Stylish Name Card Holders

A friend of mine is planning to throw a housewarming party at her new house.  I have been to her house recently and it is very tastefully decorated.  She did not acquire the services of an interior decorator.  In fact, she went around the town, hopping from one store to another to check out everything for her house.  I have been looking around for a housewarming gift and saw these stylish name card holders from  These place card holders features a tiny replica resin purse base with a gold wire extending from its top leading to a coiled place card holder.  They are just perfect for my friend as she is a bag lover.  Also, she loves to entertain so I am sure she will be having many guests to her home in the future.  These super chic place card holders will certainly make great conversation piece.

They come in multiple colors and detailed styles including apple green, fuchsia, melon with green accent and turquoise.  My friend is a great cook and I am so looking forward to her housewarming party 🙂 In the meantime, I better get some weight loss pills too as I know I will be eating non-stop at the party.

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