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  1. Watch Beyond The Realm Of Conscience Online

    October 23, 2009 by barbara


    I am currently watching Beyond The Realm Of Conscience online now. What a long title eh?  It is one of the grand production by TVB this year.  I have been waiting to watch this costume drama ever since I saw the previews. I like the veteran casts such as Michelle Yim, Suzanna Kwan, Kara Hui and a few others.  This is the first time that I am seeing Tavia Yeung being portrayed as a villain.   Who is your favourite character?


    Imperial Household Bureau is responsible for managing and directing all household services to the Emperor and the Imperial family in Tang Dynasty. It is composed of four departments, namely Jewels, Attire, Food and Furnishings. Lau Sam-ho (Charmaine Sheh) and Yiu Kam-ling (Tavia Yeung) are introduced into the bureau in their tender age and brought up in the disciplines of the palace. The two girls are diligent. Yuen Tsui-wan (Susanna Kwan), Head of the Jewels, and Chung Suet-ha (Michelle Yim), Head of the Attire, are both very fond of Ho for she is a kind-hearted young girl. Soon, they start fighting for the fellowship of Ho.

    Ho always remembers her mother’s words left to her before she passed away, that she was told, “Doing good deeds, speaking good words, showing good will.” She lives her life of being gracious and kind-hearted in the palace. On the other hand, Ling believes her survival in palace is achieved through cruel and calculating tactics. She cheats and schemes her way to the top and finally becomes the concubine. Though she realizes that Ho has fallen in love with the chess master Ko Hin-yeung (Kevin Cheng), her jealousy still arouses by Ho’s attraction to the Emperor Lee Yi (Moses Chan). Fearing that she is losing power, she ruthlessly makes up a false allegation against Ho for murdering the Empress (Mary Hon) and condemns her to death. No matter how clever she is to scheme, things do not go the way she planned. By using a strong comparison of the two distinctive characters, Ho and Ling, the message of the drama is that “benevolence” is the only way to gain final victory.

  2. No More Interruptions

    October 22, 2009 by barbara

    Do you feel irritated when you have a deadline to meet or when you are on the phone trying to get an insurance quote but your co-worker is standing around, talking about his/her family or just idle chit-chat?  Well, you can now put a stop to this in a humourous and yet professional way.  You can install CubeGuard at your cubicle or entryways.  Once installed, just pull a “Please Do Not Disturb” banner to the opposite side of your entryway/cubicle.  You can even choose your own designs and customized your message.  Check out for more information.


  3. Mad About Accessories

    October 21, 2009 by barbara

    I love shopping for accessories.  I could shop for them any day and any time.  Yes, I am an accessory junkie.  What woman doesn’t like accessories eh?  Fashion accessories are an important fashion  element for a woman.  While my husband is into car accessories, I cannot get enough of earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  These accessories can easily update your wardrobe without breaking the bank account.  My current favorites are these :-


    Animal Pop Bracelet from Nine West.  I love chunky beads


    Jeweled Stream Necklace From Anthropologie


    Prized Rose Ring From Anthropologie


    Teavaro Headband From Anthropologie

  4. Great Idea For Chinese-Theme Wedding Or Dinner

    October 20, 2009 by barbara

    Are you planning for a unique Chinese theme wedding dinner? If you are then you may want to get these really cute Fortune Cookie Placecards Holders from   Fortune cookies are a popular Chinese tradition with hidden messages inside to express good wishes and fortune.  The fortune cookie place card holder is a great keepsake for guests to take home after the wedding dinner.  Available in gold and silver.


  5. Working Out At Home

    October 20, 2009 by barbara

    I have been watching The Biggest Loser on tv (reruns) everyday.  Seeing those contestants working out at the gym and pushing themselves to the limit are really inspiring.  I would love to get myself a weight machine to do some exercise at home.  Been looking around some home gyms and came across a few good quality ones at Weider.  I especially like this Weider C720 System.   Let’s hope this is what I would be getting for Christmas :)


  6. Shopping For A Black Bag

    October 16, 2009 by barbara

    Do you know that I do not have a black handbag?  This is insane eh?  A black handbag is a must-have for every woman.  It is something that should not be left out in a woman’s closet.  Some women even have a few black handbags.  It has been in style for like, forever and will continue to be a favorite to women of all ages.   Yet, I don’t have one.  This is why I have been shopping around for one recently.  Okay, I have also been shopping around for some eye creams to get rid of my dark eye circles but that’s the story for another day :)  I like bags that are big because I have too many things to carry with me….lipstick, comb, mobile phone, extra clothing for my daughter, wet wipes, tissues, pen, notepads and many more.  I found some really gorgeous bags at


    Melie Bianco Velocity Handbag


    My Vixen Handbag


    Louisiana Handbag


    Tongue-toe Handbag

    What do you think?  Nice?  I like all of them.  It’s going to be a tough decision to make.

  7. No More Wet Umbrellas

    October 12, 2009 by barbara

    I just came across this nifty little invention that helps to prevent a dripping umbrella.  With this cool design, you don’t have to worry about a wet umbrella creating a mess in your place.  The Wet Umbrella No More is designed by Seung Hee Son.  Take it out when it rains and when you don’t need it, just fold it away.  The umbrella converts into a stylish bag and all the squishy wet stuff stay inside.



    Source :

  8. A Rolling Good Time

    October 9, 2009 by barbara


    Looking for a sleek toy for your little racer?  Well, check out this URoll by Paul Frank.  It has a cantilevered seat and made of plywood that is sturdy enough for mommy and daddy.  This cool ride is able to maneuver tight corners making it good enough for small spaces.  Available at

  9. Have Some Rocking Fun

    October 6, 2009 by barbara


    Here is a rocking chair which I would like to have in my living room. A fun chair with lots of foot.  Designed by Paulius Vitakuskas and available at, this Ku Dir Ka rocking is a classic in the futuristic form.  This cool design features point-to-point linear rocking.  This is definitely not your regular rocking chair.  Made from plywood and available in two colours – red and black.  I can picture myself relaxing on this rocking chair, reading the article on adhd in children or the newspaper.

  10. How To Display Many Photos In Your Home

    October 4, 2009 by barbara

    Every one has taken many photos of themselves and their loved ones.  Sometimes it is not easy to display all the photos, hence they are buried in photo albums or boxes.  Putting them in photo frames are expensive and you can’t be having over hundreds of photo frames around your home.  Well, Picture Pockets is here to save the day.  You can now show off your photos in this double-sided Picture Pockets. Each photo is easily interchangeable.  The Regular size holds 40 photos and the Mega size holds 80 photos.  Get one now from and get your photos on the show.