More Awesome Gift Wrapping Ideas

Recently,  I received some photos of my friend and her family.  She also sent me photos of her daughter who has just celebrated her 18th birthday.  In one of the photos, she was surrounded with presents and flowers.  One bouquet that caught my eyes is the beautiful Gainesville flowers.  Since they live in Florida, this flower arrangement is very popular there and it is from a well-known florist.  I also came across very nice bows on her presents.  As I am still looking for some gift wrapping ideas, I browsed Martha Stewart’s craft blog and saw this cute wrap and bow which was created using extra bits of paper.  No ribbons are needed to create it.


Lovely eh?



I also like this wonderful idea of using baking liners as gift toppers.  Just use a few pastel papers in different colours and sizes to create fluffy blooms.