How To Wear Baggy Tunics Trend

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There are certain fashions that many, including me, would avoid as they are not very flattering to the body.  The latest trend seems to be the baggy tunics or oversize blouses.  They are so popular right now that I want to get one for myself.

However, there are ways that these pieces can work for practically everyone.  The baggy tunics should be paired with slim trousers or leggings.  Wearing a skirt with the tunic is a big no-no because that would add volume to the body. If you feel that the baggy top is making you feel shapeless, you can throw on a belt or a big statement necklace.  The belt can define a waist and the necklace will affect the way the top falls over the bust.   So how do you like to wear your baggy tunics?


image via Styledumonde

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