Shoe Style That Goes With Every Outfit

Shoes have always been my weakness.  They are the last piece you put on before heading out of the door.  Therefore shoes are just as important as the outfit you are wearing, if not more.  However, I am more of a casual flats, slip-ons and FitFlop fan.  When an occasion calls for heels which is not very often, I usually go with wedges.  Yes, these days I live in the flat lanes most of the time. Pretty boring eh?  I used to own many 3 to 4-inch heels but those days are over.  I find that flats are so comfortable especially when I am shopping in the mall. Standing on stilettos for a few hours is really no joke.  Flats are really fabulous.

Having said that, I do love looking at heels. High heels make women walk in a more feminine way.   Some say the higher the heel, the closer to heaven.   A pair of shoes can make or break your look, so owning the right style is important.  Are you a fan of heels?  If you are looking for the perfect stiletto this season, well you may want to check out the simple two-strap heels.  This shoe style can get you to a fancy event, work or a date out with your friends at the cafe.


You can wear it with a pair of distressed jeans, School Formal Dresses or your favourite shorts and tee.  This now-iconic stiletto is simply chic and beautifully understated.  It’s versatility really is endless and is becoming a fast favourite.


This minimalist shoe style would definitely not steal the attention away from your look.  It is the the perfect footwear to polish of your outfit.  Therefore if you are shopping for the perfect outfit for your upcoming party, do head over to Formaldressaustralia and get yourself a pair of simple two-strap heel.


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