Dashing Through The Fat

Hey, if you are struggling to zip up those skinny jeans, no worries.  Just get yourself some Skinny Songs 😀  They are a collection of tunes created by Heidi Rozen. She was searching for motivation to slim down when her weight hit an all-time high.   It is amazing what the power of music can do.  Skinny Songs were featured in Oprah and Friends Radio, USA Today, Martha Stewart show and The Early Show.  You will be able to find titles like Think I’ll Go To Saks, I’m A Hottie Now, You Da Boss and more.  Hop over to SkinnySongs.com and listen to some sample music clips.  They are really catchy and the lyrics are very funny.   Get inspired today! Let Skinny Songs help you achieve your weight loss goal.  Hmm..perhaps I should get myself some Skinny song too.  I am still trying to buckle my pre-pregnancy jeans 🙂