What To Wear To A Ball Game

Dressing Right for Tailgating is Easy

Tailgating gives you the chance to head to the stadium and root for the home team. Before you watch your favorite players race across the field or court though, you’ll spend time outside as you meet and greet with other fans, whip up some dishes and sample some of the foods that other people made. You can play a game or two with NFL cornhole boards that you bring from home and get in the mood for watching the big game. Dressing right for tailgating will keep you comfortable before, during and even after the game.

Dress for the Weather

Don’t leave home without first checking the weather report. There is nothing worse than hitting the parking lot in a new tank top and shorts just as the temperature drops. If the weather report calls for mixed temperatures, you can wear layers. Wear a tee shirt or tank top underneath a sweatshirt. You can always take off layers when the temperature climbs, but if you don’t wear enough clothing, you’ll find yourself freezing by the time kick off arrives. You can bring a poncho to compensate for rain too.

Wear the Right Shoes

While the wives and girlfriends of players can get away with wearing high heels, you should stick to more comfortable shoes. By the time you finish walking around the parking lot, through the stadium and then back to your car at the end of the night, you’ll love how comfy your feet feel. A simple pair of running shoes or tennis shoes provides you with traction when walking across wet surfaces like a parking lot full of rain or a walkway covered in spilled beer.

Support the Team

No matter how you dress for the big game, make sure that you support the home team. Clothing manufacturers now make clothing for every team in the NFL, and some companies even make clothing designed specifically for female fans. These pieces highlight your natural curves and draw attention to your feminine figure. The clothing is appropriate for all weather conditions too. You can look for sweatshirts that zip up the front and those you pull on over your head, tank tops that help you stay cool and shorts or capris pants with the team’s logo running up the side. Dressing right will help you stay comfortable and have fun when tailgating before a game.



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