From Brunette To Blonde

When the Kardashians first became a household name, all of them have luscious dark locks.  However, with the recent Hollywood platinum blonde craze, this family has been spotting different hair colors. Sometimes in lighter blond and other days, they will be debuting a fresh new platinum style during fashionable outings like New York Fashion Week or the Met Gala.  Kendall Kardashian was rocking a blonde lace front wig during Paris Fashion Week 2016.  Kris Jenner was also seen debuting a platinum blonde pixie. Going blonde for the Kardashian/Jenner crew has become a regular sight.  Kim Kardashian was spotted with long platinum blonde hair last September and everyone thought she was wearing wigs.  However, she revealed that it was actually her real hair.

Blonde Lace Front Wig

Platinum-colored hair has never been more popular in recent days.  Stars like Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne were rocking bleach blonde pixies at the Paris Haute Couture.  If you are considering jumping on the trend, but are not sure if this color suits you, well you can actually get yourself a blonde weave first.  There are so many women today running to the hair salon to put blonde in their hair when it does not bring out their best.  Getting a wig first to try on is a great transition without doing any damage to your hair.

Wigs have certainly evolved over time and blonde bundles with frontal in particular offer a very natural looking option.   So do swing by for a wide selection of beautiful blond wigs to spice things up.

Blonde Weave


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