Must-Have Tees

I just realized that my closet is full of long sleeve tops.  Eventhough some of them are light cotton, the hot weather these days is making it impossible to wear them.  I should get more short-sleeve tops like the ones shown below.

short cuffed T with finely ribbed u-neckline

crewneck tee

These tops from Gap are versatile and very comfortable.  They are just perfect for the hot weather and I know I can just wear them everyday with a pair of jeans or capri.  I have never worn a sleeveless top before because I have flabby arms.  I would love to be able to wear a ruffled-front tank top like the one shown below but I know I look horrible in it.  If I can get myself some of the best weight loss pill and lose those flabby arms, then I may just get myself a sleeveless top.

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