Maxi Dresses

Whenever I see some women wearing maxi dresses, I feel a tinge of envy.  Effortlessly elegant, the maxi dress is flattering and is a nice change a girl’s typical wardrobe.  These long flowing dresses are also a favourite among celebrities.   Maxi dresses are just perfect for the summer.  Oh how I wish I could wear one.  I am just not brave enough because I do not have the height to pull it off and I am also weight-challenge.  I do not look good in one.  For the height part, I know I can always wear a pair of stilettos but the weight?  Perhaps I should take a few fat burner pills and lose some weight?


Floral print dress from Anthropologie

Feather print chiffon maxi dress from Forever 21

Soft butterfly hem strapless maxi dress from Forever 21

Smocked empire waist dress from Gap