My Closet Story

Many years ago when my hubby and I were staying in Toronto, we rented a studio apartment.  The apartment was only about 600 sq. ft., so you can guess just how small it is.  There is a washroom, a tiny laundry room and a kitchen that can only fit two people.  The living room is big enough for a three-seater sofa, a small coffee table and a tv.  Ok, so where is the bedroom, you asked?  The owner actually installed a sliding mirror door at one corner of the living and turned it into a small bedroom 🙂  Although small, the apartment was very cosy and just nice for the two of us.   Besides being located just 5 minutes walk from the subway station, another thing that attracted me to this studio apartment  was the walk-in closet.  It gave me the Wow factor when I first saw it.  The person who designed it probably is a big fan of the Sex And The City.  The walk-in closet is just exactly like Carrie Bradshaw’s.  I was watching The Sex And The City movie just a week ago and  it brought back sweet memories of my stay at the apartment.  My favourite scene in the movie is when all the girls came out one by one from the closet, wearing the vintage clothes.   In case you are wondering how Carrie’s closet looks like, here is a photo which I found on the internet.

The famous Carrie Bradshaw’s closet

I believe they call this a walk-through closet and like hers, the one at the studio apartment goes straight to the bathroom.  It was not in this colour though.  The closet was white and has lots of storage options all the way to the top. Eventhough I do not have any Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos, I love a big closet because you would not believe the amount of clothes I have.  I am a shopaholic, in case you did not know 🙂  I had clothes for the four seasons and so did my husband.  There were so many t-shirts, pants, shorts, Berghaus Jackets, scarves, jeans and many more.  Oh, I also had many handbags too.  I just loved walking into the closet to pick out my clothes and see everything neatly arranged on the racks.  It was really hard to say goodbye when we finally moved out 🙂 I miss my walk-through closet.