Style Icon – Jennifer Lopez

I love seeing Jennifer Lopez in the fashion magazines or her music videos.  She is always so sophisticated and well-groomed.   She is so beautiful and is always being featured in the magazines.  The stunning star is always fearless when it comes to fashion.  She knows what looks good on her curvy figure and she can carry different styles effortlessly.  Whether it is streetwear or haute couture sexy evening dresses, J.Lo always fits the image.

The very first time when I saw Jennifer Lopez in her green Versace dress which she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards in 2000 made my jaw dropped.  It was a sheer silk chiffon dress printed with tropical leaf and bamboo patterns. Do you remember The Dress?    It has a low-cut neck which extended several inches below her navel, loosely fastened with a brooch and then opened out again, exposing her midriff.  Jennifer Lopez wore a pair of nude-tone shorts and it was revealed that she kept the dress on by using double-sided fashion tape.

This dress got everyone talking about it for a long time.  This high-profile dress was designed by Donatella Versace and it became the dress of the year.  This gown is by far her boldest and most iconic look.  15 years on after she has worn it, the dress is still associated with her and Versace.


With a successful dance and pop music career, this 40 something year old mother of twins certainly is a proof that styles get better with age.  Some of my favourite J.Lo’s looks on the red carpet are the long black toga dress at the Grammy, sheer chiffon red gown at the Billboard Award and sexy nude lace dress at the Golden Globe Award just like the mermaid evening dresses of ihomecoming.


She just has the most amazing sense of style.  As women, I believe we should all embrace her attitude on fashion which radiates confidence.

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