DIY Pinata For Birthday Parties

I think for the past month, I attended at least 5 birthday parties, including my 7 year old’s party.  There is another birthday celebration coming up in a couple of week’s time which I have blogged about earlier.   Last weekend, I was at the birthday party of my friend’s 10 year old son.   The birthday boy is a music lover and he is taking drums and guitar lessons now.  Some of the birthday gifts he received include SKB Cases for his guitar and drum.  Such a lucky kid huh?   So at the party, there was a pinata which my friend made.  I was pretty impressed with my friend’s creativeness.  She told me she followed the steps from on how to DIY the pinata.  That is just awesome.  I can’t wait to try doing one myself.  So if you are planning to get a pinata for a birthday party, why not check out OhHappyDay and make one yourself?