Where To Buy Affordable Belly Rings Online

Remember the early 2000s? Those were the days of thin eyebrows, strappy sandals, baguette bags, fanny packs, chokers, low-rise jeans and many more. Like it or not, the early aughts trends are coming back with a vengeance.

If you are not comfortable wearing a pair of ultra low rise pants or putting on a velour tracksuit but would like to jump onto the Y2K fashion comeback train, well why not get a belly ring? Thanks to celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child, belly button piercing was very popular in the 00’s. There is something very liberating about having a gold or silver belly ring piercing on the navel.  The perfect way to flaunt the belly ring is to wear a pair of low rise jeans or shorts and baby tees.

Now, there is huge demand in belly piercing and if you would like to go on TikTok to check the hashtag Y2K, you will be surprised that it has over 50 million views on belly rings. Tempted to rock the piercings like the early aughts? Whether you are new to belly button piercing or looking to re-pierce the hole, do check out BodyRings, an online retail store that has a range of cool and high quality belly rings in rose gold and silver.  The best thing is that their range of cute belly rings?  They are available in unbeatably low prices.

Double Heart Zircon Belly Button Ring

BodyRings styles include everything from the simple water drop design to the dangling tassel and are manufactured using some of the finest and latest quality materials.

Butterfly design Belly Button Ring

Time to get yourself some crop tops or swimsuits to show off these belly button rings from BodyRings.shop.  They make a great gift for Valentine’s Day or birthdays.

Long Flower Belly Ring

Refresh Your Wardrobe For A Style Overhaul

The past two years have been a unique time for everyone. How we work and who can interact with or allowed to see have changed. What we wear every day has also faced a big transformation.  We were practically in our loungewear, pjs or athleisure outfit most of the time.  On a positive note, staying at home gave us more time to evaluate what we really need in our closets.  Now that we have just stepped into the new, it is the perfect time to figure out what should stay and what should go.

It is easier than you think to put together some classic and timeless pieces that we can turn to over and over again.  Many of us tend to get caught up in trends, but really there is no need to follow the trend aimlessly.  Fashion trends come but what we really need is to have simple timeless pieces that are versatile and can bring us joy. Denim, classic tees, little black dress, blazers and cheap sweaters for women are on the list of classic must-haves.

To make your life easier, ahead are some of the items that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Basic Tees

Classic tees are a wardrobe essentials.  Just throw on a white and match it with your favorite skirt, denim or jacket and you are good to go. Basic tees in white, black, navy or grey are perfect for pairing with any outfits.  You can never go wrong with tees.


Denim jeans are indeed a true classic. You would need a few favorite pairs of high-quality and comfortable jeans.  They can be dressed up or dressed down effortlessly. Do include a wide variety of shades in your jean wardrobe such as light, medium, dark, and a black jean.


Button-down shirts are great for looking professional while still being casual. These tops are really good for any occasions.  Just tuck it in and pair with a nice pair of pants and a statement belt to look sleek and professional. For casual look, layer it over a cami and pair with your weekend jeans and sneakers.

Sweater or Cardigan

Throw a cardigan over your favorite -shirt and pair with jeans and boots, and you have got yourself an amazing outfit. Cardigans are an absolute essential piece all year round.  You can even wear in during the cold summer nights or when the air-conditioning is blasting. There are many choices when it comes to cheap sweaters for women. A lightweight sweater or cardigan is chic and practical.

Are you ready to add these into your wardrobe? Well head over to Berrylook and shop till your heart’s content.

Vintage Outfits For Men 2022

Old music, books and movies are coming back into style this century and the same can be said in the fashion scene.  Trends from the ’60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s coming back in trend, especially in menswear. The vintage trend is making waves all over the world and offering a twist to the conventional trends.  There has been an abundance of mens vintage clothing trends making a big comeback. Vintage fashion has always influence the modern fashion design and menswear is no exception.  Some key trends throughout the past century are being used again and again to create a twist on the impressive bygone era.  Before you start rummaging your grandpa’s closet, it is important to know that in order to embrace the vintage fashion style, work retro pieces with modern ones and sticl to your own personal style.

