Want To Know What Is Your Shopping Style?

Here is a fun test for those who love shopping.  Since I’m a Shopping Queen, I took the test to see what my style is.  The link is below if you want to try it out yourself.


So, what’s the result of my test? Check out below 😀

You’re a Pro Shopper Buyer beware. Maybe you’ve learned from experience or perhaps that’s just the way you are, but it’s clear that you’re a savvy shopper who isn’t afraid to shop around. Impulse purchases? Not your style. From a pair of sneakers to a flat-screen TV to a jacket, you do your research before you buy. Knowing where to go to get what you want at a good price takes work. Whether you go around to different stores, test out the merchandise, compare prices, research on the Internet, or ask other people’s opinions, you do what it takes to find the best buy. And that’s why you’re such a pro. Congrats!