Zara Pearl Mules

Have y’all checked out Zara’s Pearl Mules that is taking the fashion influencers’ world by storm?  Bloggers, Influencers To Fashion Editors are going ga ga over it. This pair of mules feature a pointed toe, scalloped straps and oversized pearl beads.  Bloggers such as Rosie Connolly has been spotted wearing the open back mules.

The slider has been tipped as the must-have shoes of the season by fashion sites like Teen Vogue.  This pair of Zara mules bears a striking resemblance to the £456 mules by Coliac.

At less than $60 a pair, they are pretty affordable and are a great addition to your Spring wardrobe. Pair them with denim, shirt dresses or more.

Can’t wait to get your hands on these $60 babies? Head over to Zara.

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