Vintage clothing has a classy and sophisticated air to it. The vintage style still holds a charm that many fashion enthusiasts can’t get enough of.  In men’s fashion world, vintage outfit hardly loses its style. If you are looking to give your wardrobe a refresh with some vintage clothing, ahead are some of the best vintage treasures that you should get from Soinyou to treat yourself.

Vintage Polo

When it comes to picking a modern vintage outfit for men, vintage print shirts are the ideal way to go. Their unique, eye-catching bright colors and abstract designs stand out and give the ensemble an old-fashion aesthetic.



Looking for an effortless yet stylish retro-vintage outfit?  Grab yourself a pair of fashion overalls. Wear denim overalls on top of your favorite shirt or polo for a nostalgic vibe. To finish off the look, pair it with white sneakers or men’s classic converse chucks.



The Cuban collar is known for adding a nice accent to your regular polo. This type of relaxed collar does not stick out and stays flat on shoulders. More comfortable than oxford shirt, it is usually styled with the first button undone.  It exudes a laid back summer style.


Chic Outfits Ideas You Can Wear With Skinny Jeans In 2022

Are skinny jeans still trending?  When the wider relaxed-fit jeans like mom jeans came back into the fashion scene, the skinny jeans took a back seat. If you are a fan of skinny jeans, we understand how this makes you feel.  It is hard to stray from it once you have found your favorite denim style.  Skinny jeans are often considered to be one of the more polarizing denim styles.  If you don’t have any intentions to put your jeans away, well keep scrolling for more inspired ways to wear skinny jeans this year.

How to wear skinny jeans in 2022

A slouchy belted blazer looks effortlessly chic with cropped skinny jeans.

How to wear skinny jeans in 2022

A maxi coat with skinny jeans and loafers will make any ensemble feel a lot chicer.

How to wear skinny jeans in 2022

Puffer coats or quilted coats are trending this season. They are a great addition to any casual outfit.

How to wear skinny jeans in 2022

Love the denim on denim look? Toss a light-wash shirt or jacket over a white tee and complete the vibe with contrasting skinny jeans.

How to wear skinny jeans in 2022

Look sharp with the relaxed blazer and skinny jeans tucked into knee-high boots.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

February 14 is not just a day for celebrating romantic love. Valentine’s Day is also about celebrating the love you have for your family, friends and last but not least, yourself. Whether you are looking to get a present for a partner, a parent, best friend, or yourself, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can help get you started and make Valentine’s Day extra special.

Monos Sling Bag

Made with water-repellent nylon and vegan leather material, this compact and functional Metro Sling is a crossbody bag that can keep everyday essentials organized and close at hand, This versatile single-strap design can be worn across your body or slung over one shoulder.

Waffle Maker 

This cute heart-shaped mini waffle iron maker will have them seeing hearts every day

Dash Mini Design Heart Waffle Maker


“Now & Forever” Heart Cut Sterling Silver Ring Set

Show anyone in your life just how much you care with this beautiful heart-shaped ring, which is adorned with Jeulia® Stone and available in chocolate or pink stone.


Love Notes Memory Jar

This adorable memory jar comes with 180 blank tickets for reminiscing on your favorite memories and recording new ones. It is a unique keepsake for your loved ones. 

100 Dates Bucket List Poster

Keep date night interesting by getting this scratch-off date poster.  It offers 100 possibilities and a cute way to keep track of all your adventures.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet

This gift just made us go “Awwwww”.  This wearable bracelet is super sweet. When one person taps their bracelet, the other’s vibrates gently to let them know you are thinking about them.  Makes a great gift for long-distance couples.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

Baggy Jeans Outfit Ideas

In the fashion world, there are some people who consider being comfortable just as important as looking chic. They will skip the heels in favor of sneakers, avoid shirts with too many straps and ties, and prefer their jeans to be loose-fitting, rather than tight and restricting skinny jeans.

