Stylish Handmade Clothing For Children

If you are looking for some cute and unique skirts  or dresses for your princess, do hop over to 3 Lil Muses.  They have the cutest range of skirts,  sundresses, bloomers, short and shirt set for boys and girls age 6 months to 8 years old.   I love how different fabrics are used to sew the beautiful clothing.  The colors and prints match perfectly.  Tres chic!

Here is what 3 Lil Muses is about –

Lillian Smith, the designer of three lil muses, has always followed her heart and now her heart is walking (and crawling) around her on three pairs of little muse’s legs. These clothes radiate with the happiness she has always sought out in the world.

Check out 3 Lil Muses today and I am sure you will be bowled over by their collection.



Cupcake Sundresses are so pretty