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  1. How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

    February 28, 2020 by barbara

    Have you heard the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul?  People with big eyes appear more awake, youthful and healthy.  There is no secret that most women want their eyes to look bigger.  Make your eyes look bigger and you can completely change your facial structure by highlighting your eyes.  Not everyone is born with big, bright eyes.  However, every woman can appear more alert or feminine with some makeup such as the anastasia eyeshadow palette and tricks to make the eyes appear bigger and more beautiful.  Using makeup and beauty products to enhance our natural features have been going on for hundreds of years.   It is all about transformation.

    Thankfully it is way easier than you might think. From just simple contouring to the more outrageous overhauls, make-up can work wonders. Here are some easy, foolproof ways to make your eyes bigger and brighter.

    Step 1.  Define your eyebrows

    Shape your eyebrows properly.  Doing so will bring attention to your eye area.  Your eyes will look bigger when more focus is put on the area surrounding them.

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

    Step 2.  Prep your eyes

    A flawless complexion will complement your eye makeup. Use a lightweight eye cream  & concealer to hydrate, soothe, get rid of any under-eye puffiness and conceal any dark circles. This will brighten your eyes, instantly lifting and making them look bigger.

    3.  Eye colors

    A matte, warm brown or even a soft rose color will help to create some dimension and make your eyes pop.

     4.  Add Shimmer

    Brightening your eyes is key to making your eyes look bigger. To create this illusion, add a light shimmer of color in the inner corners of your eyes to open them up.

    Image result for add shimmer to the corner of your eyes

    5.  Defining Your Eyes

    Just like eyebrows, define your eyes with eyeliner can help create the illusion of larger, prominent eyes.  Create extra depth by adding a slightly darker eyeshadow in the crease of your eyes to make them stand out more.  Smoky shade in Huda Beauty Palette is the perfect matte brown shade to define and add depth to your eyes.

    6. Curl Your Lashes

    Remember to curl your eyelashes before you apply mascara! You can create the illusion of bigger eyes with fluttering, full eyelashes just by doing so. This is one of the fastest ways to open the shutters on your eyes.

    Make sure to follow these four steps to get your eyes ready to look their best.

  2. Which Shoes To Wear With Jeans

    February 27, 2020 by barbara

    So if you are like me who has like a closet filled with jeans, then maybe you understand my problem. A big part of wearing denim the right way is knowing which shoes to pair with them.  There are so many different types of denim style like mom jeans, crop, flared, straight or boot cut.  I managed to find some effortlessly cool style inspiration on the best shoes to wear.

    A pair of clean white sneakers is effortless with skinny jeans

    Flares and heels are both items that lengthen the look of the leg

    Overalls aren’t just for little kids anymore—they’ve made their way from the schoolyard to the city streets in the most stylish of ways. Glam it up with a pair of heels.

    Jennifer Lawrence in black jeans and mules

    Mules whether flat or heeled, add that extra layer of cool polish to an outfit like this one. The best jeans that go with mules? Skinny of course.

    Mom jeans are jeans that are high-waisted and a little loose on the thigh area.  Just put on a pair of stilettos to add instant polish.  It’s an easy way to take your denim outfit from day to night, or even to the office.  Pair it with sneakers for a perfect off-duty denim look.

  3. Friends Reunion Is Coming

    February 22, 2020 by barbara

    Yes it is finally happening. Friend’s casts are reuniting for a special HBO this May. Can we be more excited?

    Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and Courtney Cox made the announcement on their own Instagram just hours ago by sharing the same photo of the 6 cast members.

    After 15 years, fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The long awaited reunion has been longed for by die-hard fans of the show ever since it ended its original run as one of the most successful shows in television history in 2004.

    I can’t wait!

  4. Where To Buy Samsung Galaxy S20 Case Online

    February 19, 2020 by barbara

    The Samsung Galaxy S20 has been unveiled to the world at Unpacked 2020 in San Francisco. It is set to be released on March 6th, 2020.  Have you just pre-ordered one?  The Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the most beautiful phones ever made.  Its case is made of slippery metal and scratchable glass. So if you are worried about accidentally scratching up that new expensive phone, well fret no more.  It is time to grab yourself a Galaxy S20 case to protect your shiny new flagship when your phone shows up.

