Foolproof Egg Timer

I love eggs.  I can eat them every day but I need to limit myself as eggs are rich in cholesterol . Whether it is hardboil, poached, over easy or scrambled, I love them all.  My husband on the other hand, prefers hardboil eggs.  However, I am really bad at getting it perfect.  Sometimes, I overcooked them and at times, I do just the opposite.  Well, I just found one nifty gadget which is perfect for me. It is a foolproof egg timer 🙂  Just pop the little gizmo into the water with the eggs.  As the eggs cook, the timer darkens towards the middle.  When it reaches the correct line, the eggs are done to perfection.  How cool is that? The scale is easy to read, non-toxic and heat resistant.  If you are also interested in this useful gizmo, check out