Eco Friendly Flooring Choices For A More Ethical Home

We are all learning how to become more eco-friendly together. From recycling and saving energy to protecting animals and reducing our carbon footprint, never has there been a more prevalent time to start saving our planet. Making more ethical decisions can only help make a positive impact on our planet. We have a personal stake in protecting the rainforests far away. And also conserving the amount of energy and fuel we use and reducing the amount of landfills we load into. There are many ways to go greener in your life, but today we are going to focus on one you may not yet have thought about. And that’s the interior design of your home. Did you know that the flooring you choose could also have an impact on the environment? If you’re thinking of renovating or remodeling a couple of the rooms in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re going to take a look at the eco-friendly flooring choices you can make for a more ethical home.


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Natural bamboo floors that look just like real wood are a chic and popular choice as a material to use for the flooring in your home. It’s easy to maintain, adds a touch of the exotic boutique hotel to your space, and as a bonus, it’s also ecologically friendly. Sustainable bamboo flooring is made from the plant of the same name and is a renewable resource that matures in as little as three years. It’s a great choice instead of solid hardwood flooring, if you want to go green.


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If you want a floor that is warm, stylish and pretty unique, then why not opt for cork? Never heard of cork flooring? Well, it’s increasing in popularity due to its environmentally friendly properties and cool look. No trees have to be cut down to harvest cork. Therefore there is minimal impact on the environment. It’s also a great option if any of your family suffers from allergies as it doesn’t absorb dust and is resistant to bacteria.   


Think rubber flooring is only consigned to the gym or playground? That’s just not the case anymore. Companies are paying attention to our demands for sustainable products. And rubber flooring is now available in all sorts of industrial style finishes. It can look great in the bathroom and kitchen. Choose recycled rubber is the if you want to go eco-friendly. It is also slip-resistant, durable, water resistant, super easy to clean and looks pretty awesome.


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Wool Carpet

There’s no denying that carpet feels luxurious underneath our feet and brings a superior cozy touch to our living ad bedroom spaces. But many carpets are also made using compounds that can be toxic to both the environment and our health. However, choose a wool carpet as a more ethical choice. Wool is a natural resource and can be spun into a thread that can then make a beautiful carpet. Not only is wool grown naturally but it is also sustainable and recyclable. This means when your carpet has run its course it can mulch into the soil and used as a natural fertilizer. Therefore extending your ethical practices one step further. And once you’ve got your floors sorted you can work on some great DIY ideas for dressing your home. There are lots over on my blog too!  

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