What Do You Buy The Person Who Has Everything? 4 Gift Ideas To Consider

I’m sure we all know one of those people, the ones that seem to have everything. They can be tricky to buy for, when something like their birthday or Christmas comes around. So it is handy if there is a go-to guide for those people. I have saved you the trouble and put a list together. Hopefully they will make a unique and different gift, from the standard ones that you could give. Making them perfect to get for that person that has everything!



Personalised Items

If a gift is personalised, then it makes it completely unique for that person. I think one of the best things about personalised items is that it means you have taken more time and effort to think of them. You will need to plan ahead for this kind of thing, as personalised items can take a little longer to get. You could get or make them a personalised photo frame. It could be filled with photos of the two of you or of major events in their life. You could also get something else made for them. It could be a personalised life planner or stationery. Something else for the home might be a good idea too. How about a personalised retro record to add to their collection? Somewhere like Nationwide Disc would be the place to look for that. When you know something is one of a kind, you know they won’t already have anything like it.


It is easy to order in a hamper from a department store. It will come filled with food and wine, most likely. But it is a little generic and boring. What you could do, is put together your own hamper for the recipient. A basket or box is quite cheap to buy. Then you can just fill it with lots of their favourite things. It could be a book or magazine that they love, their favourite chocolates and bubble bath. Just think of them and what they would like. Then you can make it really personal for them.




If they have lots of things, then the chances are they might not need any more. So to get them something really worthwhile, getting them an experience is the way to go. A voucher for something on their bucket list is a great idea. If you don’t know what that is, you could always ask them. It might be skydiving, a hot air balloon ride or even a bungee jump. They might prefer something less adrenaline fueled and prefer a lesson or course. A cooking class or a wine tasting event might be more to their liking. Otherwise something like concert or theatre tickets are always a good idea.

A Membership

Similar to the experiences, you could get them a membership or subscription to somewhere. You could pay for their membership to something like the National Trust. You could cover their membership for a gym for a set period of time or get them a magazine subscription. Choose something that they don’t already have but that you know they will love.