Making The Attic Inviting

When you begin remodeling areas of the home, you need to think about the function that you need in the home as well as the design that you want to see. If you’re remodeling an area like the attic, you need to plan for the attic remodel cost as it might be higher than other areas of the home. Some of the things that might make the cost of the remodeling project for this area of the home increase would be adding plumbing or adding lights to the room. There are a few ideas that you can consider that will make the most use of the attic space for the family.

Turn a small attic space into a sleeping nook. Paint the room white with a bright floor, such as blue or green. This color combination will make the rooms seem larger. You might want to consider installing another window or two in the room to allow fresh air inside and natural light. You could put one bed with a bookcase in the room or two twin beds in the attic with a nightstand between them. This is an idea if you have people spend the night with your kids or if you plan to have visitors who don’t want to stay at a hotel.

A fun idea would be to turn the attic into a playroom. Your kids can have an area to themselves where they can run, watch television, read and play games. This is a benefit when it’s raining outside and they need something to do instead of playing video games all day. Paint the wall white, hanging fun pictures on the walls for accents. Place carpet on the floor that is in two or three shades of the same color, such as purple or blue. A sectional with colorful covers or bright pillows make the atmosphere fun and inviting. Another idea would be to make a retreat so that you can escape when you need a break after a long day. When you’re designing the attic, think of ways that you can make it comfortable and welcoming instead of a space that is dark and empty.

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