How To Have Perfect Eyebrows

Here are some nifty tips and tricks on how to shape your eyebrows by

1. Begin shaping your brows by plucking stray hairs using the Expert Tweezers.
2. While lightly combing the brow hairs upward with the Dual-Ended Brow and Lash Brush,  carefully trim the length with scissors.
3. Next, begin sculpting by drawing a line on the lower edge of the brow with the Brow Pencil.
4. Using the same pencil, create the height of the arch by lining the upper edge up the brow.
5. Start filling in with the darker shade on the outer portion of the brow.
6. Apply the lighter shade of the Brow powder to the inner corner of the brow as shown.
7. Use the brush to lightly blend the pencil and powder.
8. Keep the brows perfectly in place by using the Brow Wax Pencil.
9. Define the brow bone by using the matte side of the Brow Highlight Duo to create a soft highlight.
10. Apply the shimmery side of the Brow Highlight Duo for a slight glow.

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