It is still rather tricky trying to figure out how to style baggy jeans. For instance, if you want to avoid looking too casual, you might want to skip the oversized sweatshirt. At the same time, not everyone wants to wear a body-hugging crop top to balance things out. Ahead are some outfit ideas for how to style baggy jeans. These quick solutions will have you ready for anything, and won’t even miss your sweatshirt that much.

Buttoned Down Shirt

A collared shirt gives baggy jeans a structured and preppy twist. A crisp white shirt continues to be no-fail option, but a bright hue will help make your look pop. A pair of loafers or slingbacks will work to pull it all together.

Baggy Jeans

Summer Staple

Baggy jeans are rather airy, thus they are the perfect year-round pieces, even during the warmer months. For not-too-hot days, go with a light-wash option and wear it with an eyelet top and chunky sandals for a chic seasonal look.

Baggy Jeans

Band Tee

A vintage graphic tee gives a laid-back grunge vibe. Crop or knot the top to show off more shape.

Baggy Jeans

With A Blazer

A structured jacket can amp up the comfiest clothes and make any lazy-day look feel a bit more polished and pulled together. If you want your mom jeans to feel a little more professional or dressed up, this style is what you need.

Baggy Jeans

Gnoce vs Pandora: Which Jewelry Is Best As Gift

The holiday season is just around the corner. If you still have not done your gift shopping yet or you still have some people on your gifting list to shop for, well you are still not too late. For some who still do not know what to give to the women on their list, well why not get them jewelry? They make a memorable gift especially on occasions like as Christmas. This is also the time that gives you the excuse to spoil your loved ones and jewelry makes any celebration extra special.  Gifting jewelry will show your loved ones how much they mean to you.  Not sure what kind of jewelry is best?  How about charm bracelets?

Charm jewelry is great for celebrating milestones or meaningful moments.  Every time one looks at the charms, she will be reminded of that special memory.  A charm bracelet has many sentimental meanings.  It is also a great way to celebrate one’s life in a magical moment. Besides preserving a memory, charms make a classy accessory too.  When a person thinks of charm bracelets, the brand Pandora will definitely come to mind. Of course, Pandora is very popular because it is a reputable brand. This Danish jewelry company is the third-largest jewelry brand after Tiffany and Swarovski. Their popularity is due to the stylish design of their charm bracelets, coupled with their marketing strategy that builds the brand into a premium jewelry company by selling at high prices.

If you are trying to save rather than splurge this season, then there is a better alternative. You may want to check out Gnoce, a fashion jewelry brand that is based in New York. This emerging brand has a wide range of high-quality jewelry made with excellent craftsmanship and material.

Double-sided Gingerbread Man Charm Bead 925 Sterling Silver

Gnoce’s range of jewelry is of the same quality as Pandora’s. As a matter of fact, Gnoce has more choices to choose from when it comes to charms. If you love Pandora’s cute little charms, well you are going to find similar ones from Gnoce and the best part is you will be spoilt for choice. There are quirky charms like this Holiday Rabbit charm, personalized photo charms to capture special moments or those who prefer an edgy, gothic look can check out its skull collection.

Rabbit with A Swimming Ring Pendant Dangle Charm Sterling Silver

When it comes to pricing, Gnoce takes the lead.  Its wide range of high-quality jewelry is available at only a fraction of the price you would pay for Pandora. Thus, Gnoce’s jewelry definitely offers the best value for money.

If the person you are gifting already has a Pandora bracelet, you can buy Gnoce charms to decorate and add on to the bracelet because they fit perfectly.  That’s the charm of Gnoce’s range (pun intended).  Whatever Pandora has, you can find the same quality ones at Gnoce and the best thing is that you do not have to dig deep into your pockets.  So whether you are looking for the best charms for Christmas or want to add some holiday touch to your own charm bracelet, Gnoce has got you covered.  So, in my opinion, Gnoce is a better choice because of its mammoth range of cute charms and affordable prices.