    The best place to buy them is at  Founded in 2009, ESRGear has an extensive range of protective cases, screen protectors, chargers and accessories for all your mobile phone needs.  Scroll down to see some of its Galaxy S20 cases.

    Galaxy S20 Mimic Tempered Glass Case 1

    Galaxy S20 Mimic Tempered Glass Case

    If you do not think you need a case because you never drop your phone, well, at least consider the Mimic Tempered Glass case for some scratch protection and added grip. This crystal clear case with a smooth glass back is thin and won’t add any bulk to your phone.  The scratch-resistant glass will shield your phone while keeping it look good.   It also features air-cushioned covers to give added shock-absorbing drop protection.

    Galaxy S20 Metal Kickstand Phone Case 2

    Galaxy S20 Metal Kickstand Phone Case

    This rugged-looking case features a kickstand on the back to keep your phone in place and protected.  It offers multiple viewing angles. The raised edges of this case will prevent your phone from scratches or damages when in contact with surfaces.

    Galaxy S20 Essential Crown Clear Thin Case 8 1

    Galaxy S20 Essential Crown Clear Thin Case

    This slim and lightweight crystal clear case allows you to show off that subtle glow on your S20 while keeping it from getting scratched or scuffed. It also adds some much-needed grip so you don’t drop your new phone.  It is only 1mm thick so you get the best protection minus the bulk.

    Amp up your style and protect your investment with ESR cases which are known for their authenticity and affordability.   ESR offers free shipping for orders over US$30 and a 45-day return period hassle-free returns.

  5. Jennifer Aniston Turns 51

    February 13, 2020 by barbara

    So Jennifer Aniston turned 51 on February 12th 2020.  She posted a series of photos on her Instagram account where she wore thigh-high boots, leather jacket and black underwear for Interview magazine.  The sexy photos will be featured in the March 2020 issue.  These photos were taken while she was chatting with actress Sandra Bullock on sharing boyfriends and drunken nights.

    Jennifer is then photographed in a white blouse with high-waisted booty shorts and a leather jacket. Her eyes are hidden behind black sunglasses as well.

     Jennifer Aniston wore a pink bustier and a leather black skirt

    Jennifer shows off her toned arms and stomach by wearing a black leather skirt with a pink bustier.

     Jennifer also channelled her inner goddess with this tunic dress

    Channeling her inner goddess in this black outfit.

     Brad Pitt would love these photos of his old flame

    This is the cover photo of Jennifer donning a pair of thigh-high boots with nothing else but a pair of black underwear and an oversized leather jacket.

    Isn’t Jen hot or what?

  6. Various Vest Options

    February 12, 2020 by barbara

    When looking for a unique style for a special night out, look no further than a nice vest. A vest can be worn over almost any style shirt and can add a different way to layer clothing in colder climates. Here are some different styles you can choose from when wearing a vest.

    Suit Vest

    If you are wearing a suit or tuxedo, putting on a matching vest can add some high style to your outfit. If you are not a fan of suit jackets, you could only wear a suit vest and still look classy. These styles come in a variety of colors and patterns. They offer you the chance for a different look the next time you are out in town.

    Holster Vest

    Many people look for a way to conceal carry their handgun. A safe and effective way is by using a concealment vest. It can be worn over your clothes but remains secure enough to conceal your weapon. With this style, you want it to be a bit loose so the outline of the gun can’t be seen while wearing it. The vest may have a pocket on either side to hold the weapon which makes it easily accessible if you need to use it. This is one of the least bulky ways to carry compared to other style holsters.

    Climate Vest

    Using a vest during the winter months is popular because of how warm they can keep you. Many are made from materials such as wool and down feathers. This can keep the core of your body warm, helping you stay comfortable on cold winter nights.

    Having different outwear to choose from can give you a variety for your next social event. Wearing a nice vest may be an opportunity to change up the normal attire you wear on a daily basis.

  7. Oscars 2020 Red Carpet

    February 10, 2020 by barbara

    Hollywood’s awards season draws to a close with the Oscars just a few hours ago.  Celebrities were at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, where the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony has been held since 2002.  Nominees and guests showed off their glitzy outfits, posing for photographers on the famous red carpet.  Check some of them here.

    Spike Lee with his wife.  He paid tribute to Kobe Bryant by donning a purple and yellow jacket with Bryant’s jersey number 24 was emblazoned on it.

