How To Master The Flatlay For Instagram

I have developed a sudden interest in flatlays lately.  I am an Instagram addict so I want my photos to look nice and pretty.  I love how the people I follow in Instagram post photos of their food, clothes and etc.  They are really inspiring.  I have been watching Youtube videos on how to get a good flatlay.  I got myself a white board, wooden desk and pallet to be used as background for my theme.   Some of the tips that I have learnt are :-

1)  Always take photos in natural light i.e. in the morning or afternoon.

2)  Leave enough space between objects to balance out the image.

3)  Pick a theme

4)  Get as high up as possible to shoot the flatlay.  Climb on a chair if you must.

5)  Try different layout

6)  Use props that are related or add colours to the flatlay.

Victoriasmoon backdrops for photography


Popular backdrops for photography

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