A Fistful of Stances Online

A Fistful of Stances is a 25-episode pre-modern drama which I am very looking forward to watching online.  From the title, you would know that this drama is all about martial arts.  What attracted me to want to watch it is the cast.  Kevin Cheng is one of my favorite actors.  So is Kenneth Ma.  I like Dominic Lam too and I am glad that this drama has a very line-up of actors and actresses.   The female casts are Selina Li, Natalie Tong, Yuen Qiu, Tavia Yeung and more.  I can’t wait to get started on this drama.  Have you watched it?

Kevin Cheng as Koo Yu Cheung
Kenneth Ma as Koo Yu Tong
Natalie Tong as Ying Ngam Ming
Nancy Wu as Chow Mui Mui
Yuen Qiu as Au Yeung Wai-Lan
Tavia Yeung as Au Yeung Wai-Lan (Young version)
Dominic Lam as Wing Tak
Jacky Heung as Wing Man Kwan
Shirley Yeung
Selena Li

Au Yeung Wai-Lan is the owner of a martial arts school. She was recently reunited with her eldest son, Koo Yu Cheung, after years of separation.

Upon Yu Cheung’s return home, he was shocked to learn that his younger brother, Koo Yu Tong, is suffering from a critical illness. What is more shocking for Yu Cheung was that their father was murdered by Wing Tak, the owner of a medicinal company as well as the bitter rival of the Koo family.

Yu Cheung never liked kung-fu but has always shown potential for the arts. His potential in kung-fu shine even brighter when he takes on Wing Man Kwan, Wing Tak’s son.

Wai-Lan places all her hopes on Yu Cheung to take on the Wing family. She even taught Yu Cheung a special set of kung-fu skills that was created by the Koo family. Wai-Lan even registers Yu Cheung for the Guangdong Boxing Championship, and as fate would have it, Yu Cheung’s opponent at the tournament happens to be Man-Kwan!

Yu Cheung achieved tremendous success in martial arts but his success also makes him lose his bearings. He is caught in a love triangle with Ying Ngan Ming (Wai-Lan’s apprentice) and Chow Mui Mui, his dream girl. Yu Cheung’s confusion in love as well as his exhaustion with kung-fu caused him to fall in the final tournament.

Will Yu Cheung sort out his problems in time to save the Koo family?