How To Find Your Clothing Style

Honing in on the clothing style that suits you best is a unique challenge that we all face at some point in our lives. Since you can always save money on new clothes by using coupons from and other online couponing services that allow you to shop for less at various stores, such as Kohl’s, the temptation to keep collecting new pieces is always there. But by following these simple tips, you can find your clothing style with minimal damage to your wallet!

Discover Your Signature Look

Knowing your own style and what your signature look entails goes a long way. Go through your favorite magazines and find images that inspire you. Take the time to shop at your favorite brick and mortar stores, as well as your chosen online boutiques and make yourself a wish list. Are you someone who is all about the trends or do you favor a more classic look? Do you like loud, vibrant colors or are you more of an earth tone type? If you have style icons that you appreciate, take some cues from them.


Get Rid Of Old Clothes

We tend to hang on to clothes for far too long under the guise of being able to wear that “someday”. Many stylists often propose a one year rule in these instances, saying that it is best to get rid of pieces that you have not worn within the last calendar year. Even clothes that you wear once in a while need to get the boot. By organizing your closet, you are able to define your style and stick to it, like a true fashion icon!

Buy The Right Fit

The best way to ensure a truly flattering wardrobe is to purchase items of proper fit and proportion. Do not dress for the size you might be one day and fall into patterns of wishful thinking. By choosing the wrong choices, like those that buckle and pull, you can inadvertently tack on extra pounds. When purchasing clothes, a person needs to consider their figure and buy clothing that showcases their best attributes.

Know The Colors That Work For You

Every color doesn’t work for everyone. During the color scheme decision process, the skin tone, hair color and eye color all need to be heavily considered. For example, those who have blonde hair and pale skin tend to look their best in saturated bright colors, such as emerald green. Warmer and darker tones do well with colors like olive green and turquoise.

Get A Great Haircut

A great haircut is the glue that holds your sartorial decisions together. It is the one accessory that you cannot get rid of. You will want to choose a hair style that is most flattering to your particular facial features and there may be a little bit of trial and error involved in this process, but when you get it right you’ll know the effect was worth it!

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