If you are still doing some last-minute shopping and are out of ideas what to get for your loved ones, then you may want to check these out.  I have listed some of their gifts under $50.


    Prized Ball Thermos


    Rainspot Ipad Case


    Putting On The Ritz Stud Earrings

    Visit Kate Spade for more gift ideas.  Happy Shopping.

  10. ForkChops

    December 14, 2011 by barbara


    This fork, knife, chopsticks combination is pretty cool.  Known as ForkChops, this 3-in-1 combination are made of food-safe polystyrene and is dishwasher safe.  When you have ForkChops, you don’t have to worry about not having the proper utensils to eat your food.  ForkChops will have you ready for almost all kinds of food.  Available at