Spider Catcher

I have this fear of spiders, whether big or small.  They really give me the creeps.  My skin would start crawling when I see them.  Unfortunately, there are many spiders in my house.  Just a few days ago, I saw one on the ceiling of my bedroom when I was lying down on my bed to sleep.  I could not use the insecticide spray because it was too high up.  For the whole night, I was restless because I was afraid that the spider would crawl down onto my bed 🙁  In times like this, I wish I have the spider catcher.  I saw this really cool gadget from REMOGeneralStored.com today.  It is the best thing for people like me.  The spider catcher uses two sets of bristles to gently catch the creepy crawlies.  It traps them until we can decide where we would like to release them.  What a friendly way to capture spiders or insects without harming them. The catcher has flexible bristles and long reach, hence it can go to high corners and awkward spots to capture them.