Getting Rid Of Bugs The Easy Way

For someone like me who is so afraid of insects and bugs, this handy gadget is just perfect.  I can easily get rid of them without having to use my hands (yikes) or scramble around the place looking for paper to swat them.  This Rechargable Insect and Bug Vacuum is the cleanest and healthiest way to rid the home from pesky creepy crawlers.  Not only would the vacuum suck the critters into the vacuum bag, it would also exterminate them with a jolt of electricity.



This handy tool has a internal trap door which prevents the bugs from crawling or flying out. To empty the chamber, all you have to do is simply unlock the wand and empty the contents into the trash.  Another great feature of this tool is that it has a  flexible rubber tip to trap bugs even in corners and an extendable nozzle to help reach high spots. The Insect and Bug Vacuum has the powers to suck up to hundreds of bugs.  Available at Smart Home for $49.99.