    Billie Elish wearing Chanel outfit in a creative way.

    Natalie Portman in a glamourous Dior cape which has the names of some of the female directors who weren’t nominated for an Oscar this year embroidered on it.

    Idina Menzel

    Brie Larson

    So which celebrity is your favorite tonight?

  8. The Top 3 Places to Shop in Manhattan

    February 10, 2020 by barbara

    The only thing better than shopping is shopping while you’re on vacation! Here are three of the top shopping destinations in Manhattan, as well as some tips on other nearby places to experience.

    Elegant Tightwad: The Shopping Tour With Wholesale Prices

    If your budget doesn’t allow for typical Manhattan price tags, Elegant Tightwad is a must-do. Elegant Tightwad books fashion tours of NYC for groups of 1-100. They offer several fashion excursions around NYC, including East Village Bargainista, Uptown Consignment Crawl, and Accessory Addict. The tour they are most known for is the tour of The Garment District. Here you go behind the scenes and can purchase designer products at wholesale prices. While you’re there, head north to Hell’s Kitchen and treat yourself to a spa treatment or two at Beam laser bar and spa Manhattan.

    Bergdorf Goodman: The Iconic Manhattan Department Store

    A shopper cannot visit Manhattan and not go to Bergdorf Goodman, the New York institution of shopping. It is 900,000 square feet and sells $600 million annually. It also boasts a rich history, including selling $400,000 of furs to John Lennon and Yoko Ono on Christmas Eve in the late 1970s. Bergdorf Goodman is a must-see to experience New York luxury. You’ll also be a stone’s through away from Trump Tower and Central Park, so stroll around to see some other iconic New York landmarks.

    Brookfield Place: The Upscale Mall and Food Court

    Brookfield Place has all the designers and stores you would expect from a high-end shopping experience in Manhattan. Additionally, you can see the mall’s exquisite architecture, and eat it one of its many restaurants, many of which have been named the top in New York City.

    Manhattan has numerous neighborhoods to explore and shop. Start with these three to experience the best of what New York City has to offer.

  9. Shakira and J-Lo Performed For Super Bowl 2020

    February 3, 2020 by barbara

    It is, after all, the biggest American sports event of the year.  At the Super Bowl tonight which was held in Miami, everyone was talking about the latest on Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s half-time show.  The main draw of the night was these two women, bringing attention away from the men playing around them.  The performances by J Lo and Shakira were full of energetic dance moves, performers, crowd surfing, pole dancing while they belted out their famous hits.

    Shakira kicked off the performance by launching into a musical medley of her songs and even on the drums.  Lopez was, of course, swiveling on the dance floor and even worked on a pole.  After all, hips don’t lie.  JLo even did a performance with her daughter, Emme Maribel Muñiz, and a choir of children, singing Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud” and a snippet of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.,” as Lopez appeared wrapped in a feathered American flag cape that turned to a Puerto Rican flag. It looked like recognition for both Puerto Rico and the American-born children of undocumented immigrants – the Dreamers.  Strong message here.

    These 2 Latina singers brought back the kind of fireworks everyone last saw with Lady Gaga’s 2017 half-time show. Jennifer Lopez and Shakira were perfect picks, both electric and effortless, singing and dancing their way through a frantic dual turn, equally impressive alone and together.

    Shakira in a fiery red outfit

    Jennifer Lopez with her daughter.

  10. The Best Spring Trend For 2020

    January 30, 2020 by barbara

    Though we still in our thick jackets and sweaters, that does not stop us from checking out the emerging Spring trend for 2020.  Scroll  and down to see the Spring staples that are going to be big in a few more months.

    Chain Necklace

    The chain necklace is an easy way to add a little glamour to a casual look.  It really adds texture to a look especially when you have a plain top like a white tee.

    Ripped Jeans

    Ripped jeans are perfect for spring. They add a little casual and unexpected edge to a look especially when paired with a more sophisticated and elegant top or a  kitten heel.

    Puffed Sleeves

    We love dramatic sleeves.  It is all about the drama and excess. If you like puffy sleeves but do not want to look over-dramatic, you can style it to look chic and toned down with denim. It’s all about balance.

    Flared Jeans

    Flared jeans are going to have a major moment this spring. Think 70s with a slight flare and paired with a tennis shoe and a tucked-in tee.