Fake Hair, Don’t Care

Do you follow celebrities on social media? If you do, you can keep tabs on what the celebrities are doing for their beauty routine or when they dramatically up their look with different hairstyles.  Beyonce is the Queen of changing her look.  She is always spotted with different hair lengths and colors.  Many fans learn how their favorite celebrities rely on wigs and extensions to change their hair color or style.   It is good to know that many women are willing to give wigs a try because of the celebrities.

Whether you want to go from a bob to mermaid-length hair overnight, or you want to sport a pastel shade on the weekends, it’s never been easier to experiment with blonde lace front wig.  Such hairpieces are appealing because they allow women to regularly transform the look without making a big commitment.

Hair chameleons like Zendaya and Katy Perry know the beauty of a good wig.  You can switch your look from one day to the next.  One of the most popular styles is blonde bundles with closure. They give a really natural hairline and it looks like the hair is growing out of your scalp.

blonde lace front wig

Browse sites like Maxglamhair.com for a good selection of more affordable wigs, blonde bundles and ready-made options.  For those who need a wig because of hair loss, go with a monofilament cap. They are undetectable because they allow the scalp to show through and they do not require any adhesive.

How often you wash a human-hair wig depends on how often you wear it.  Once every 10 days is a good guideline. All you need is a moisturizing, drugstore shampoo and conditioner with warm water.  If you don’t have oil to take off your lace wig, use a rich conditioner as a substitute.  So go on and have some fun with wigs.


blonde bundles

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