Create A Cozy Nursery With Noon Softspace

If you are planning to create a delightful nursery for your new baby or you know someone who are interested in creating a beautiful space for their children, then Noon Softspace is the site you may want to check out.  This Swiss company aims to provide children with their own quiet space as well as a playful environment by using harmonious combinations of patterns and colors of beautiful high quality fabrics.  They have a great range of cute toys, versatile blankie, soft pillow and more.  My favorite item from this fabulous store is the Pic Pocket, a lovely hanging organizer which is also great as a wall decor.  It can be personalized with the baby’s names with cute wooden letters at no charge.


Another one of my favorite items at Noon Softspace is the unique Play Curtains which come with 7 pockets for storing toys.  What a brilliant idea.  Noon Softspace is a wonderful source for creating a fun and functional space for your little ones.   Hurry and swing by their website now.



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