Cute Bear Charm Bead Sterling Silver 18K Gold Plated

Must-Have Jewelry Trend Under $50 For Your Holiday Parties

Michael Kors has once quoted “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”  Accessories are usually the last thing we put on and they are the essential part of an entire outfit. In the fashion world, accessories can make or break your look. Every piece, from the boldest to the most delicate, will add a special twist to an outfit. If you are looking to add some swing to your outfits at the year-end parties or to gift them to your favorite people on your list, check out this trending jewelry trend that is selling fast. It is none other than fringe earrings.  The pandemic and zoom meetings have ushered in the new waist-up trend that puts earrings and necklaces in the spotlight.  Fringe has become a major trend of the season, from ears and neck as well as seams. No matter the styles, all of the pieces have a flirtatious vibe that will animate any outfit.

8 Other Reasons Curved Dangle Earring in Silver

Curved Dangling Earrings From & Other Stories – $40

ASOS Design Earrings With Front Back Crystal Drop in Silver Tone

Crystal Drop Earrings From ASOS – $9

ASOS Design Earrings With Crystal Drop in Silver Tone

Crystal Drop in Silver Tone from ASOS – $9

Best Long Sleeve Tops For Women In Winter

A long sleeve top is often overlooked although it is a classic basic.  It is an invisible layering piece that gives a lot of benefits.  It is not something that you should wear only in winter but any time you like.  They are a great choice for early morning runs, rainy days or when the weather becomes a little nippy.  Long sleeve tops women can be considered when tank tops or short sleeve tees are not suitable for certain activities. They offer better coverage, keep you cozy and are great layering piece or on their own.  You can even wear long sleeve tops when you are enjoying activities such as camping or boating.

It is highly versatile and there are all kinds of long sleeve T-shirt styles today like ribbed, oversize that can be paired with bike shorts, crops for wearing with high-waisted jeans and more.  If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe, replacing your basics or want a long sleeve top that will standout and goes with everything, scroll ahead for some inspiration.  You will feel great with your everyday look with women’s long sleeve tops from Ninacloak.

Flaunt your chic sense of style in a this button-down shirt. Roll tab blouse adds a little extra to your outfit.  You ca even untuck it and tie the bottom for a casual but charming look.

Cardigans come in a variety of comfortable cuts and lengths. There are long and button up as well as shorter ones. Actually, cardigans re not just a seasonal garment.  They are great all year round.  During the cooler months, cardigans are great to keep you warm and cozy.  During the summer, a long cardigan with shorts and a tank is great on windy days.

Turtlenecks are essential in winter. It is basically a sweater with a high rolled collar that covers the neck. Women’s turtleneck tops are very versatile and are an easy layering piece that you can wear from work to the weekends.

Ninacloak is a women’s fashion clothing online retailer that has a great selection of tops for women to complete their wardrobe. You will be sure to find the right style you need that is perfectly yours.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Accessories

Sex And The City is one classic show that offered romance, drama, friendship and style inspiration. Though we love the friendship of these 4 dynamic women, their fashion sense stole the show. The quirky style of Carrie Bradshaw and her over-the-top hats and unique purses were so trendy and gorgeous. Here are some of the iconic accessories worn by Carrie Bradshaw that we cannot get enough of.

Pin on STYLE

The Gucci belt bag is the perfect accessory for an outing in the town.

Lanvin Wedding Dress Worn By Sarah Jessica Parker As Carrie Bradshaw In Sex And The City (2008)

Carrie was already layering her necklaces before this trend hit us. Seen here in a Lanvin wedding dress, Carrie has layered pearl necklaces to match her wedding dress.

Carrie Bradshaw Flowers Hit a Major Milan Runway

There is no better way to give a basic tee and update than with a large ruffled flower brooch.

Who can forget the glittering Louboutins and Manolas by the Queen of fabulous shoes? These shoes add a perfect touch of glamour to any outfit.